‘Deep Dive’ Into Laptop Abandoned By Hunter Biden Reveals 459 Illegal Acts

(Tea Party PAC) – Democrats seem to be perfectly fine with the many crimes the Biden family has committed over the years. President Trump couldn’t sneeze without a federal investigation but Joe Biden and his crackhead son Hunter are getting away with serious crimes, 459 crimes to be exact.

A former aide to Trump adviser Peter Navarro has taken a “deep dive” into the notorious laptop abandoned by Hunter Biden at a computer repair shop in Delaware. He’s now contending that he’s found at least 459 illegal acts which include 7 felonies committed by Joe “The Big Guy” Biden himself.

WND reports Garrett Ziegler mentioned during a webinar that he has read “every single email, every single text message” on the laptop.

During the webinar (watch here), hosted by the non-partisan group Committee on the Present Danger: China, Ziegler said the Biden family is not just compromised by money from business deals with members of China’s Communist Party intelligence services but that the Bidens are also under the control of the Communist Chinese regime, America’s biggest adversary.

Surely this isn’t surprising to many Americans who have known for some time that Joe Biden is a shill for China.

Ziegler has taken the time to compile all the evidence against the Biden crime family which includes a 644-page report that he claims is comparable to the Mueller report. He’s gathered all the evidence on the Marco Polo website.

He started his investigation when he realized that there was something not being discussed in regards to the laptop, “the actual statutes violated” by Joe Biden and various members of his family, primarily his son Hunter.

“This is not just a historical deep dive for the record books,” he stated. “It’s happening right now.”

He pointed out that Hunter Biden still holds a 10% stake in the Chinese private equity fund BHR Partners – the billion-dollar deal that was struck when he accompanied his father to Beijing on Air Force Two. Joe Biden was the Vice President at the time.

The Biden family, Ziegler noted, is “feasting on the spoils of the Belt and Road Initiative” around the world, the Chinese Communist Party’s chief strategy for global dominance.

During the webinar, moderator Frank Gaffney, executive chairman of the Center for Security Policy and vice-chairman for the Committee on the Present Danger: China, asked Ziegler if there is any question that the evidence shows not only that the influence operation is ongoing but that it implicates Joe Biden.

“There’s absolutely no question about that,” he replied.

“One of the motivations for writing this dossier was the Mueller report,” said Ziegler. “Because the very same things they accuse President Trump of doing, of being compromised, of having a back door, a secret server with Alpha Bank, talking with the Russians – the very same thing that they accused him of, we have documented evidence through emails, text messages and other forms of digital media, that we can prove Joe Biden was involved.”

Ziegler also explained that as part of his research he contacted figures named on the laptop for confirmation of information he found. He also took a look at the Suspicious Activity Reports filed with the Treasury Department concerning the Biden family business. One of those reports even mentions Joe Biden.

When Republicans take control of the House they need to start impeachment hearings immediately. It’s time to force Democrats to publicly and officially take a stance on these crimes. We already know not a single one will take a stand against this corruption.

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