Danger! Dems’ To Destroy Historical Record With Cheap Fakes

(PCC)”Cheap Fake” the new term coined but the Dems to rebrand Biden as a healthy and vibrant leader is nothing more than a cheap deception of a true and historical record.

In an ugly move across the political spectrum, the Biden campaign announced the formation of a special task force aimed at combating so-called “cheap fake” videos, but in reality they are trying to submerge true and accurate photos and videos of actual events to hide the true and deceive the America people!

However, their trick raises alarming questions about the lengths to which political entities will go to control narratives and how this might set a dangerous precedent for historical truth, particularly concerning sensitive topics like the Holocaust.

The Biden campaign’s task force has been established in response to a series of videos which showcase the President in moments of apparent confusion and disorientation.

For instance, one notable video from a recent fundraiser depicted former President Barack Obama guiding a seemingly disoriented Biden off the stage. Another incident caught on camera showed Biden wandering away during a European event, only to be redirected by Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. Yet another clip displayed Vice President Kamala Harris dancing at a Juneteenth celebration while Biden appeared to stand still, staring blankly into the distance.

The White House, feeling the heat from these viral moments, has branded them as “cheap fakes” and urged media allies and social media companies to mitigate their impact.

According to a Biden official, the task force’s goal is to ensure voters receive accurate information as they make their decisions in the upcoming election.

“Voters deserve accurate information to inform their choice this November, and our campaign will be vigilant in calling out these lies when we see them,” but in reality the Dems are deceiving the public supplanting the truth and falsely depicting Biden as the victim!

Nevertheless, critics argue the label of “cheap fakes” is being used to dismiss real footage the campaign finds inconvenient and suppressing the truth.

Steven Cheung, Trump Campaign Communications Director, dismissed the Biden campaign’s claims as absurd, stating, “The truth hurts. When the Biden campaign is confronted with that cold, hard reality, they offer ridiculous claims that anyone who clearly sees Biden acting like a brain-dead dope is part of some media-wide conspiracy.”

This attempt to rebrand authentic footage as deceptive could have far-reaching and dangerous implications. By blurring the lines between real and fake content, the Biden campaign inadvertently opens the door to more sinister forms of historical revisionism.

Consider the Holocaust, one of the most documented atrocities in history. The meticulous records, photographs, and testimonies have been crucial in ensuring that the horrors of the Holocaust are never forgotten or denied.

Yet, if today’s political actors can successfully label inconvenient but true footage as “cheap fakes,” it sets a troubling precedent where even the most well-documented historical events can be called into question. If we begin to accept the dismissal of verifiable evidence as fake whenever it is politically expedient, then what is to stop future revisionists from calling Holocaust photos “cheap fakes”?

The implications are stark: our commitment to truth, whether in the present or the past, must remain steadfast.

Final Word: In a desperate attempt to have their fully disabled candidate re elected they are willing to sacrifice the historical record, true and accurate depiction of our history and cast a false light on all photos, videos, books and records! Are the holocaust photos cheap fakes? What about the photos of Biden being sworn in? If photos and videos can be cheap faked then what about books?

Is the Bible the biggest ‘Cheap Fake’ ever made?

Looks like the Dems have opened Pandoras Box……again!




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