COVID Didn’t Destroy America, but Martial Law Will!


In the name of protection and moral compassion, the government falsely asserted its authority to ensure information and public discourse were closely monitored and controlled.

Recent history, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, has revealed the alarming erosion of our constitutional rights. They are increasingly subject to the whims and discretion of an overreaching government. Mandates were unilaterally imposed without proper public oversight, setting a dangerous precedent that threatens our individual freedoms and undermines the principles of limited government.

COVID-19 set the stage for the final assault on our freedoms. The government demonstrated its ability to exert control over the entire United States based on unsubstantiated medical claims of a catastrophic extinction-level disease that supposedly threatened the very existence of humanity.

The COVID-19 pandemic powerfully highlighted the false narrative generated by the government, which portrayed a relatively low risk to our overall survival. However, this portrayal was far from the truth. It served as a wake-up call for those who recognized the imminent threat of authoritarian controls in America, despite being dismissed by others as mere conspiracy theories. Our sacred constitutional rights, once believed to be unassailable, were tragically compromised in the name of “public health and safety.”

Recent international events, such as the Ukraine crisis, did not receive the strong conservative backing required for direct intervention. Yet, when it comes to Israel, it is crucial to prioritize the preservation of Western culture. The alarming issue at hand is the deliberate erasure of our cultural heritage, the overwhelming influx of illegal aliens, and the undeniable clash between Islamic ideology and the cherished values of the Western world.

America is witnessing the collapse of societies across the world. Now, martial law is being installed in many countries, and soon, it may happen here in America. For martial law to be effectively installed in America, a major catastrophe must occur – a kind of ‘9/11 on steroids.’ It is then liberal socialists will rise and falsely claim the American people must be protected, and demand martial law, and now!

It is during such times when martial law is installed America will enter into a national slave state, giving up freedom for the illusion of safety. In reality, it will be nothing more than a power grab, leading to government-installed serfdom.

When a major catastrophe occurs in addition to the detrimental consequences of excessive government intervention in the economy, the alarming rise of inflation amid economic stagnation, escalating rates of violent crime, and lax border security, this combination creates a perfect storm for liberals to implement martial law.

Mark my words!

The implementation of martial law is a draconian and dangerous measure to maintain law and order in times of crisis. While liberal socialists may claim these measures are temporary and aimed at safeguarding our nation from external threats, this can often be a misleading promise.

Final Word: the lesson here is crystal clear: during times of crisis, safeguarding our constitutional rights becomes absolutely crucial. The preservation of our liberties hinges on our steadfast dedication to America’s fundamental values. However, America is in for a very challenging period in history. Buckle up!


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