Costco Announces They Will Honor Contract With My Pillow And Continue To Sell Their Products

(Tea Party PAC) – Just like President Trump, many of his close allies have been silenced, canceled, and blacklisted. One of the more well-known ones being Mike Lindell, the founder and CEO of My Pillow.

Throughout the 2020 election scandal between the time of the actual election up until the Jan. 6 Capitol Hill incident, Mike Lindell was a frequent visitor of President Trump’s at the White House and very outspoken about the fact that he believed the election to be stolen.

Despite the fact that millions of Americans also believe the election was stolen, Democrats are insisting that it was fair and free and demand that everyone stop alleging otherwise.

They’ve even gone as far as to suggest that Trump supporters should be treated like domestic terrorists and “re-educated” and “held accountable.” The left has grown increasingly hostile towards conservatives and freedom-loving Americans over the course of the last few weeks despite Joe Biden’s futile and empty calls for “unity.”

Cancel culture caught up with Mike Lindell as Kohls and Bed Bath & Beyond both announced last week that they would no longer be carrying My Pillow products.

They claim the products weren’t meeting sales expectations but we all know the truth. These companies are attempting to appease the radical left but perhaps they haven’t learned what happens when companies “go woke.”

They tend to go broke as conservatives are, in fact, the majority in this country and have no problem taking their money elsewhere.

No doubt My Pillow sales will surge in the coming weeks thanks to Kohl’s and Bed Bath & Beyond’s refusal to carry Lindell’s products any longer.

Over the weekend, dozens of Americans protested at a local Florida Bed Bath & Beyond to let the company know just what they think about their outrageous and unjust canceling of My Pillow.

One company that carries My Pillow, however, isn’t playing to the radical left. Costco announced over the weekend that they will continue to carry the products and honor their contract with the company.

A Costco representative told SFGATE, “We have contractual commitments to MyPillow that we intend to honor, as we seek to do with all of our suppliers.”

Despite the wave of retailers who have kowtowed to the left and their absurd narrative that President Trump incited an attempted insurrection at the Capitol, Costco is staying out of the political circus and just doing business, like business in America is intended to be done.

They’ll reap great rewards for this as freedom-loving Americans always step up their support for companies who take a stand against the radical left and their obnoxious cancel culture.

Despite the bad news for Mike Lindell, don’t worry, he’ll be just fine with the support of 74 million Trump supports and more.

The left thinks they have the power to control consumers but the truth is, businesses need us, no matter how big and profitable they are.

If conservatives ever decided to organize real efforts to fight back and harness the power of the majority, we could easily hurt them where it counts: their bottom line.

Imagine the kind of fall Facebook and Twitter would take if 74 million users jumped ship in one day. It would be a powerful statement.

The day may soon be upon us when conservatives must decide what freedom is worth to them and what they’re willing to sacrifice to take a stand against this tyrannical and communist absurdity.

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  1. Thank you Costco for taking a stand! As the other stores bow down to the extreme left! I am a Conservative and it’s a shame that in a country where we are free….(so far) that we have to live through todays times of such dishonesty!
    Thanks again, see you soon!

  2. Thankyou Costco! I have been an excellent customer of yours for years and will continue to be! As for Kohl’s-I have paid off my credit card and will no longer shop there! I have loved shopping at Bed, Bath and Beyond for years but, no more! I will no longer support businesses that involve themselves in politics.

  3. Freedom !! Freedom!! Freedom!! Is still alive. Thank you Costco for showing that a good business choice is good for the customer and is good for business.

  4. Gov. De Santis should cancel the mercantile license in the state of the hotel that cancels the Fund raising weekend for Senator Haley. We rely on the tourist trade the action this hotel group took was an a front to this cause.

  5. Thank you Cosco for not being a part of the cowards out in the retail industry!!! Finally a company who stands up for what is right!!

  6. Now I’m definitely renewing my Costco membership!!! I will no longer shop at Bed,Bath and Beyond or Kohls these two and other companies are cowards and have NO spine. I’d love to find a list of places that dropped their MY PILLOW account.

  7. BYE BYE 👋 Kohl’s and Bed Bath and Beyond, not sorry to see you go🤬 you reap what you sow. God Bless President Trump his family and the United States of America🙏🇺🇸

  8. Thank YOU Costco for for supporting FREE SPEECH and FREE THINKING. Bed Bath and Begone and Kohl’s you have lost our business FOREVER as you are no more than censoring Communists. As we all know President Trump did NOT incite the crowd, on the contrary he told them to “go peacefully”, but the infiltrators from leftist groups BLM and Antifa did the riling up, led the cheer and led the break-ins of TRUE Americans already fed up with the cheating, lying, hate filled Democrats. The bought and paid for MSM will NEVER tell you that, as it is the TRUTH.

  9. Finally a company that has some business sense. No wonder they go do well. The woke companies haven’t learned that they are alienating half the population. I won’t shop at kohl’s or bb&b any more. I find voting with my pocketbook has the best outcomes,

  10. Good for Costco. The man is in BUSINESS. He has a right to be a conservative should he choose to be. Enough of this socialism and the views of the Democrats who cannot stand Trump supporters!!


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