Deep State Spy Connected To Trump-Russia Hoax Reportedly Missing – Where Has He Gone?

(Tea Party PAC) – The Russian collusion hoax is so much more than just a bunch of lying Dems. It was a complex, intricately planned, far-reaching plot by the left, involving spies and cover-ups that goes deep into the Deep State. Knowing this makes the fact that the whole thing fell flat on its face even that much more satisfying. Still, those responsible for the attempted set-up of President Trump are still at large and have yet to be held accountable.

One such person is Deep State spy Professor Joseph Mifsud. Now Mifsud has reportedly gone missing. Perhaps, most alarming is the fact that he has a connection with the Clintons. The chances that Mifsud has been suicided have risen exponentially.

Mifsud first got involved in the Trump campaign when he was recruited to initiate literally the entire Trump-Russia collusion narrative.

Gateway Pundit reports that, “Mifsud’s purpose was to plant information with Papadopoulos (namely that the Russians had Hillary’s emails) so that the same information could be retrieved from Papadopoulos and the Deep State could say that the Trump campaign knew Russia had Hillary’s emails.”

This happened via what seemed like a chance meeting between Papadopoulos and Mifsud in Rome. At the time, Papadopoulos was working in London at the London Centre for International Law Practice (LCILP) when he decided he was going to return to the US to work for the Trump campaign. Upon his announcement to leave the company and return to work for Trump, the LCILP suddenly says they want him to go to Rome to meet some people.

Papadopoulos recalls, “They introduce me to Josef Mifsud at this university in Rome called Link Campus. This isn’t any normal university in Rome. At the time I had no idea what this place was.

But apparently, it’s a training ground for western intelligence operatives in Rome. The CIA has held symposiums there. David Ignatius from the Washington Post has actually written extensively about this place. They have connections to the FBI and other groups.”

Papadopoulos recounts how he got the impression something bigger was going on as there were Italian diplomats and the ex-foreign minister of Italy was the campus director.

Gateway Pundit reports that, “The mainstream media and the FBI, DOJ and Mueller team all wanted to connect President Trump to Russia so they set up Papadopoulos and then claimed that he met with Russians. The only problem is that the Russian was not a Russian – he’s a Maltese professor. Joseph Mifsud and all the connections in London were a set up.”

The Gateway Pundit also reports that in 2016 Mifsud dined with Hillary Clinton. Now Mifsud is missing.

Buzzfeed reported:

The items were found by police in a picturesque coastal town in Madeira, a Portuguese island off the coast of Morocco that’s popular with tourists and best known for being the birthplace of soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. The passport and wallet were found on Aug. 5, 2017, some three months before Mifsud disappeared from public view and six months after he was questioned by FBI officers investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Where has Mifsud gone? Clearly this man has damning knowledge that the Deep State does not want to come to light. Is Mifsud hiding from them or from us? Does he want to talk and come clean about the whole Deep State plot and set-up to bring down Trump? Is he hiding to protect himself or the Deep State? Only time will tell but one thing we know for sure is, the Clintons are dangerous company to keep.


  1. Definitely nothing that couldn’t be expected. Folks who play with Hilly n Billy just naturally turn up Dead! What is amazing is that no matter what they skate! One victim alledgedly cut off his own head! Really? Bet they both got “NO” in their grade school question, “Works and plays well with others”. Not much to cause you to say uhum too here, have they checked Billy’s and Hilly’s place yet?

  2. The article say’s it all……Perhaps, most alarming is the fact that he has a connection with the Clintons. The chances that Mifsud has been suicided have risen exponentially!! He knew too much and the *Klinton Mafia* were summoned to “clean-up”!!

    • I’m extremely sick of the dirty, creepy politicians, eg. Pelosi and her brigade of “bag men” and the foulest things to ever crawl out of a sewer: the entire Socialist Democrat Party. I’ve never seen one walk upright. All of them crawl on their bellies like reptiles. Heck, Pelosi doesn’t even look human. Today’s Socialist Democrats’ slogan is: “gimme, gimme, gimme. They haven’t a whisper of pride or dignity. Maybe they’ve never read a history book.

  3. Likely he is a man that never existed in any of the guises represented. Once his mission was over, he moved on to his next identity within the shadowy world of global espionage and intrigue, otherwise known as “the dirty tricks squad”. He could be called a “dirty tricks mercenary”, and business for him is always brisk.

  4. Hmmmm….it seems that folks who know lots about the Clintons, and many others in the Deep state, end up missing or turn up mysteriously dead. Is it just me, or is something inappropriate going on here ?! Hmmmm….

  5. It does seem like Barr and Durham had no trouble finding Mifsud and questioning him in length,m according to the Italian media reports even collecting two cell phones from him, which according to the Italian Media had nothing on them that Bar was looking for.
    This just seems like more Russian BS to stir the pot, when most is proven wrong by international media sources.

  6. Hopefully he met up with the Have Clinton Will Travel Team of CORONERS.

    I am looking forward to the day the Clintons will be convicted of all the: LOOKS LIKE THEY DID IT CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE, and the WE KNOW YOU DID IT CRIMES AND MURDERS they are personally responsible for.

    The wicked seem to always get a free pass, but that’s only on this corrupt earth – but one day they will pay and it will be for eternity, not for some short prison stent.

  7. Hopefully he met up with the Have Clinton will travel team of CORONERS and that one day the Clintons will be convicted of all THE LOOKS LIKE, WE KNOW YOU DID IT CRIMES AND MURDERS they are personally responsible for.

    The wicked seem to always get a pass but that’s on this corrupt earth – but one day they will pay and it will be for eternity, nit for some sort prison stent.


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