Confirmed: Jovan Pulitzer Reveals Mail-In Ballots Counted That Had Already Been Filled Out… But Not By A Human

(Tea Party PAC) – This week, inventor and data analyst Jovan Hutton Pulitzer confirmed that ballots were received in the 2020 election that were not, in fact, filled out by a human hand.

As if there weren’t already enough reasons to believe the whole thing was rigged.

This is insanity.

Pulitzer, who has been closely examining questionable ballots in battleground Georgia, shared on Twitter that ballots had been provided during the election had been filled out by a machine.

Machines were switching the votes and even, it appears, filling out mail-in ballots as well!

This means that these ballots, of course, are fraudulent and need to be isolated and separated from the vote totals.

It is not clear which state he is referring too—it could be more than one.

Apparently one individual named Mary tried to refute his tweet, but it didn’t go very well for her.

She ultimately took down her tweet, The Gateway Pundit notes.

How much more evidence is going to pile up as the mainstream media and Democrats continue to insist this is all bogus?

Give me a break.

The Gateway Pundit notes that, as they’ve reported previously, “Hutton claims he can forensically review millions of ballots in a day and determine whether they are fraudulent or not.”

“This is a game changer and will identify the number of fraudulent ballots in this year’s election. We are asking that this take place throughout the country to determine the accurate number of valid votes in this election,” they continue.

“The 2020 election was stolen by Joe Biden using millions of fraudulent ballots. We’d all like to know how many ballots were fraudulent and ensure this never happens again,” they conclude.

Hear, hear!

This isn’t just about Trump—it’s about every election going forward.

How can we ever have faith in our system again if these allegations of fraud are not confronted?

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  1. This means the pressure is off for the election four years from now. All our ballots have been cast and tallied already. We all voted for the Democrat. So stay home and put your feet up, and watch the fake news call the winner as soon as the polls close. All hail Fake President Biden and Fake Vice-President Harris.

    • The biden-harris agenda is to kill America & steal as much as they can for themselves & for their communist & socialist masters. This ridiculous fake ballot scam needs to stop now. The cowards in the Supreme Court need to wake up & do their job. They are not safe from biden-harris goons & their evil agenda just because they have robes and a title. Wake up! All Trump supporters need to cancel their fake news satellite subscriptions, their twitter & Facebook & dumb liberal talk shows & bankrupt these enemies of America. Americans, you DO HAVE THE POWER TO STOP THIS THEFT!

  2. Drain the swamp, both Dems and Spineless Republicans. Institute term limits and a 30% cut to ALL government programs and salaries, including retirement payments. All government employees need to pay for their own health insurance.

    • Government employees and retirees pay their own health insurance. I am a retired employee and I pay as much for my insurance as if I was still working. I also pay Medicare insurance. This is not the case with Congressional people and others.
      This should change for sure.

  3. The all “DEMORATS’ never condemned BLM & ANTIFA for burning down businesses
    attacking police, citizens & anyone who disagreed them with cocktail bottles,bricks, frozen bottles of water & beatings!!! For 5 years now “CHRISTIANS” had their voices supressed by a “Bias Media”, “Corrupt Politicians”, facebook, twitter, google ,Hollywood elites, bias TV comentators on ABC,CBS, MSNBC,NBC, CNN, C-SPAN!!! The Corrupt “DEMORATS’ want to impeach President Trump because he is the one most the popular presidents along with President Reagan & President Lincoln!! They know that he will help the conservative candidates that will be up for election in 2022. They are party that encourage violence by calling people who do not agree with their ideology as racists, nazis ect.!!!! Get involved now with your National Republican Party so we get get rid of all the CORRUPT “DEMORATS” & CORRUPT “RINOS” & OUR CORRUPT SPYING JUSTICE DEPARTMENT!! Our SUPREME COURT JUSTICES’ HAVE NO BACKBONE & are afraid of the repercussions from the POWERFUL ELITE in our government!!!

  4. WE will NEVER see another FAIR election until this is FULLY corrected with POTUS Trump taking his RIGHTFUL place as 46th PRESIDENT and the INSTIGATORS of these CRIMES be sent to FEDERAL PRISON for SEDITION and TREASON – PERMANENTLY. GITMO and LEAVENWORTH will do FINE. One Enlightened and DISGUSTED Patriot. team Trump and His Allies 2020.

  5. I pray that this is carried out and punish those who are responsible for this fraud!! We the people need to know the truth and get this stopped now!!

  6. Every American should be concerned about the integrity of our election system. How can anyone feel confident about our elections ever again?

  7. This is my main concern. This is tantamount to taking the taxpayers’ voices away! If we don’t have a voice, we don’t have a legitimate government!

  8. It means nothing that they cheated! The Dems get by with anything they want to do. If the Republicans had done this people would be in jail. Republicans in Congress are scared to do what is right. I say vote both sides out. The sooner the better.

  9. well it is a little late , seems Congress had decided that they were going to certify Biden ?Harris as the winners & do exactly nothing on investigating the claims of Fraud that occurred during the election !!! But again the democRATS controlled the narrative since the began when they proposed the mass mail balloting . Of course they got the weak Republican RINO’s to agree

  10. Proof upon proof upon proof means nothing if you can’t find a Judge not in George Soros’ pocket, and who did not himself vote for the Democrat, who will make a legal, unbiased assessment of the facts and rule accordingly !
    Dominion voting machines came from China. Biden and son Hunter, allegedly, have made considerable money through deals with China. Biden approved of China receiving ‘most favored nation for trade status’ . Communist China considers him a friend and wanted him to be elected. Why are Democrats not screaming ‘foreign intervention’ now ?? Oh, yes, it’s not Trump !

  11. No arrests, No fraud occurred. Until arrests are made, all the rest is whining and BS. Arrest these people NOW, 10 years in prison, no bail, no parole, no pardon. Go Trump MAGA 2020. Only arrests will make this steal stop for 2020 election and for subsequent elections. Otherwise this only gets worse. Arrests will also make others who committed criminal acts of fraud begin to sing like birds. We need arrests now, if the courts don’t want to take these cases then arrest the people that we know committed fraud, you can began with the blonde Goldilocks in GA and her sisters on video.

  12. We know that this was a rigged election. Many Republicans were involved INCLUDING “THE RAT MCCONNEL”. This was the only possible way for them to rid themselves of what President Trump was digging up. Barr is no saint in all of this as well. Where is this “TELL ALL” Durham report that was supposed to come out in the spring, then summer but definitely Sept. They were all in on it. They didn’t expect Trump to succeed. When he brought jobs, & the unemployment rate went to record lows the rats had to do something because Trump knew too much. At least with Rino Romney we knew what we were getting. The republican party lacks testicular fortitude AND ALWAYS DID. John Roberts is afraid that the country will find out that his name is in Epstein’s contacts.

  13. We need everyone to KEEP THIS CONVERSATION ON THE FOREFRONT when we talk to our congressmen, relatives, friends, business acquaintances. Every conversation we have should start and end mentioning the extreme fraudulent activities that the dirty, dirty democrats perpetrated, stealing Donald Trump’s well deserved 2nd term in the 2020 election, and ALSO stealing our right to have our votes count. We have the receipts, we need their leaders prosecuted for treason against Our United States of America.

  14. Can’t they have FBI check this out. We can’t just let it slide and happen year after year. I am a Trump supporter and feel the election was definitely illegally taken. Fraud and anyone involved should be put in prison.

    • Do really think joe biden or any democrat is going to have the FBI check this out after they take charge? The FBI or at least the people in charge of the FBI are democrats put in place by barack obama. They and the courts will tell you that the FBI doesn’t have jurisdiction and so it appears that no one has jurisdiction accept maybe for the justice department in some way but bill barr being a partisan hack like the rest of them decided not to do anything. I don’t see how they can expect anybody to obey any laws after 2020. The way I see it, they’re leaving it up to us to find justice and Wednesday was just the tip of the ice burg. I see where they arrested a guy for burning a blm banner from the side of a church after antifa and blm burned the whole church and nobody was arrested. They must think that is justice. 2A all day.

  15. I call for a complete audit. Any state that does not provide the original ballots the election officials and those in power should be jailed. Any judge that blocks the audit should be stripped of his judgeship, his law degree and face jail time as well

  16. It’s sad when we can’t trust our government to do the right thing and president Trump should have the full electoral votes not Biden and Biden was a crook and thief from the beginning Biden needs to be impeached immediately and put out of office

  17. We the people will have to fight to ensure that public hearings be held to reveal all fraudulent activities exercised during the election process. Evidence is pervasive and has been compiled from when early voting started to eight days after Election Day. Contact your friends and relatives to pressure their legislators. Do not allow yourself to be a victim of disenfranchisement.

  18. Fraud will continue until the Constitution is fully enfoced by by leadership who are no longer Leftist, socialist or communist but true Americans.

    This country need a major revolution to put enforcement of the law and God back at the forefront.

    What is happening now is waking the American sheep. They are controlled by social medial and the corporations. As the sheep wake up the current social media and corporate leadership will be removed. Let the revolution begin. Good Luck America.

  19. We need to clean up our voting procedures and laws AND abide by them. This is a horrible way to tell 75 million people that they don’t matter. Biden should be ashamed to assume the presidency until all allegations investigated.

  20. Fraud will continue in voting as long as the Leftist and Communist are in charge and don’t allow the ballots to be verified by an independent analyst.


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