Coronavirus Is Turning Deadly, But The Disease Isn’t Stopping At Killing People, It’s Taking A Toll On China’s Economy Too; Here’s What’s Going Down

(Tea Party PAC) – For whatever reason, it doesn’t seem the mainstream media is all that worried about the coronavirus that is ripping through China leaving a trail of dead bodies in its wake. In fact, if you didn’t know any better, this particular sickness isn’t really a big deal. Just another bad flu bug being passed around.

But in reality, things are much worse in China than the media is letting on. Not only is this awful disease killing people off, it’s having an adverse effect on the country’s economy. Leaders in the communist nation are also sending out mixed messages about what’s happening there and what’s being done to stop the spread of the virus.

Here’s more on all of this from The Gateway Pundit:

Today in Hong Kong the schools announced that they will remain closed from the end of March through mid-March as a result of the coronavirus. Civil servants in Hong Kong were asked to stay home another week as well. Most companies in Hong Kong are following the governement’s recommendation to civil servants.

The airlines in Hong Kong are another indication of the impact the virus is having on Hong Kong, let alone China. The Hong Kong Immigration Department releases daily passenger arrivals and departures at the Hong Kong airport, one of the top ranked airports in the world:

The number of arrivals and departures has decreased between January 24th and February 12th astronomically, from 127,000 and 257,000 to 3,000 and 4,000, respectively. The world class Hong Kong airport, for all intents and purposes, is shut down. Since Saturday, any mainland arrivals must remain quarantined for 14 days, per new actions taken in Hong Kong.

John Hopkins in the US maintains a site that counts cases by location and the numbers are increasing with over 60,000 now infected with the virus (see picture above). In addition the site shows that nearly 1,400 people have died and around 6,000 are recovered. This apparently doesn’t mean that nearly one in five infected with the virus dies because reports are that the virus is less fatal than SARS.

There’s a lot going on behind the scenes of this situation that is causing this whole mess to be prolonged unnecessarily. Like how China is not allowing the CDC into the country to help identify the cause of the coronavirus and where it first began. This is the kind of shady activity that makes folks paranoid about this sickness and gives a bit of credibility to the rumors that something nefarious is at the source of the coronavirus.

Breitbart reported in late January:

U.S. health officials said that they have been offering for weeks to send experts to help China combat the coronavirus that has claimed at least 106 lives.

At press conference Tuesday, U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said the U.S. first offered to send experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on January 6 but China has not yet accepted the offer.

“CDC experts are standing by, ready willing and able to go immediately to China, either on a bilateral basis or under the auspices of the World Health Organization,” Azar said. “This is a major public health issue and we basically just need the best public health people we have in the world working on this.”

Why wouldn’t China want the CDC to come in and lend a hand in discovering where this virus came from and how it began to spread? These kind of answers could aid in finding an adequate treatment that would help to save lives. Could the reason nothing is really getting done about this virus is because of possibly culling the country’s population? We all know how much the left talks about population control and the adverse effect that population supposedly has on “climate control.”

It doesn’t help that a tweet posted on social media also identified the burning of organic matter outside the city of Wuhan.

What is really going on in China? Will we ever really know? Is this virus just something that cropped up on its own, a mutated strain of illness that has adapted to modern medicine, or is something more sinister afoot?

It’s sickening to think there could be someone behind this awful tragedy unfolding in China, but it’s not beyond the realm of possibility. Let’s hope some answers are discovered soon.



  1. Let us hope that it gets contained and a vaccine is found-that is IF you trust Big Pharma’s vaccines not to be loaded with cancer poisons as they are known to do! AND hopt that the criminal leader of China gets the virus so China can be ruled by good people and be trusted again!


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