Crazy Uncle Bernie Declares We’re All Racist “From Top To Bottom”…Why Do Dems Think This Will Work?

(Tea Party PAC) – After a devastating week for their party, the Democrat’s 2020 contenders took to the stage for their debate on Friday night.

To their credit, they were on fire.

To their discredit, they were just as hysterical and radical as ever.

Crazy Uncle Bernie, who was on his home turf in New Hampshire, the site of the first debate since the primary elections began (sort of), decided to rip our whole country as racist, because why not, declaring our nation is a “racist society from top to bottom.”

“We have a racist society from top to bottom impacting health care, housing, criminal justice, education — you name it,” Sanders said during the debate:

“And clearly this is an issue that must be dealt with,” he added, turning to criminal justice and declaring that we must “understand the system is broken” and that it is, of course, “racist.”

“We invest in our young people in jobs and education, not more jails and incarceration. We end the War on Drugs which has disproportionately impacted African Americans, Latinos, and Native Americans. We end private prisons and detention centers in America,” he stated, going on to call for an end to cash bail.

Breitbart notes:

Sanders has frequently cited racism in his pitch to the American people, referring to President Trump as an “overt racist and bigot” who is “trying to divide the American people up based on the color of our skin.”

The economic realities achieved by the Trump administration tell a strikingly different story, with positive news for minorities across the country. African American workers have finally seen wages rise after a “decade of stagnation,” the New York Times admitted on Friday. Additionally, as Breitbart News reported, unemployment rates among the Hispanic and black communities have fallen to historic lows under Trump’s administration.

Does this guy really think this is a winning issue for him, or for his party?

Americans are sick and tired of this kind of supercharged racial rhetoric, especially from a wealthy old white New Englander.

He’s been in the Senate for decades, why does he need to be in the White House to make a difference if he hasn’t been able to irradicate racism during his lifetime in Washington?

Meanwhile, the current president has overseen historic low unemployment rates for minorities and bipartisan criminal justice reform that is improving the lives of minority ex-convicts.


  1. The fight will be between Biden and Trump. I voted for Trump this go around, though things were going to be better..NOT, so this year he won’t get my vote. It saddens me when you have someone in the WH who can call folks names, Bully folks, and call countries SH. We have good people on both sides,,,that line woke me up…Not this time around. It saddens me that the sheets have turned into business suits…

  2. Crazy Bernie is 100% wrong & crazy in believing we are all racists. The democrats are &
    they try to hide it at every turn. We republicans & conservatives are not racist at all. I am certainly not. I was brought up in a good Christian home & we were taught Respect for
    everyone. We were taught to love everyone as Christ did in the Bible.
    All should live by God’s 10 Commandments. Also, Love one another as you love your self.
    God loves us & sent His One & Only Son to pay for all our sins if we only trust & obey God, Ask God for forgiveness of all our sins & follow Him. Jesus paid with His Life dying on the Cross for each of us & our sins if we repent of them all. People I know where I will go when I die & that is Heaven to be with our Lord & Savior. When I die,
    Absent from the body will be present with God. I truly pray for all of you. You don’t wish
    your worst enemy to Hell. It is a horrible way to spend eternity burning in the fires of
    Hell forever. Please give your heart to God now if you haven”t already.
    God Bless each of you & thanks for reading what I have said here. Thank You!!!!

  3. In my aged opinion the Dems are afraid Bernie will get the nomination, thus letting Trump beat them into pulp fiction. Let him rant and rave as he is and, hopefully, the mainstream Dems will issue him out of the picture and they’ll be able to have a different loser as their champion.

  4. They’re oblivious to rational thought, but are playing by the book, which is – Accuse the opposition of what you’re guilty of. It’s right there in their own rules.

  5. typical rhetoric from a socialist-progressive bureaucratic who never had a real job and is more airy and divisive
    than Omusla was. go home bernie. too
    old with no new ideas.

  6. If you have common sense, when you find yourself in a hole you should stop digging. Let the arrogant fools think what they want. In fact, hand them another shovel.

  7. Crazy Bernie couldn’t last a week adhering to the scheduled that president trump
    Does….talk about a washed out old man—–and mean spirited and absent of any
    Common sense to boot.
    Has this kook ever done anything in his political life that is noteworthy…..???

  8. How dare he say we are all racist……..maybe he should look in the mirror because the dog that barks the loudest is the most guilty. Such an ignorant statement from someone who wants to run the country. He is pandering like hell to minorities in America…..shameful!!!! He speaks a good game because “free” always sounds great, but remember NOTHING IS FREE……sell your freedom for a few freebies which aren’t freebies is a heavy price to pay….for giving government control of your life. That isn’t what America is about….and certainly isn’t what our Constitution is about. WOW!!!


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