CNN’s Ana Navarro Launches Horrible Attack On Black Trump Supporters Over Poll Results; Check Out What She Said

(Tea Party PAC) – Liberals have often tried to pass themselves off as crusaders against racism and inequality, but if you take a look at the history of the movement, you’ll see clearly they’ve almost always been on the wrong side of the issues, particularly when it comes to slavery. The folks in the Democratic Party might seem like they’re all about the black community, but in reality, to them they’re all just numbers, a demographic to twist into voting for their agenda.

Often times, the left oppresses blacks and a lot of them have no idea its even happening. Well, that doesn’t seem to be something that’s going to continue forever, as folks all across the country are waking up to what the Democratic Party is really about.

Take what CNN host Ana Navarro did to black Trump supporters as an example. Navarro attacked these folks because of poll results. This is horrible.

Here’s more via Breitbart:

CNN political commentator Ana Navarro-Cárdenas mocked polls that showed significant black support for President Donald Trump, tweeting Monday that the polls “have only been conducted in the homes of Ben Carson, Kanye, that sheriff guy with the hat and those two Cubic Zirconia & Polyester-Spandex ladies.”

Ben Carson is the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; “Kanye” is pop star and entrepreneur Kanye West; “that sheriff guy with the hat” refers to former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke; and the “two Cubic Zirconia & Polyster-Spandex ladies” appears to refer to Diamond and Silk, two prominent social media stars who support the president.

Navarro-Cárdenas, a “Never Trump” commentator who supported former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush in the 2016 Republican presidential primary, is known for her frequent attacks on Trump and his supporters.

Still, Monday’s tweet struck many as having crossed a line, and Navarro-Cárdenas was forced to defend herself against charges of racism:


Calling black athletes “sons of bitches”;
Not denouncing white nationalists;
Calling predominantly black countries, “shit-holes”;
Promoting birther conspiracy against Obama;
Calling someone, “MY African-American”;
Full-page ads against, and no apology to “Exonerated 5”.

The two polls that sparked Navarro-Cárdenas’s ire were conducted by Emerson College and Rasmussen Reports. As Breitbart News reported, the former showed that 34% of likely black voters supported Trump, and the latter showed that 34% did.

Though similar levels of support in the past have not translated into strong results at the ballot box, supporters of the president saw the polls as evidence that he is making inroad among African-American voters, despite a relentless effort by the media to portray him as a racist.

So apparently, it’s beyond the scope of Navarro’s ability to understand how black people could dare to think for themselves and not just stay chained to the Democratic plantation they’ve been relegated to for decades now. This is truly demeaning and most black folks are recognizing that this line of thinking is par for the course with Democrats.

How awful is it to assume all black people need to vote Democrat or they are somehow not “black” enough or are voting against their community? This is racist to the core, yet Democrats try and cover their tracks and continue to push the false narrative that they are crusaders for equality. It’s beyond shameful.

Here’s to hoping these folks continue to expose themselves for what they truly are and people jump ship and let the party sink. That would be the best thing to happen to America.



  1. If Democrats WERE the party of the KKK, they’re certainly not now! Republicans are now, especially with Trump the Traitor!

  2. You can call yourself a Democrat or a Republican or an Independent but that doesn’t make you one. It what comes out of your mouth that tells the world what you really believe. Do you think CNN would really hire a true Republican.

  3. Blacks tried the Republican Party, remember Lincoln? Over the next two hundred years the KKK, Jim Crow and police assaults/killings and discrimination chased Blacks from the good ole republican. The greatest of these racist is your president, Trump! tRump will not garner more that 8% Black vote. Fake polls, yes, they are very fake. Your article above is written to assume Ana made those comments about blacks! Let it be clear those are activities and comments by your one term Racist president. Ana is a Republican who understands and is infuriated by the un-American, un-Presidential behaviors of this Racist, Russian Asset.

    • P.S. the KKK, and southern politicians were all democrats… Southern blacks couldn’t vote for Lincoln, they were slaves and after the war, when republicans controlled the south was when the first black congressmen were elected from the southern states.
      By the way, MLK was right when he said a man should be judged by the content of his character, not the color of his skin.

    • Fat cow 🐂 Ana Navarro should good shoot her mouth off in the shithole Nicaragua country she came from and clean up that rathole

    • You don’t know a whole lot about history. The KKK was started by the Democrats in the south. Then for years a Democrat was the Senate majority leader his name was Robert Byrd and he was a Grand Wizard in the KKK. Lincoln was the Republican president who freed the slaves after the Civil war. You must have one of those fake college degrees.

  4. I wonder when the communist / clinton news network are going to go “belly-up”!! I’m surprised that businesses still advertise on cnn – or they offer “rates” no Libtard company can turn-down!!

  5. I agree with Mr. Stephen I. Mayo. Never insult a woman. I was under the impression that Mrs. Ana Navarro was a Republican. She is or was married to Mr. Al Cardenas, who has been involved in different positions in the Republican Party. Roberto C. Lopez.

    • President Trump is the best thing that ever happened to America. And donkeys like fatass Navarro will be gone next. We had enough of her kind of garbage destroying America.

  6. So a white woman of privilege knows what’s good for minorities from her very upper middle-class gated community environment? Sounds more like someone wanting to keep the ‘plantation’ intact!

  7. Her logic and so sophomoric. Make no mistake, her attitude and comments are full of hate and racist. Her logic: Trump makes racist comments and takes racist actions so it is alright for her to return the comments in kind. Consider the failing tv network she works for. Both failures.
    By the way, Anna: if person A jumps off a cliff, will you follow suit?

  8. I see that the majority and the minority are blind to the errors we as a nation have committed. Our government keeps taking our freedoms away. They have given corporate America a green light to moving their plants overseas. The government agencies keep increasing in size and limiting the rights of the citizens.
    The very citizens who helped the government balance it’s budget with their income tax are the ones who have lost their work to foreign countries.
    This fiasco of helping illegals with financial aid, housing and free medical benefits when our government isn’t able to balance our own budget has either an ulterior motive or we really have some stupid people in Washington D C. Strong insulting words but the truth hurts!
    The concessions the Executive Branch has granted to Congress and foreign trade agencies and Nations has also been a huge damage to our financial foundation since WWII. Nobody can live above their means! To do so is a recipe for failure.
    To make matters worse our two party system is fighting with each other for control instead of fulfilling their obligations to serve the nation and its citizens! They are fighting over a deceased carcass that will poison the victor!
    Every entity who has become the world
    power from Athens to the USSR has fallen from within. Not to even mention the Babylonian Empire! The USA is no exception.
    A word to the wise: we as a nation need to clean up our act and return to working in harmony! Not acting in a self centered evil and corrupt manner! That is the way politicians behave!

  9. Accordingly, it must be wrong for black unemployment to decrease and for the number needing food stamps to decrease-need to keep folks dependent on the federal govt. to keep the pandering schmucks in office.

  10. Look at it this way: the more Ana spews her misinformed, hateful views the better President Trump’s poll numbers look with minorities and the greater the coming landslide. Keep up the good work Ana!

    • Have you noticed that Conservative women are attractive, some are downright beautiful. Liberals not so much…Whoopi, joy, michelle o.,rosie o.just to name a few. What they are inside is what they show on the outside.

  11. Geeeeez, if Trump and others did not repeatedly call out the ‘fake news’ media, who would have known that CNN et al are still around.

  12. She is only quoting things this president has said about the African American community in America today.. He is a racist…its as obvious as the nose on your face. He criticizes people of color.. his father did the same. I dont see how any person of color could defend this man.. I dont. So go for it Ana…

    • I am guessing you are black parroting the words the dems have told you to say. They twist Trumps words, leave things out so what they have made up appeals to the Trump haters.
      I am so sorry that you are still living on the democrats plantation with their chains around your neck. You will never be free until you realize who is truly controlling you. The blacks who have open minds have already realized that Trump is not the one holding you captive.

    • For example: Trump said Baltimore was a “shit-hole” not because of the people who live there but because the Baltimore DEMOCRATIC leadership of the place is totally ineffective and corrupt to the point that they fail to provide the leadership to make it a better place to live. Billions of dollars thrown into Baltimore, New York City, Detroit, Chicago and Washington DC have been totally wasted on liberal ideas and programs that didn’t work. His point was, “If you want to improve the situation, you can quit voting for the progressive liberal democrats who have demonstrated time and time again that they are unable to do anything to govern. The real racist action is the appeal to “race” to support failing democrat policies and leadership that line their pockets and NEVER help the citizens. It is the Democrats that have held blacks back for 155 years since the “civil war” ended. Claiming Trump is a “racist” because he speaks truth to the Democrats lie is the most disingenuous lie of all.

  13. Typical rhetoric from a fat cow liberal.
    Lest we forget, pelosi was the one that said ‘keep the blacks down and keep them in your pocket’.

  14. I agree 100% with Anna Navarro Cardenas. I have a passionate dislike for republicans, but Anna is a very logical and practical mind. What she said about ANY colored (because no self respecting, intelligent Black or African American would support Trump) is correct and they are just as much a detrimental impediment to Black pride and any positive traction for the Black condition, as the KKK. BTW, IMO Ana Navarro is a raving beauty compared to Kellyanne “crypt keeper” Conway ( I am a professional commercial artist and a commercial photographer). I am paid for my skills of recognizing what is attractive and what’s not. Kellyanne Conway looks like the crypt keeper, and Sara Huckabee Sanders looks like her father in drag……..

    • The democrats have been fighting the war on poverty, for how long, Maybe 40 years! I think Mr. Trump , our president, is beginning to start winning the war!!!!

    • Glad to see you call Jesse Jackson stupid. He supported Donald Trump and bragged about being his friend, until the Donald dared to run against failed {again} wannabe president Hillary. Then Jesse turned against him. By the way, the founder of BET (Black Entertainment Television} Robert L. Johnson very much supports President Trump. He was quoted recently as saying that “President Trump has done more for the black community than any other president since Abraham Lincoln. Mr. Johnson has actually done something as opposed to Ana who sits around flapping her gums. I am puzzled as to why Ana, or you for that matter, would think that self respecting and intelligent blacks would support those who kept their ancestors in chains and upon being forced by Republicans to free those slaves then started the KKK to lynch and terrorize those same ancestors. Why support those who voted against all three Civil Rights Amendments? Why support those who used fire hoses, police dogs and billy clubs to keep them “in their place”? Why support those who stood in the schoolhouse door proclaiming “segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever”?

  15. Nobody wanted a fat, fugly, ignorant, lying, Trump hating Latina except for a married very ugly man 30 years older. So, now, she’s calling independent
    black citizens terrible names. This very definition of a loser is telling Blacks how to vote. Priceless.

  16. TRUMP SAID ALL THAT BULLSHIT AND MORE! Hell he talked about the looks of Rosie O’Donnell and Senator Cruiz amongst!

  17. Let’s jus talk food abuser rather than gender… Think of all those poor flour tortillas forcibly wolfed down that fang lined dark cave.

  18. Not a surprise. Any erosion of support from their disparate coalition of the aggrieved is cause for concern. It never seems to fail that once polling becomes the guiding force, a sense of panic sets in and people like Navarro always seem to surface. Can we expect a retraction or a lame excuse if further CNN ‘polling’ dictates it? If not, this outburst will get ‘deep sixthed’ and disappear.

  19. Ana Navarro is REPUBLICAN!!! She is a very clever commentator, and as one, is entitled to her own opinion. That’s what she does for a living!!!
    There are many political commentators that do the same exact thing pro or con. Now, grow up!

    • If that was true and we all know she isn’t CNN would never hire this pig .
      So your claim is just another lie , that’s a fair statement is it not ?

  20. Chopper. Pipe down. Never insult a woman. That’s what Democrats do. Republicans subscribe to the old virtues: respect for the Constitution and for people of all races, ethnicities and backgrounds, and pity for Republicans who cannot weather the abuse from supporting the GOP nominee. There is, after all, no fool like an old Republican fool who betrays his principles for the promise of “airtime” courtesy of the Bolshevist/Democrat media.

  21. Careful Chopper… never attack a woman’s appearance… never. That is something Dems do. Republicans represent traditional American virtues: love of country, respect for all, compassion for those lured into betraying their principles by offers of “airtime!” Remember; there is no fool like an old Republican fool seduced by Bolshevist blandishments into attacking his own party.


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