Defense Sec Goes Rogue…Instructs National Guard To Do This While Enforcing Riots In Washington DC

(Tea Party PAC) – This week, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper went completely rogue, seeming to signal support for the protesters and rioters by stripping the National Guardsmen keeping the president and Washington DC residents safe.

What on earth is going on in this country?

This week, Esper broke rank with President Donald Trump, his superior, by saying that he opposes using the US military against the violent, far-left terrorist who have been hiding under the shadow of thousands of peaceful protesters to wreak havoc on American cities, including the capitol.

Twice this week, President Donald Trump was forced to spend the evening in a bunker below the White House for his own protection.

What do you think that was like for Melania and Baron?

It’s horrific to think about.

According to WGN, Esper told reporters that the Insurrection Act, which would allow Trump to use active-duty military to support law enforcement’s efforts to contain the unrest, should only be invoked “in the most urgent and dire of situations.”

He declared, “We are not in one of those situations now.”

Now, as The Gateway Pundit reports, he wants to neuter the National Guardsmen!

Secretary Esper ordered the National Guard troops sent to Washington DC to NOT carry any guns or ammunition.

Esper also ordered all active-duty troops out of Washington DC.

Esper reportedly made this order without consulting the White House.

Secretary Esper is now putting National Guardsmen in danger.


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  4. Another one bites the dust. I wonder, if he had a business that was burned down, would he think it should be invoked? Another bureaucrat that doesn’t care because his check keeps coming in.

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  6. Exper’s battalion was part of the left hook that defeated the Iraqi army. But, he must have been a pansy officer who takes such credit while cowering behind his men. I say this because of his ridiculous order to the National Guard who were called up to do their duty: protect our country.

    What in the world is wrong with the people who hold responsible authority positions. If this isn’t a coup d’etat by the blm and supporters, then I’m a Schumer-Pelosi (a very bad swear phrase)!

    I am all for equality, freedom and our inalienable rights. HOWEVER, if you are purple with pink polka dots, black, cream, brown, red, grey, or any other color, if you break the law, you will be punished. Resist, aim a weapon with intent, perform any adverse action, you will expect to be manhandled. Your crime may not fit your treatment (like unintended death), but you have only YOURSELF to blame.

    To protect our country from this terroristic mob mentality, not only the National Guard but the Reserves should be mobilized and, any available active duty units should be assigned. To Schiff with Esper and his cowardly direction.

    If the Baldwin Kutchers don’t want deserved opposition, they should work on their skills to EARN respect and equality by obeying the rules and curtail their destructive peers.

  7. [U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper told reporters that the Insurrection Act, which would allow Trump to use active-duty military to support law enforcement’s efforts to contain the unrest, should only be invoked “in the most urgent and dire of situations.”]

    President Eisenhower invoked the “Insurrection Act” back in the 1950s to integrate the Arkansas public school system.

    Under President Trump, in most all major Democrat controlled (for decades) cities and states, there are huge numbers of law breaking people that are rioting under the guise of protesting, destroying public & private property, physically harming & killing both citizens and law enforcement personnel, looting, and then using arson to cover-up and hide their heinous crimes, burning down most of the businesses and other parts of the city.

    These supposedly protesters (rioters and anarchists) outnumber the authorities by so much that they have become unstoppable in their unlawful endeavors and pursuits, and need the authorities and law enforcement direly need help of an armed (to be able to defend and protect themselves and others) National Guard, and in some cases our US Military under the “Insurrection Act”, to quell these unlawful activities and protect the innocent people’s lives and property.

    So in which case, that of President Eisenhower, or that of President Trump, could and should the “Insurrection Act” be invoked in order to stop the felonious unlawfulness and the physical human harm and death that the authorities and law enforcement personnel find impossible to stop, that U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper could, should, and would consider to be “in the most urgent and dire of situations.”

  8. It’s past time to get law and order these people are injuring people why would he do that without confirming it. He is probably part of the problem.

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  10. I think it is time for Mr. Esper to be, #1, fired, and #2 held accountable as a co-conspirator for those seeking to do any kind of harm. By holding the Guardsmen back from being able to effectively do their job, he is aiding and abetting their violence. For this, he should be fired, and counted as one who was doing harm to people, and facilities. He is NOT being accountable for, nor properly doing his job. President said to use the Guard, Mr. Esper’s feelings don’t even get on the horizon of how the Guard are to respond to the violence of the demonstrators. This idea of I can change what the President has said to what I think is right has gotten out of hand. My opinion, Mr. Esper is acting in sedition, and treason, and should be punished accordingly.

  11. OK Mr. Esper – exactly what WOULD comprise “urgent and dire situations” – IOW – how much blood guts and gore – not to mention even more massive destruction – are needed before you ‘think’ it rises to insurrection levels.

  12. What an idiot. He is not in the direct chain of command of everyone and cannot order them to abandon their posts. Even a fool does not send anyone into a situation like that unarmed.

  13. Maybe Esper should be out there unarmed as well. Of course I think he should be fired but he should also be out there to see how it really is before he goes. Esper is a traitor and should be treated as such. What a loser. Why does Trump delay the firings of these traitors? This is the only thing I do not like about the President. Clean the swamp and Esper is one of the swamp dwellers. POS.

    • I truly think as much pressure Trump is under he has to pick some of his battles. I know if all the shit he is under was on top of me I would do something stupid so with that said I think President Trump is handling it all very well. Not saying he is near Perfect but hes hanging in pretty good!

  14. Esper needs to be fired by Trump! It’s no wonder this country is in such a state of turmoil when orders from an upper commander are countered by utter defiance. This not only includes the president but all upper managers, from Mom & Dad, to Captains in sports, business & labor. This is one of the reasons our Republic is going to hell in a hand basket!!
    God bless Pres. Trump for being the strength this country has needed for so long!!!!!

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