COVID-19 Cases Seem To Be Fizzling Across The Country As Deaths Drop, But The Left Wants Another Shut Down; The Question We Need Answered Is Why?

(Tea Party PAC) – There’s no doubt on anyone’s mind that the coronavirus pandemic that has swept the globe has been pretty awful. It’s a dangerous virus for those who are at high-risk for complications, as we’ve clearly seen from the sheer amount of deaths it has caused. It’s no laughing matter. Not even a little.

However, neither is the flu, which also kills thousands of people in the high-risk category. Yet we never shut down the economy for that illness, nor did we make it mandatory to wear masks and shame folks for not getting on board with hysteria surrounding the illness, though it too is serious business.

Now, however, it seems that COVID-19 is finally starting to lose some steam. Deaths are dropping and the cases cropping up aren’t nearly as severe as when this thing started. Fantastic news, right?

Apparently not, if you’re a Democrat.

The radical left is desperately pushing for yet another shut down, despite all of the good news about the virus. Why?

The Gateway Pundit poses the same question:

The number of deaths are decreasing – the severity of COVID-19 cases is lessening – but Democrats want to shut down the government for the next 6 weeks. Why would they do that?

We reported a couple days ago that Dr. Michael Levitt, a Stanford professor who also has a degree from Cambridge, claims that COVID-19 in the US will basically be over in 4 weeks.

US COVID19 will be done in 4 weeks with a total reported death below 170,000. How will we know it is over? Like for Europe, when all cause excess deaths are at normal level for week. Reported COVID19 deaths may continue after 25 Aug. & reported cases will, but it will be over.

Not only this, but the severity of COVID-19 is lessening. Dr. Levitt again:

Crazy idea based on “2nd wave” New Deaths over 5 days divided by New Cases over same 5 days. The ratio is tiny (<1%) in Dallas & Harris TX & even lower in Israel. Could COVID be infectious in summer but with a much lower lethality? Are we now becoming immune with much less death?

Other experts have shared the same explaining over and over that increased testing does not mean a relative increase in the incidence of cases with COVID-19 (i.e. discussing the number of new cases without sharing the increase in testing is not honest – also of note, Paul Krugman is nearly always wrong):

it appears we must say this yet again: "discussing case counts in covid without reference to testing levels is tantamount to lying." it ignores sampling rate. test any given population twice as much as you find twice as many cases. it does not make disease more prevalent.

In Florida for example, the number of individuals in the hospital or in ICU has not increased over the past month although the number of cases reported has:

If all of this is true, then that means this pandemic is on the cusp of totally going away. We should all be celebrating this forecast and praying and hoping for it to be true so we can all get back to our lives and not be hamstrung by fear.

Unfortunately, this is an election year and the radical liberals in America hate President Trump with the intensity of a thousand burning suns. Why? Because he’s an outsider. He’s not someone they can buy off or control. Trump represents a massive threat to all of the work they have been doing to create a socialist infrastructure beneath our nation’s foundation.

He has to lose or else their plans are no more. Total failure. And this virus is their main weapon right now, having failed to impeach him.

We also know that lockdowns have no impact in reducing the number of deaths related to the China coronavirus:

“Lockdowns have not had a big impact on coronavirus death rates around the world, scientists have claimed, and the health of nations beforehand was more important.”

And, of course, even the CDC claims that wearing masks can cause breathing issues and may not be healthy for the healthy:

How are journalists too dumb to know that the CDC itself tells people w/ a range of disabilities to NOT wear masks due to the breathing issues they can cause?

The COVID-19 scare appears by all measures to be overblown by all measurements with mortality similar to that of a bad flu:

The COVID-19 reaction appears to be nothing more than theater:

Yet, Democrats are wanting to shut down the US for the next six weeks! This is not a joke. This is from Obama’s ex-health care head:

Wowowow. Read this thread to know what Team Apocalypse really wants. A “90% lockdown” for six weeks. Meaning: no interstate travel. Limited food production, supply chains, and healthcare (!). And, oh yeah, (apparently) forced mass isolation and quarantines. THIS IS INSANE.

It seems the strategy the left is attempting to apply here is to shutdown the country using coronavirus as an excuse so they can destroy the economy and by extension, prevent Trump from having a second term.

It seems they know that Biden, as of now, doesn’t stand a chance against Trump, regardless of what the phony polls might be saying. Democrats are so desperate to get rid of the president and prevent a second term they would destroy everything in this nation without a second thought, caring little for the suffering they’d cause folks who would lose their ability to provide for their families.

All of the suicides and deaths that would occur as a result of an economic collapse are just collateral damage.



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  7. Trump cultists want to believe this B.S. but the pandemic is worse in many states. Even if you recover, many are getting permanent damage to their lungs. 150K dead and a 1000 a day for the foreseeable future is predicted

    • Show us the medical information on lungs being permanent effected! Who predicted 1000 deaths a day in the United States? Waiting!

  8. You don’t have to be a Rocket Scientist, to answer that ! The left wants another shutdown, because they want to ruin the economy, so that Trump loses the election. Without the shutdown, and the economy going UP, he will most likely be reelected !

    • This is also why the liberal governors and mayors are letting these rioting thugs continue to riot and destroy their cities! I hope this move is going to backfire on them! If you live in one of these cities how stupid would you be to vote for a democrat after seeing what is going on!

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    That being said…take a close look at the ages and previous health of those who hive died…the exact same thing happens every year when we have our “regular” flu..A or B.
    This was a flu…albeit an exaggerated one and it did take a lot of people’s lives but as the announcer always says,” they all had underlying medical conditions”…as those in nursing homes expired quickly. The liberals are so consumed with overtaking the country, i almost believe they somehow bargained with China for this to hit…thereby making our president look inept. ..stranger things have happened…just sayin’.

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