Conspiracy? Dr. Fauci Made This Shocking Prediction In 2017…This Can’t Be A Coincidence

(Tea Party PAC) – A lot of questions have been swirling around Dr. Anthony Fauci’s seemingly contradictory predictions of the path the coronavirus outbreak will take.

It has become unclear whose side he’s on as his recommendations seem more designed at tanking the US’ economy than they do at actually keeping Americans safe and our country strong.

Now, comments he made back in 2017 have resurfaced, and they couldn’t be more shocking.

Was this whole thing by design? This is completely creepy.

Back in 2017, at a forum on pandemic preparedness at Georgetown University, Dr Fauci told the audience that the Trump administration would be facing this very challenge.

How can he have possibly known that, way back in 2017?

This is incredible.

He said the admin, which was then just in its infancy, would be challenged by global health threats such as influenza and HIV, in addition to a surprise disease outbreak.

And back in January he was saying Americans had nothing to worry about??


  1. Gene…Fauci knew because the virus was made in a lab by Chinese and American scientists in North Carolina. Funded by US Gov. And Soros funded affiliates. That was in 2015…peer reviews posted by Nature magazine…many scientists questioned the purpose or reason for creating a more dangerous virus than what the base virus used could already do. The lead Chinese scientist was a lady who was also at the top of personnel at Wuhan’ s biolab. The research and reviews were available and may still be.

  2. Pres. Trump is so trustful as proven in the past he often gets stabbed in the back by people in his administration…… This Dr. Fauci is apparently a roll over from past administration. It’s high time that Trump should start getting paranoid a bit, start background checking people around him, or he’ll end up getting stabbed I. The back again. OBVIOUSLY, THIS DOCTOR IS USED BY DEMÒCRATS TO RAISE FUNDS. WHAT THE HELL?????????

  3. Maybe someone should check to see if has gotten payments from Communist China. It’s no secret that the trade deal is costing CHINA out the wazoo. A country that routinely tortures and kills political dissenters is capable of killing thousands of it’s own citizens to try and harm the U.S. and in particular President Trump in his re-election bid. The timing is hugely suspect to me.

  4. I am seriously loosing confidence in Fauci . He is constantly flip flopping around. It is to the point I am wondering if he is playing Trump to make him look bad. With his comment back on 2017, one could start to think this whole thing is a set up from Democrats. I am hoping not, that they would go so far as to risk people lives. I am just really uneasy at this point with Fauci, loosing trust. I am sure I am not the only one thinking this either.

    • Demonrats don’t care 1 iota about the American people. All they thirst for is power, power, power. To change America to a 3rd world country…Trump isn’t perfect, no one is, but he sure loves America and it’s people….KAG

  5. Some people have predicted “the end of the world” on certain specific days, others predict “the crash of the stock market”, on and on with predictions. Once in every random while, water does fall on the cat. But to go and make an article on it and get hysterical? Lol. Ok, I “predict” and say, in April 2020, that we will find a vaccine on this virus and we will stop all this panic by April of 2021. Do I get an article on me that month??

    • Doing these “predictions” actually makes you a false prophet. Now I know that that means nothing to those who don’t believe in God, but it is also called lying when you say something that you do not know to be true. So even without a belief in God it’s still lying. What a lie is, is right there in every dictionary. But also the doctor, like you, used the word “will” not could or might. That is enough to make one wonder if he had inside information. A doctor, like a scientist, is supposed to go by facts not fiction. If a doctor says that you’re going to get cancer in two years and you do, wouldn’t it be a fair question to ask as to how he knew?

  6. They are big but they don’t control the Universe. The powers that rule the universe will soon crush these usurpers like a bug. Their pride will bring them to a sudden fall.

  7. Drs. Fauci and Birx should be INVESTIGATED for ANY ties/dealings with deep state and radical liberal NWO connections. HOW FAR BACK DO WE GO??? Just how many people in government positions actually support protecting our Constitution and American citizens??? Go by their actions, not what they say or promise!


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