CNN Airs Photo Of Biden With Young Son, But It’s What They Did To The Kid’s Redskins Hat That’s Making News; This Is Absurd

(Tea Party PAC) – CNN is a news network that has crossed the threshold of absurdity with increasing frequency over the years, but nothing seems to take the cake quite like its programming in 2020. From trying to pass off violent rioting as “fiery, but mostly peaceful protesting,” all the way to mocking Christians and white people for supporting Trump, CNN has made it clear they are more than happy to be a left-wing propaganda machine.

While you might think they’ve reached the threshold of ridiculousness this year, they’ve managed to find a way to kick things up a few notches. The network aired a photograph of former Vice President Joe Biden with his young son, who just so happened to be rocking a Washington Redskins hat.

And they photoshopped the logo out of the picture.

No joke. They really did this.

Via Fox News:

The Democratic nominee and former vice president initially shared the photo in June to commemorate Father’s Day.

However, when CNN featured the photograph in its Monday night special “Fight for the White House: Joe Biden’s Long Journey,” the Redskins logo was removed from the hat.

CNN did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

In July, the Washington Football Team announced it would be retiring the nickname “Redskins” which had long been criticized as being offensive to Native Americans.

The franchise, which will be called the Washington Football Team during the 2020 NFL season, was facing both corporate and public pressure to change its name after 87 years amid the cultural shift following the death of George Floyd.

How lame can you get? The Washington Football Team? Seriously? This, ladies and gentlemen, is the inevitable result of political correctness when it is allowed to just completely and totally run amok in our culture.

Anyway, getting back to this photograph. This is photoshopping business is super spooky. It’s a literal attempt to censor history, like something you’d see in an Orwellian novel. If you think this is a minor deal, you’re not really thinking through the logical applications of what has been done.

Doing this allows them to sanitize our history, to change it and manipulate it so that folks who don’t know any better will buy the new narrative. If they can do it with this, they can certainly do it with other photographs and pieces of history.

Revisionism has already been used as a tool for brainwashing entire generations of students against the greatest nation in the world. Just imagine the power these same folks have now with technology like photoshop? It’s a terrifying thought.

We need to preserve our history at all costs. Warts and all. History is to serve as a teaching tool to help us understand ourselves, an instructor of wisdom to prevent us from making foolish, sinful mistakes of the past all over again. When it is censored or cleansed to avoid offending someone, you strip history of its purpose.

Featured image credit: CNN Screenshot



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  2. CNN is nothing more then a big pile of dung!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are the dung heap of news. Liars, haters, Godless scum, Socialists, Communists, Marxists and Antifa lovers and BLM lovers.They carry the Democrats water daily and cover up for the loser of a candidate- Joe Biden. THEY MAKE ME SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. America-wake up–biden is and has always been a sack of sheeit-
    his campaign ads are almost 100% total lies-all the stuff he says he wrote or
    championed-lies-he wrote very little-he spent 47 years in office and did almost nothing
    zero-zilch- nada-except when it came to grabbing a tub of money for himself and his
    clan–he is probably most famous for his seeming pedo actions and words-
    and sniffing and touching all females that are unfortunate to come into contact range with him-he believes inside that he is a bill clinton/jfk type and is trying to steal credit for being an fdr type -and now he is saying the things he will do if elected–only one problem-
    Trump has already done them -and better than biden could ever do-
    trump and america 2020

  4. To be a Democrat you can only eat one half of a slice of bread and one glass of water each day. Nothing more. Are you getting in line to join?

  5. When you can digitally change the truth, it’s time to question everything msm shows and tells us. Manufactured information or dare I say Fake News!

  6. That is foolishness! We need to join together and put a stop to all this foolishness already! How foolish it is to change our history because someone all of a sudden after so many years gets offended that ridiculous! We can’t just sit around and do nothing, we need to put a stop to it, right now before it gets even worse. Trump all the way

  7. Political correctness is just one more symptom of the disease called liberalism. It would ordinarily be something to ponder in wonderment and joke about, but like any deadly disease, it just isn’t funny. As a matter of fact, it’s as down right dangerous as any biological disease. Just as the left has used COVID to steal our freedoms, so has political correctness. Unlike COVID or any other virus, which can be cured by vaccines and treatment, there is seemingly no cure for Liberalism.

  8. You know, I can remember when it was only the Soviet Communists that could get away with changing books, stories and history. Now, I guess CNN has come full circle and joined their compadres. Congrats CCNN. You might note that they’re not too powerful these days. History is bound to repeat itself in that regard. Good luck.


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