Crazy Uncle Joe Biden Goes Full On Creepy At Rally By Whispering In Little Girl’s Ear

(Tea Party PAC) – Okay, it’s time we all just come out and say what we’re all thinking when it comes to former Vice President Joe Biden, who is currently running for the Democratic Party presidential nomination.

This dude might be the creepiest person on planet earth, and given there are serial killers out there on the prowl, that says a whole lot.

Remember just a few months ago when the story about Biden talking about children playing with his leg hair at the pool first broke? How about all of the stories of him creeping up on women and young girls, whispering in their ears? This fellow has a track record of doing weird, unsettling things to women.

Yet the left has been largely silent — even dismissive — of his behavior instead of holding him accountable for it. Guess that #MeToo business is really just for show.

Anyway, Biden is back at it again, as a new video shows him creepily whispering in a young girl’s ear. Yuck.

More from Gateway Pundit:

Creepy grandpa Joe focused on a young girl at one of his rallies this week, leaned down near her face and whispered in her ear.

Democrat front runner Joe Biden leaned down and got right into this little girl’s personal space and whispered in her ear – twice – for a total of about 8 seconds.

What is Joe Biden saying to this little girl that he can’t just tell her out in the open without getting so close and whispering in her ear like a creep??

Quid-Pro-Creepy-Joe also called a little boy “honey” several times before awkwardly correcting himself after he realized what he did.

Old Joe also creeped on teens Sunday during a town hall in Peterborough, New Hampshire.

Biden thanked teens under the age of 15 for attending his “boring” town hall in New Hampshire and “promised” them something special for showing up.

“After this is over, come talk to me. Promise? Anyone under 15 you get something special today.”

Biden’s town hall on Sunday was marred by protesters interrupting his speech and calling him a pervert.

Another protester called him “quid pro Joe.”

Creepy hands Joe is known for inappropriately touching young children, teens and women.

This guy is absolutely putrid. It’s sad that the left is so hypocritical, so full of hate for Donald Trump, that they won’t take Biden aside and chastise him for what he’s doing. Really they should do that publicly so we all know they don’t support this kind of behavior. It’s disturbing to say the least.

Biden must not be allowed to become president. Just imagine this creep in the Oval Office. We thought Clinton was a sexual predator? Yikes.

It’s time for the left to hold their own team accountable to the principles they expouse, especially if they want to be taken seriously in this year’s election. There’s no room for more perverts in politics right now.



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