Conservative Powerhouse Allen West Annihilates Facebook And Twitter Over Censoring Americans Protesting Lockdowns, While Supporting Antifa

(Tea Party PAC) – There’s no doubt the world we currently live in is one that has been flipped upside down, thanks in large part to the progressive ideology that is swallowing up common sense wherever it dares to rear its head. Nowhere is this more clearly seen than the censorship of American patriots on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, all the while, leftist radicals are being supported.

Former Rep. Allen West is drawing attention to this maddening hypocrisy, noting that both Twitter and Facebook have cracked down on American citizens who have been protesting and fighting back against tyrannical lockdowns, all the while they have lifted up Antifa radicals who have been behind a lot of the violence, rioting, and looting happening in major American cities.

West made an appearance on Breitbart News Tonight on SiriusXM, speaking with host Rebecca Mansour and guest host Ed Martin to chit-chat about the riots and the death of George Floyd.

Via Breitbart:

West remarked, “What infuriates me more than anything else is that these social media platforms are being used by groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter to organize, to get out their orders and instructions, but when we had everyday Americans that wanted to have rallies about the unconstitutionality of these stay-at-home orders and the lockdowns and shutdowns — I call it illegal martial law and house arrest — Facebook and Twitter threatened to censor them … Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey need to stop making decisions based upon their ideological agendas.”

“[The killing of George Floyd] was heinous,” West stated. “It was offensive. It was evil. It was tyrannical and despotic to see someone put their entire weight in their left knee on the carotid artery of a man who was handcuffed, and his crime was forgery — $20 bills — not armed robbery, not attempted murder, or aggravated assault. So, he was not armed or any danger to any of those four police officers that were there around him.”

West continued, “There is no excuse for what we see happening in America. It just goes back to the Rahm Emanuel mantra of never letting a good crisis go to waste.”

“Antifa is a domestic terrorist group,” West declared, “and we need to peel the onion back. We need to find the leadership. We need to find the resourcing. Black Lives Matter is no better. Black Lives Matter does not show up in Chicago or any of the other major urban population centers across the country run by Democrats, where you see black-on-black crime. They say nothing about the atrocious fact that 20 million black babies have been murdered in the womb thanks to Planned Parenthood, which was founded by a white supremacist and a racist.”

West is bringing up an inconvenient point that Democrats and other liberals want to remove from the conversation about race relations, and that’s the issue of black-on-black crime. It should also be added that if the left were truly about fighting racism, they’d be on the frontlines of the battle to outlaw abortions.

The vast majority of children murdered in the practice of abortion are black. Planned Parenthood locations are strategically placed in majority black neighborhoods, carrying out a targeted plan of destruction that was first concocted by found Margaret Sanger, who was a eugenicist and raging racist.

I’ll believe the left really means “Black Lives Matter,” when they start standing up against the holocaust of abortion.

West went on, “I see people cherry-picking and using the theme of racism and being a racist to fit an ideological agenda, and we have got to have strong voices to stand up and push back against this. If we cannot maintain law and order in our streets, then we’re going to see the undermining of our constitutional republic.”

“We now have a domestic enemy,” West said. “We have an enemy that, without a doubt, has declared that they want to undermine this constitutional republic. They want to replace it with a governing system that is completely different.”

West added, “We cannot have these seditious organizations and groups that are running amok in the United States of America and recruiting people.”

November’s elections present a choice between individual sovereignty and collective enslavement, determined West.

“It comes down to understanding the right and true relationship between the individual citizen and the institution of government,” West said. “In the United States of America, the individual citizens — if you read our Declaration and our Constitution — are sovereign. And why is the individual sovereign? Because their inalienable rights come from their creator, God, not from man.”

West then went on to explain a huge, fundamental difference in the ideology of the modern-day progressive and that of conservative thought.

“There are people that believe that the institution of government should be supreme and sovereign over the individual, and that’s not what we have in America,” West explained. “We have to decide, are we going to be individually sovereign or are we going to be collectively subjugated?”

West went on, “We have to decide, do we want to be victors or do we want to be victims? We have to decide, do we want to be economically empowered or do we want to be economically enslaved? There is no greater time in the history of the United States of America to draw a clear delineation in these two very different philosophies of governance.”

The former Florida representative went on to discuss all of the various connections and ties that exist between Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and the Democratic Party, ties that conservatives have been trying desperately to point out to the left for years and years now.

“Barack Obama said we’re five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America, and they believe that they can do that,” West recalled. “That’s why you see them out there on the streets, using fear, intimidation, coercion, and violence to get the ends that they want.”

The main takeaway here is that if social media giants want to be publishers of information rather than just platforms for cat videos, they need to start allowing all people, with all points of view, to have access to news and information from every angle. Otherwise, they are violating the Constitution.

And, if the left really wants to be taken seriously in their calls for unity and equality, it’s time to abandon abortion and to have a serious chat about black-on-black crime.

Featured image credit: Gage Skidmore



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  2. Check out what Candice Owens said, Look it up and send it to everyone black and white. Black lives matter will not like what she said. If you don’t know who she is look her up! If not I’ll tell you. She is a very brave young black woman that I would be honored to be my daughter, yep I’m a white guy that has 2 great daughters! This young woman will do great things in the future! Warning though, what she said could put her in danger so I hope the police protect her.

  3. The left, funded and supported by the Democratic party has learned the lessons of Goebbles, Che, Mao, Stalin, Lennin well.
    What they continue to fail to realize is that every power grab accomplished by force will ultimately fail and the price will be terrible, including to those who are at the top. Ask Hitler, Mussolini, Che, Khaddafi, look back through history.
    Even,when the facist, communist, whatever you want to label it, the ruling elite leader manages to survive, a lot of his minions won’t. Especially those closet to that dictatorial leader.
    Control,if the press, the degradement of religion, the abandonment of the rule of law and justice evenly applied will always generate a violent response.
    The thugs currently attempting a takeover in the USA will, if successful, will NOT bring about anything better or positive. They will, based on,their actions and stated agenda, bring about the complete enslavement of everyone not in,Their top 1% of the ruling elite.
    It will be a return to,the middle ages with them,at the top and everyone else their serf/slave.

  4. For sure and for certain, this is a most critical time in our republic. Civil war is at hand and the line is clearly being drawn. The manner in which true, freedom loving, Americans answer the threat of Socialism, Globalism and the enslavement of World Order will define the survival of a once free and thriving culture. No doubt, the free world as we knew, it will never be the same. However, I believe that patriots will once again answer the call to defend this nation against the evil and tyranny that besieges it today from the deep state. We are not as well funded or organized as the left. We don’t have the media or Hollywood on our side. But in reality, they don’t contribute anything real to society. They don’t love America as much as we do. When good people confront evil, tranny, and hatred, the left has no body to stab in the back and turns yellow. Fight the fear mongering, drain the swamp, burn the deep state, send the left packing. Trump 2020! America Forever!

  5. Get your HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS bill – all we hear is blah blah blah after one or two sentences- really and truly

  6. West speaks the truth from his heart. He is a brilliant man and a true patriot. I would LOVE to see him run for President in the future. I have heard him speak and he is a true American leader.

  7. Once again Mr. West grasps a few straws to pretend there’s political right wing progress for the nation. Mass media corporations like Twitter and Facebook are ubiquitous now and deserve regulation like the utilities. They have proven unable to self-police even with current improvements screening truth about new ads or other posts on their platforms. Since the right is prone to exaggeration and outright lying about reality, their ads and posts should be screened for not misleading the public, i.e. storytelling about reality. That’s the president’s forte, reality showmanship and palaver. Mr. West is simply an opportunist jumping on the Trump propaganda bandwagon to repeat the current big lie–mass media is favoring the left and Democrats and dumping on the right. Any regular viewer of the president’s public speeches, rallies, press conferences and ad hoc banter with the press knows the truth is not in him. Like ‘enablers’ of OCS Obsessive Compulsive Syndrome actors, West, Barr, and Oval Office minions of the right and president could be expected to knock media of all kinds because they don’t follow the fantastic tales being told to enhance the receding re-election prospects of Trump and down ballot Republicans. That’s what this is about.

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