Debra Messing Tweets Disgusting Racist Tweet About Black Trump Voters; Guess What She Does Immediately After?

(Tea Party PAC) – Debra Messing, an aging and ever more irrelevant sitcom actress, has decided to follow in the footsteps of Alyssa Milano and claw her way back into the limelight through hashtag activism, much to the chagrin of pretty much anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together.

Messing has gone on constant tirades against President Trump and those who support him, but most ironically, her latest rant is against black Trump supporters. The actress tweeted that black folks who support the president are mentally ill, a statement that reeks of racism, yet the rest of the left is silent as the grave, refusing to rebuke her for her statement.

As you can probably guess, she soon deleted the tweet, but as we all know, nothing ever truly disappears on the internet.

Here’s more from Breitbart:

Over the weekend, the Will and Grace star responded with a big “THANK YOU” to a church sign in Alabama that reads, “A black vote or Trump is mental illness.” The other side of the sign reads, “A white vote for Trump is pure racism.”

Her openly racist tweet has now been deleted.

This racist tweet came just a few hours after Messing and her Will and Grace co-star, Eric McCormack, openly called for a blacklist of Trump supporters who work in Hollywood.

After more than a decade of the establishment entertainment media ignoring and dismissing Hollywood’s blacklisting of conservatives, this was newsworthy, the first time the blacklist was openly publicized.

The 51-year-old, whose basement-rated sitcom was just canceled, undoubtedly deleted the tweet after the blowback exposed her naked racism.

Unfortunately, Messing’s racist beliefs are the historical norm in the Democrat Party she calls home.

Anyone with the intellectual courage to look back at the appalling history of the Democrat Party will discover that this is a Party that has spent the last 400 years oppressing black Americans for financial and political purposes.

Democrats fought against emancipation during the Civil War, created the Ku Klux Klan afterwards, and then summoned Jim Crow and segregation in the South. By any objective standard, what you have is a Party that has literally spent centuries brutalizing black Americans who threaten their political power, and Messing fits right into this dynamic.

All Debra Messing is doing is what Democrats have been doing since the beginning, only now the plantation is an intellectual one, only now the tactics to against intellectual runaways are dehumanizing language and online bullying.

Imagine believing a black person is mentally ill for supporting a president who has lowered the black unemployment rate to its lowest level in history, who signed criminal justice reform into law, who is taking flaming arrows in the back fighting against an invasion of illegal aliens whose cheap labor disproportionately undermines crucial starter jobs needed in black communities, who backs school choice, and who is at long last a Republican who actually asks for and seeks their vote.

Isn’t it truly appalling to see this blatant double standard put on public display? The Democratic Party has constantly claimed to be the party of equality, to be the folks who are on a mission to eradicate racism and stand up for the marginalized.

Yet their history shows that wherever oppression has reared its ugly head in American history, leftism was at the core of it. These folks refuse to acknowledge their history and admit they are the true party of racism.

Let’s hope Messing is taken to task for her comments and has some sort of repercussions for her false and hateful statement.



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