Damning Poll Reveals Just How Sorely The Democrats Miscalculated Impeachment

(Tea Party PAC) – Americans aren’t tuning into to watch the impeachment show trials in the House.

President Trump’s job approval rating is high and steady, even for a president not facing an impeachment inquiry.

His campaign for re-election is experiencing a spike in donations.

The Democrats’ latest attempt to slander the president has blown up in their faces.

Now, an explosive poll reveals that support for the impeachment inquiry among independent voters is dropping.

The poll, from Politico-Morning Consult and released on Tuesday, revealed that at the beginning of the second week of public hearings before the House Intelligence Committee, public support for the Democrats’ effort is dropping hard and fast.

The survey was taken between November 15-17 and included 1,994 registered voters, 47 of which it was found actively oppose the impeachment inquiry.


This is a 10-point increase from last week, The Hill noted.

Independent support for the inquiry dropped seven points to 40 percent.

Overall, support for the inquiry dropped by two points, while opposition grew by three points.

Across the board, respondents were asked “Do you support or oppose the current impeachment inquiry into President Trump?”

Of those surveyed, 38 percent said that they “strongly support” the effort, while another 38 percent said they “strongly oppose” it.

Another 10 percent said that they “somewhat support” the inquiry, while seven percent said they “somewhat oppose” it. Eight percent said that they either didn’t know what they thought or didn’t have an opinion.

Meanwhile, 42 percent of those surveyed said the “strongly approve” or “somewhat approve” of the way House Democrats are handling the current impeachment inquiry, but 46 percent said they “strongly disapprove” or “somewhat disapprove.”

The margin of error for the poll is +/- 2 percentage points.


  1. Trump was correctly elected. If Hitlery would have been elected the life of this country would have been destroyed. Originally we had a Constitutional Republic-not a Democracy. Do a comparison of the agenda for the Democratic Party and the Communist Party. They’re almost identical. Hitlery proclaimed that she was a “proud member of the communist Party” at the beginning of her “carreer”. She and the Obamanation were both
    Trained and indoctrinated by Saul Alynski. The reason that Trump has been so relentlessly attacked is because he is a “monkey wrentch in the gear works” of the shadow would government and their aganda to create a world government. Trump was correctly elected and is a “God Send” by God to help rescue this country from the mechanizations of the perpetraitors of the “new world order” who want to destroy this Country. Want to keep the movement of Good going ? Vote for Trump in 2020.

  2. This is what is wrong with greedy, sticky fingered politicians get hold of our money and have the ability to spend it any way they see fit.
    Granted, all politicians are not like this, but those who are, waste our money on things like these impeachment hearings, when roads in this country have holes you clould lose a truck in, bridges are getting kind of iffy to drive across, and these morons use our money to try and find any little thing they can to get rid of a duly elected President.
    Give up, cry babies. YOU LOST! and that isn’t going to change.
    As far as I’m concerned, you should have to repay out of your deep pockets all of the frivilous monies you have authorized out of the public coffers for this ridiculous project.

  3. First a whistleblower without firsthand knowledge then a witness with no information. Secret closed meetings in the Capitol building basement. Violation of due process.
    It’s a farce! Someone should investigate the investigators.

  4. What is the source of these statistics? Anyone who is not far left, even most Dems if they’re honest can easily see that this whole circus is fabricated by the democrats. If and when Trump is re elected, we have a good starting point to continue draining the swamp. We have to remove these leeches who’s only concern is to further their own gains and have no respect for the people who actually keep this great nation afloat. Trump 2020

  5. It is obvious that all the efforts of this political trial are not due to the moral spur of trying to remediate the corruption that may exist in the Administration, but to the low impulse of wanting to discredit the president for political purposes. They could (the Democrats) have been more prudent or more cunning to have further concealed their intentions that are now exposed.

  6. The Democratic Party is showing it’s true colors. For years Democrat members of Congress have operated as being in business for themselves. Facing exposure by President Trump they a desperate to avoid this happening and are doing anything to eliminate his threats to call them to accountability. Voters should send the current members packing.

  7. I was an Independent all of my life, with many of my voting going towards the Democratic Party. But from the Hillary Criminal was running for office and the now bogus attacks on Trump… I will be voting full Republican from this time forward. I don’t trust anything Democrats say anymore.



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