Delicate Snowflake AOC In A Tizzy Over Reported Military Stop At Trump Golf Club. Here’s What She’s ‘Demanding’ Happen Now

(Tea Party PAC) – Have you ever witnessed a more sad, pathetic, and mind-numbingly stupid politician than “face of the Democratic Party’s future” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? We haven’t either, and given the wide selection of individuals in the running for such a coveted prize, that’s really saying something.

AOC is the undisputed master of saying idiotic things and getting herself all worked up in a tizzy over things she really doesn’t know a whole lot about, which is pretty much everything.

It seems the former bartender is now demanding President Trump be impeached because of reports of a U.S. military stop at a Trump golf club in Scotland that took place earlier this year.


Via Breitbart:

“The President is corrupt and must be impeached,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote alongside a retweet detailing reports of the House Oversight Committee investigating the atypical stop as part of a probe into military spending associated with Trump’s club.

The House Oversight Committee launched a probe after an Air Force crew stopped at Trump’s Turnberry resort during a “routine trip” in the spring “from the United States to Kuwait to deliver supplies on the way there and on the way back,” according to reports. However, the probe is at a stalemate, as the Pentagon has yet to provide the Defense Department documents requested.

This is far from the first time Ocasio-Cortez has called for Trump’s impeachment. She appeared on Real America with Jorge Ramos last fall and said impeachment was a “no-brainer” and renewed that sentiment during an appearance on the Skullduggery podcast in April, adding that there are “so many” reasons to impeach the president.

“Number one is emoluments. I think it’s always been emoluments. It’s always been about that for me,” she said.

“I think two would be tax fraud,” she continued, adding, “I think emoluments kind of includes any misconduct, financial misconduct in relation to Russia”:

Even though former Special Counsel Robert Mueller confirmed that there was no evidence of collusion or conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia, Ocasio-Cortez insisted that Mueller was spelling out impeachment:

Has anyone else had enough of AOC yet? The only reason she’s on the impeachment bandwagon is because it will help her popularity shoot up the charts a bit and help her stay current and relevant.

It’s a typical Democratic Party talking point that is being used as a means of reaching voters, working them into a frenzy, and appeasing their demands for something to be done in retaliation for Trump beating Hillary, even three years after the fact.

We can only hope that AOC only gets one term in office so we don’t have to deal with this level of ignorance any more.



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