CNN’s Jim Acosta And Other Journalists Throw Fit About President Trump And His Mask; The Reason Why Will Make You Roll Your Eyes

(Tea Party PAC) – The mainstream media has been completely broken by President Donald Trump. This has become clear and obvious in the kind of news coverage they produce on a daily basis, which seems to consist of nothing but hours and hours of bashing our commander-in-chief. We’ve watched this happen for years now, but it’s gotten so much worse the closer election day has loomed.

Here’s a perfect example.

Last week, the president was diagnosed with coronavirus and had to go to the hospital “out of an abundance of caution.” He was released Monday evening from Walter Reed hospital and made a rather triumphant public appearance and issued a message to the American people, telling us all not to live in fear of COVID-19.

However, rather than talk about what a remarkable recovery the president has made and celebrating how he worked and got things done even while in the throes of battling this illness, the left threw a fit over Trump taking off his mask on a balcony. Where he stood all by himself, by the way.

Via BizPacReview:

A brilliant video was shared by Trump showing him disembarking from Marine One and walking up the steps onto the South Portico’s stately balcony. It was then that he removed his mask — for the photographers below, who were not visible — before saluting the departing aircraft and giving a thumbs up.

In doing so, the Trump-hating media lost its collective mind. Literally. They threw a tantrum any two-year-old would have been proud of, insisting that the president was still contagious — this being the same cabal that spent the entire time Trump was in the hospital trying to prove that he intentionally exposed people to the virus.

Leading the charge, as usual, was CNN’s primadonna White House correspondent Jim Acosta, who has made his name opposing Trump, along with colleague Kaitlan Collins.

The hard news journalist called the president of the United States the “Coronavirus in Chief.”

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, who announced Monday that she tested positive for the coronavirus, took time out from battling the disease to explain to the media jackals that Trump “is LEADING and REASSURING the nation.”

McEnany specifically named CNN, tweeting: “Each day their lows become lower.”

The sad display from the election-minded media, which is desperate to find fault in every single action the president takes, regardless of circumstance, prompted Mollie Hemingway to express concern about their wellbeing.

The Federalist senior editor tweeted, “OK, on behalf of the sane part of the country, I have to ask … is there something we can do about the major media’s complete mental breakdown that we’re all witnessing right now? Legit worried about them.”

Since when does someone, with the virus or not, have to wear a mask if they are completely social distanced and outdoors? Trump was 20-30 feet away from everyone else when he took the mask off. He didn’t do anything wrong. And yet, here we are, watching CNN have a meltdown over nothing. It seems to be all they know how to do.

Speaking of Obama, amid all the ruckus, the tweet of the day belongs to social media user Kate Hyde: “Trump is now the second President to be involved in a controversial unmasking scandal.”

If you still don’t think the mainstream media completely hates our president and has tossed objectivity out of the window in their news coverage, then you’re obviously a liberal. These folks have relentlessly attacked Trump ever since he announced he was running for president. It’s only gotten worse as November gets closer, but this kind of insanity is just mind-blowing.

How about we be happy the man is recovering well from a dangerous illness?


  1. Andrea Mitchell– I remove my mask upon returning home.
    Trump returned to his home (the white house) and removed his.
    I have a feeling Andrea does not wear a mask in her own home or when alone on her patio.
    Why the double standard for the President?
    All this unfair criticism of the US President is music to the ears of communist nations!
    Have the media all lost their senses? And their humanity?
    Will none of them defend America and its representative, our President?

  2. For the 1000th time jackasses like Jim Acosta should learn a little about the masks and what they can and cannot do before causing more problems than he thinks he is solving. Masks do NOT guarantee you won’t spread the virus and certainly is less of a guarantee you won’t get the virus. Look at the manufacturer’s specifications to filtering capabilities. The social distancing is much much more a preventative medicine. The N95 masks blocks 95% of 3 micron and only 30% of .1 micron. Now look at the average size of 1 coronavirus particle . Stop the political BS and speak really scientifically. This is not ME talking it is the design manufacturer specifications. Oh BTW I am a filter expert having made gas mask filter material for the USARMY and I am a CBR expert Vietnam veteran Bronze Star holder so I know a little about air flow CFM and pore size filtration efficiency. So Jim Acosta look up something you know nothing about and take some of your compatriots, including Chris Wallace with you.

  3. Why are you people advertising on this site you making that kind of money keep it to yourself and make more. I’m surprised at tea party has not closed you down yet what could I was told that I was 12 years old why don’t you kids go play in the expressway

  4. Does Jim mention that the president bought pizza for all his supporters outside at the hospital, wishing him well. Oh NO not that. Screw you Jim, your not a reporter but an assh**e. You wouldn’t know a news story unless someone tells you one. God forbid you go out and get a real truthful story. Maybe than you will get some respect but as of now you deserve the Jerk reward for journalism. No one reads your crap.

  5. After reading the above, I am more certain than ever that our nation is hiring more and more idiots for news jobs with the media (makes me wonder if that is one of the requirements they list on their job applications!!) …furthermore, I’m certain they think Americans of all ages are just as mentally deficient as they themselves are!!!

    These past 3 + years that President Trump has been in office I have heard more vitriol and garbage dumped on him, plus the Democratic vendetta led by Petrosi and her henchmen, than I have ever heard in my lifetime (which is considerable). I sincerely pray that our “duly elected” president gets elected to a second term so he can show these naysayers, hatred filled, never do well nincompoops how to get the job done right in the face of adversity… as he has been doing while the “waaa, waaa group” sat around licking their wounds and putting every nasty roadblock in his way trying to stop him from succeeding. Heaven forbid they actually had to do the work they were supposedly elected to do (if it was actually building roadblocks, they should become part of a construction group and get out of politics!).

    In my parent’s time, the Democratic party was respected and admired. Too bad they didn’t learn how to keep that image going. We fought through the cold war, communism, socialism… We fought to save our country from that and now the Democrats want to bring it all back!!?? Dear Lord, I pray it doesn’t happen to the America I love, the flag I respect or to any of our future generations. God bless this home of the free because of the brave and all who value this country.

  6. Well……,

    Considering the FACT that cnn and the rest of the loons started at ground level the day Donald J. Trump came down the Escalator…

    And the rate they have been digging…..

    They should be less than a week away from breaking ground in communist china.

    I feel certain they will be welcomed.

    china doesn’t need any more propagandist Urinealists, but new human powered grave diggers?


    • Dear Crusty: I’d love for them to surface in China and find out, first hand, just what freedom – or complete lack thereof – is really like. Or Cuba – their favorite place! Or Russia, or Venezuela… or how about a Muslim country? Like the one Ilhan Omar’s parents were smart enough to get out of? And which she apparently wants to replicate here in the USA?

  7. The President already has the “ virus”! So why wear a mask- to prevent what? The Boogyman? These “Journalists” already suck a their version of journalism… now they want to be doctors…without a Medical License.

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