CONFIRMED! Dems Praise Hamas, Attack Christians

(PCC)Once again, instead of being brimming with compassion and a resolute commitment to addressing the human loss inflicted upon Israel, the left has chosen to weaponize this horrendous act of genocide. They have diminished its significance and, in the process, mercilessly attacked the Christian faith of those who hold it dear, equating it with the actions of bloodthirsty Hamas who commit heinous acts against innocent children and families within the sanctity of their own homes.

A disturbing Salon article denounces Republicans and Christian by falsely claiming they threaten the US more than Hamas.

Salon magazine regarded as the liberal Democrat sacred scripture foolishly vilified MAGA Republicans and Christian sympathizers following the horrific Jewish community attack, claiming they were a worse threat to America than Hamas terrorists. A nasty attempt to transfer blame and vilify conservatives shows media prejudice and divisiveness. It diminishes victims, families, and real journalism.

In a scathing Thursday essay, “MAGA and Christian nationalism: A Grave Threat to America,”  Senior White House correspondent Brian Karem, a conservative journalist, examines the dangerous alliance between MAGA and Christian nationalism.

The piece contrasts American Christian nationalism and MAGA with Hamas, portraying a grim political image. It warns  the world is headed for a clash only emotionless people want.

Karem believes Republican Party divisions, exemplified by incoming House Speaker Mike Johnson, harm American democracy more than external terrorism.

Speaker Michael Johnson and the evangelical-aligned MAGA Republican Party are unashamedly embracing the Bible’s deep lessons despite global challenges. He claims the House MAGA faction, led by Mike Johnson, is totally committed to Christian theocracy.

The House of Representatives, currently under the control of Johnson, presents a diluted rendition of the cataclysmic climax  devout believers have yearned for over the years,” adds. They have revived the Inquisition and want to transform the US into a Bible-thumping theocracy.

He harshly criticized Republicans and their ardent followers for blindly believing the Old Testament’s wrathful God and Revelation’s apocalyptic prophecies due to theocracy intoxication.

Karem says these Republicans ardently support church-state unity and reject separation. They want a walled, isolated nation that claims the First Amendment protects their religious freedom while imposing their values on us. Karem bluntly accuses them for looking intent to retreat to the Middle Ages under the first Christian nationalist House speaker. He says  present Republicans seem indifferent about theocratic ideals infringing on liberty.

“Their deception is bold. They fight free thought and individual autonomy and joyously manipulate politics to shutdown the government, a current example of callous apathy as our nation faces threats” Karem argues.

Democrats again showed their true colors by supporting Hamas and unjustly assaulting Christians. However, they have failed to produce a list of MAGA and ‘Christian nationalism’ misdeeds compared to Hamas terrorism.

“Salon, the liberal publication, shockingly believes  Christian nationalism, which is essentially synonymous with Trump supporters, poses a greater threat than Hamas terrorists,” said Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA.

Hamas militants assaulted Israel last month, evoking the darkest human tragedies. About 2,500 terrorists reached Israel by land, sea, and air, terrifying Israelis. They ruthlessly shot outdoor music festival goers. Local Jewish men, women, and children were also specifically targeted by these terrorists. Victims suffered torture, rape, execution, immolation, and kidnapping.

But according to the Salon Liberals, these actions pale in comparison to what the Christian Nationalist are doing!

The terrorist attack devastated Israel. Over 1,400 innocents perished and 5,300 were severely injured. Abducting 242 people of any age, the assailants ignored human life. This awful violence shows our nation’s ongoing threats. Sadly, most victims are innocent civilians, including many

The leftist tabloid boldly dubbed the GOP a “de facto terrorist organization” and “world’s largest white supremacist” group last year. Such foolish and misleading claims polarize political discourse. Those who make such harsh and unfounded accusations lack intellectual honesty and tolerance for other viewpoints, which is frustrating.

Final Word:  Note: Let us not overlook the fact that Jesus was the one who endured torture and crucifixion at the hands of a liberal government, and not the reverse. It was the democratic vote of  ‘CRUCIFY HIM’ the liberal establishment voted which ushered Jesus to the cross.

Christian conservatives were dubbed “objectively evil.” The essay accused white Christians of deception, terrorism, supremacy, and fascism. The Salon Liberals claim: hatred divides society and fosters conservatism while using hate, cruel talk, and verbal attacks to justify their war against hate!


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