Congress Wants To Investigate “White Nationalism” Yet Bullies Candace Owens With Impossible Deadlines And Disrespect

(Tea Party PAC) – Why is it that the left always wants to race-bait and hurl accusations of “white nationalism” (a slightly sanitized way of calling someone a Nazi), yet they refuse to listen to any conservatives of color on the issue?

In an interview with Turning Point USA President Charlie Kirk for Breitbart News Daily, Candace Owens says that’s exactly what she experienced when Rep. Jerry Nadler’s (D-NY) office demanded information by an arbitrary, impossible deadline before her congressional testimony on Tuesday.

According to Owens, Nadler’s staff sent her an email on Monday demanding submission of certain forms and her prepared remarks on Tuesday.

“The second the Republicans say, ‘These are the people we’re bringing in as witnesses,’ [the committee chair’s office is] supposed to email people that are coming in and giving testimony,” Owens explained. “I didn’t know this, obviously. I was supposed to receive an email from them last Wednesday or Thursday with a couple of forms for me to fill out as well as submitting my testimony so that they have it and I can be prepared to answer questions. Jerry Nadler’s office is responsible for sending out this email. I went to Los Angeles on Monday to record my show, and I get an email in the middle of my recording, and it’s like 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon, and it’s Jerry Nadler’s office saying they need it now, now, now.”

Owens continued, “I’m like, ‘You guys just emailed me. How could you possibly tell me? I don’t have a computer. I’m out in Los Angeles and I’m filming.’ I basically told them, ‘This is a ridiculous deadline to put on me, the day before the testimony.’”

“By the way, in the letter it said — this is the best part — ‘You must submit this two days before your testimony,’” Owens added. “This is actually impossible for me to do. You’ve written this to me less than 24 hours before.”

Now, were the folks over in Nadler’s office trying to trip up one of the people most fit for the task of debunking Dem claims of “white nationalism”, or can they just not read a calendar?

Who knows, but Owens was allowed to proceed with her testimony, and it was glorious.

“In the beginning, I was definitely nervous,” said Owens. “I had a lot of people calling me and telling me, ‘Don’t do it. I’m not sure if you want to get involved in this sort of a thing.’ But to be honest, I felt like I had to. I felt that for too long conservatives haven’t been fighting back, and I needed to be in there and stand up for the president.”

This woman has more you-know-whats than half the so-called Republican men throwing Trump under the bus right now!

Speaking of her testimony, Owens recalled:

“I sat down in the chair, and I have to say, just looking at them, they just all seem so pathetic to me. … I think it was a major win for all of us… I said, ‘Mr. Nadler, you claimed in your opening remarks that we’re here fighting against anti-black bias. I think you exhibited that the most today. You didn’t even read my biography that I submitted to your office.’ He was absolutely disgusting to me.”

As we’ve come to expect from her, Owens tells it like it is when calling out the Dems for their manipulative exploitation of racial tension to advance their agenda: “They don’t care about race. Democrats don’t care about black people. We’re just pawns in a game for them to gain political power for themselves.”

“What happened to #BelieveWomen?” she joked. “I thought it was a safe space there. … They say they want to lift up minority voices. Not mine. They say they want to #BelieveWomen. Well, apparently not me.”

We all know the hearing isn’t really about racism or white nationalism. It’s about the Dem’s desperate ploys to try to win in 2020.

“This is the Democrat 2020 preview. This is all they’ve got, now,” Owens said. “They tried the Russia collusion thing. They tried saying our president was a racist. Look what he’s done for black America. What else are they going to do but drum up more fear?”

Rather than try to win based on common sense policies that benefit the American people, Owens says the Dems’ approach amounts to nothing more than “Vote for us or the whole world is going to end.”

“I’m tired of this promised apocalypse,” she declared. “Either deliver it or move over. I’m voting for Trump.”