Dear God, Please Don’t Let Megan Rapinoe Run For Office

(Tea Party PAC) – It’s bad enough that Megan Rapinoe and the U.S. Women’s World Cup soccer team are disgracing their country with their childish, overwhelmingly leftist antics.

Now, rumblings in the wide, wide world of sports seem to indicate that Rapinoe could end up taking a shot at politics someday.

According to Breitbart, Sports Illustrated journalist Grant Wahl was asked this week if he thought the outspokenly anti-American Rapinoe could have political ambitions beyond just being yet another loudmouth anti-Trumper. Wahl responded that such a prospect was “interesting to think about.”

If by “interesting” you mean “terrifying and possibly a harbinger of the end of all things and a sign of the coming apocalypse,” maybe.

“When you look at what she talks about, how comfortable she is doing that, how important all this stuff is to her, using her platform…I wouldn’t be surprised eventually if that might be something that she thinks about,” Wahl said. “If she wants to pursue that, I think she could.”

So far, Rapinoe has racked up such stunning political qualifications as declaring she will not go to the “f*cking White House,” making an ass of herself even after President Trump congratulated the team on their World Cup win, refusing to put her hand over her heart and sing the national anthem, and, of course, kneeling during the anthem in solidarity with fellow soft-skulled leftist Colin Kaepernick.

God forbid Rapinoe ever does take a shot at any office, she’ll find a happy home in the Democratic party for sure. Hell, there’s still time for her to be their 1,926,548th presidential candidate.

Just for giggles, left-wing pollsters Public Policy Polling ran with this dystopian scenario and actually polled an imaginary presidential face-off between Rapinoe and Trump. The poll, released this week, showed Rapinoe beating Trump by a single percentage point.


In an interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow this week, Rapinoe jokingly remarked that her girlfriend, WNBA and UConn legend Sue Bird, warned her that leftist “activists” would start asking her to run for president: “My girlfriend actually just said, you need to be careful. They’re going to ask you to run for president. You need to slow your roll.”

“I want to be more impactful,” Rapinoe told Maddow. “I feel like the money where the mouth is the best way to go and trying to, yes, I guess leverage this moment but also understand there is something so much more.”

Thankfully, Rapinoe will be too busy with the 2020 Summer Olympics in Japan to find her place as the single most unqualified Dem presidential candidate in this election cycle, although several on the left have suggested that any endorsement from her will carry quite a bit of weight when the primaries roll around.

We’ve dodged a bullet for now, but keep an eye on this harpy. If she gets any serious political ambitions, she might make AOC look like a moderate in comparison.