Del Bigtree Issues Troubling COVID-19 Vaccine Warning You Need To Hear

(Tea Party PAC) – Millions of Americans have been convinced that the COVID-19 virus is worthy of upending life as we know it and squashing the livelihoods of millions of hard working Americans.

They’ve been convinced that the virus is going to kill us all and that we have to take unprecedented and oppressive measures in order to stop the spread. Important to note that despite Americans complying with mask rules and not being allowed to live life as we choose, the virus continues to spread rapidly.

These Americans have also been convinced that a rushed and dangerous vaccine is the answer. They truly believe that a vaccine is going to make all of this go away but there’s just a couple problems.

None of this has been about the virus and the vaccine is incredibly dangerous.

On the Wednesday broadcast of War Room film producer and well-known “anti-vaxxer” Del Bigtree spoke with Owen Shroyer about the dangers of the rushed COVID vaccines.

One of the biggest issues that should really scare all Americans even more than the COVID-19 virus itself, and one that even the FDA admits is possible, is the risk of a “vaccine-enhanced disease.”

This means that a virus would evolve that would essentially be immune to treatments and very deadly. Bigtree notes that it’s “a deadly problem they’ve been seeing in all the animal trials.”

Bigtree read directly from an FDA document on the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine that says there is risk of vaccine-enhanced disease “over time” and that it could be “potentially associated with waning immunity.”

Bigtree went on to explain “They’re asking right there, ‘We want to be licensed, we want this emergency use. But we are telling you that this vaccine may get people killed because we haven’t overcome the issue where animals were dying in our trials.’ That’s terrifying!”

That surely is terrifying but how do you overcome millions of Americans being utterly brainwashed by the lying mainstream media and corrupt Big Pharma.

Bigtree also warned that there is a possibility that the antibodies meant to attack the “Spike protein” actually will attack a woman’s placenta because of the fact that the placenta’s outer layer, the syncytin, so closely resembles the Spike protein.

That means miscarriages and the possibility of rendering women infertile. “If it starts attacking placentas, no one will be able to get pregnant. These are legitimate theoretical issues,” Bigtree said.

These are terrifying prospects.

If people thought the COVID-19 death toll was bad just wait until we have a “vaccine-enhanced” virus going away.

Then there’s the major issue of potential infertility. Really makes you question if this is an intended “side effect” from the progressive left who has the goal of depopulating the earth in order to “save it.”

One thing is for sure, this is one dangerous vaccine and we must refuse to be injected with it and we must protect our children from being injected with it.

There’s no telling what other devastating effects this vaccine could have on humans, especially young, developing children.

Vaccine injuries can be permanent including death or lifelong disability or chronic illness. Whatever you do, do not get this vaccine.

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  1. It’s the Flu people. But people have been conditioned to believe otherwise by msm, big tech, bill gates, the left, George so rose Tx, so they can be locked down, won’t communicate with each other, the middle class can be put down by losing everything and then will need to rely on the socialist government they want to impose on all of us. This is what’s coming and much more if Trump does not stay in the WH. This has been the Globalists plan for a long time. Trump got in the way when he beat Hillary, but now they want to resume their sick plan to eventually control the word. Very sick and frightening. Will not take the vaccine. They are already talking about making it mandatory. Meaning if you don’t take it, then no work, no anything until you get it. This is like What happened in Nazi Germany. Every American in this country should be outraged and be fighting this BS. Wake the hell up!

  2. Well good old Bill Gates wants to cull the herd on planet earth and this is one way to do it. I’m in my 70’s and they can take the vaccine and put it where the sun don’t shine. I am supposed to be in the highly susceptible group, old, heart problems, many other health issues and I have been out and about since this mess started.

  3. Please provide the studies and actual documentation that backs these issues you mention in your article.

    That way we can start sending it out to people to get the word out! Thank you for your due diligence in proving this information!

  4. Covid-19s most dangerous feature is the ability to transform a once leading nation into a 3rd world socialist country. Covid-19 was hand picked to draw attention from an election to perpetrate fraud and steal a once great nation right out from underneath the nose of the American people. May God have mercy on our souls.

  5. And the problem with COVID-19 is, UHHH, WHAT? . . . I can see the INFIRMED or the OLD getting concerned. “Grow a pair” and MAN UP! It’s NOT that dangerous. Common sense and SOCIAL DISTANCING works. STAY home if you have it. We’ve had FAR WORSE diseases, and the HUMAN RACE is STILL around, and will CONTINUE to be. Only God can change it OTHERWISE. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020.


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