Data From Massachusetts Destroys Mainstream Media’s Narrative On Coronavirus

(Tea Party PAC) – The mainstream media has shifted their narrative right back to coronavirus fear-mongering after only a brief pause to praise the densely attended widespread protests and riots that broke out across the country after the death of George Floyd.

Isn’t it amazing that this novel, Wuhan-based virus is so intelligence that it knows the difference between a church and a left-wing demonstration?


Now that it suits their narrative, of course, the left is hyping up the increasing number of cases of the virus as we head into summer.

There’s only one problem, however.

They’re totally ignoring the plummeting death rate.

It turns out that what many of us were saying all long turned out to be true: the virus is only deadly to those who are at an increased risk due to age or preexisting health conditions, and these are the people who need to be kept safe.

The general public, meanwhile, is not only largely safe, but they need to get back out there and increase herd immunity.

And that’s precisely what appears to be happening.

Just the News reports that “data from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health suggests that of the 8,132 people the state has lost to the novel coronavirus, 5,087 were above the age of 80, and 5,141 occurred in long-term care facilities.”

Massachusetts was one the state’s hit especially hard by the spread of the disease through nursing homes. The number of elder-care facilities in the state that reported at least one probably or confirmed case of coronavirus is 369, and nearly 23,500 residents and healthcare workers at these facilities have been diagnosed with the virus since March.

The state health department is also tracking the sex, age, county, and race/ethnicity of coronavirus victims.

The state’s public data shows that the average age of death from the virus is 82, and, of those deaths that were thoroughly investigated, which is about half of them so far, 98% of victims had underlying conditions.

About 600 more men than women have succumbed to the disease in Massachusetts, and 54% of victims had been hospitalized previously.

On Thursday this week. Massachusetts was the only state in any country to report zero deaths from the virus.

While 35 states across the country have seen their number of cases increase, in Massachusetts, the case and death rate are continuously dropping, however.

The state has confirmed 109,388 cases since the beginning of the pandemic.


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  2. It seems that people have forgotten that George Floyd died from a heart attack brought on by drugs. THAT is what killed him, not the knee to the neck.

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  5. I do not care how much proof you put out there the Democrats stay with their narrative. Spikes in Covid more deaths! Trump supporters cause the spike rioters and looters do not! They do this for one reason and they sure do not care whether you live or die they do,it for political gain and to continue to destroy America and transform America to communism! People obey their orders to the letter good little sheople. Wear your mask and shut up. They do not have to worry about challenges or questions just continue doing what they do. Bad mouth Trump bad mouth the supporters and destroy our history. Remember Democrats and Rinos in November.

  6. Anyone who believes the main stream media has to have rocks in their heads. Just like to Democrat Party, they will change their minds in 5 seconds if they think it will hurt President Trump. I believe in freedom of the press, but apparently they don’t believe in responsibility. You cannot have freedom without responsibility.

    • I do not agree at all with your assessment Martha. Death is death. Getting sick is not insignificant. My two grandchildren became ill. This resulted in my doctor daughter in law missing two weeks of valuable work. Or perhaps your line of thought suggests she should have gone back to the hospital and treat patients without concern for them. Perhaps one of your loved ones would be in that hospital, My son in law missed work. There is direct economic loss for each family that becomes ill.
      AND there is lasting health impacts from this virus affecting multiple organ systems.
      Basing any logical argument on a state press release and then summarizing that press release that states “ the general public, meanwhile, is not only LARGELY SAFE”( emphasis mine) is not logical. Every day we take calculated risks. Basing your safety on “LARGELY SAFE” is illogical.
      This whole line of reasoning just screwed up Trump juniors life when his girlfriend and Trump fundraiser became ill after testing positive. She now is not available for two weeks. A candidate for governor in a Montana now is quanranting for two weeks after meeting her at a fundraiser. Your attitude screws up republican campaigns. The sooner conservative minds open up to the damage caused by this illness the better. I am conservative. It took my grandchildren getting sick before I woke up and started to speak up. Before I was like the ignorant majority of conservatives that whined. So quit whining and see the damage… lives! One year old or 82 years old, it does not matter, economic damage if you catch it you are not working for at least two weeks and when a family member catches it, you worry,
      Oh, your implication again is that it does not matter as much because the elderly are more likely die.
      What exactly are you trying to say or do you parrot what ignorant talking points come from those above you. Chose not to be ignorant about this virus before a loved one of yours is harmed.
      And for goodness sake carry on an intelligent conversation. Oh and thank goodness for “freedom of the press” as you so eloquently put it. I can hear accurate information AND complete drivel and decide for myself what is accurate

  7. Your all full of sh** you never worked now your not workin, I’m sure you and yours are stealing people’s time and money.

    • Lol. My roommate’s sister scams people from a coffee shop in Nigeria. Click below and see how much you can send me.


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