Dem Hypocrite Of The Week: Austin Mayor Tells Residents To Stay Home – While On Vacation

(Tea Party PAC) – Ready for your daily dose of Democratic hypocrisy and double standards? We weren’t either but here it is, this time out of Austin, Texas.

The Mayor of Austin, Steve Adler, posted a video early in November in which he filmed himself instructing residents to stay home because COVID cases are rising. What Adler failed to tell viewers is that at the time of his homemade video he was actually on vacation in Cabo San Lucas.

The Daily Caller reports that Adler hosted 20 guests at a hotel in downtown Austin for an outdoor wedding and reception for his daughter. The day after, he and seven of the wedding guests took off on a private jet to Mexico for a little vacation time at his family timeshare.

Adler urged residents in his Facebook video message to “stay home” if they can and told them that “This is not the time to relax,” and threatened that it might be time to “close things down if we are not careful.”

Adler said these things from his vacation timeshare in Cabo San Lucas one night into his trip. This is exactly the kind of hypocrisy and double standards that Americans are sick to death of.

The mayor has defended his actions by telling American-Statesman that he “carefully considered how to host the wedding and vacation safely” and even consulted interim health director Dr. Mark Escott.

Adler alleges that all of his guests underwent rapid COVID-19 tests and “social distanced” but confessed that guests were likely not wearing the provided masks.

Of course they weren’t and they likely weren’t even social distancing either because real people in real life don’t actually do that. It’s absurd.

He further defended the wedding by saying that he was with his “family group and people who just tested” and then said that it might not have been “perfect” and there was risk for “infection” but that “all of us should be minimizing risks as best we can.”

The day after the Mayor and his family scooted off to Mexico, the interim health director Dr. Escott told residents at a press conference that they should not be going out to restaurants with anyone outside of those they live with and instructed them to “start to decrease those travels outside of your home that are not necessary.”

Escott knew the Mayor himself was in Mexico when he issued these instructions to Austin residents. Apparently, a family vacation in Cabo San Lucas is “necessary” travel when you’re the mayor.

Adler claims that he didn’t violate any regulations and that his actions weren’t inconsistent with his message in the video. Well, clearly, his message urging residents to stay home was totally consistent and in-line with the fact that he was on vacation in Mexico. Sure.

He claims that he and other Democrats “aren’t asking people to never venture out. We ask everyone to be as safe as possible when they do.”

Apparently, when Adler tells residents to stay home, or he’ll have to start shutting businesses down, he doesn’t actually mean that. Obviously, vacations to Mexico are consistent with the instruction to stay home. That sounds like good news for Austin residents.

Too bad Mayor Adler is a typical Democrat hypocrite and does, in fact, expect residents to obey the instructions he openly flouts.

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  1. Believe me, it’s not Native Texan’s who elected them into office! Well, maybe some of the younger generations voted for them due to the brainwashing they received in school! Believing their lies and fantasy’s of what they will do once elected! Fortunately during the Obama years when much of the country and Democrat run states and cities were losing jobs by closing down businesses and taxing corporations into oblivion there were still jobs in Texas! Lots of companies moved here, started and opened businesses, plants, factories etc. There were jobs here in Texas when there weren’t in many Democrat run cities and States. Many of those people moved here to Texas bringing their ideology and beliefs with them. As is their right as free American’s. Over time they voted in people who were of similar and like minded people! It is sad to see what they have done to this free state. It seems they are trying to turn it into the places they just left! Now I ask you, if these places were so great, why did you ever leave them! Go back and immerse yourself in that lifestyle and leave Texas the “Heck” alone!

  2. What about all the Republicans without masks. Trump has had 50 fifty people close to him get Covid, what about Republican mayors and congressmen, and Senators, state and federal levels, there are thousands of them. Then there is Trump the idiot himself and several members of his family.

  3. HELLO moderators are you out there somewhere, anywhere?
    Only one on topic comment – the rest are spam/scams, Y’all put up relevant stories but are overshadowed by the scams.

    • Do not change the subject. Your man was caught telling YOU what to do without ever planning on doing it himself. Why defend a losing cause?

    • Buddy – “Texas” didn’t ‘pay’ for this mayor, the residents of Austin voted him in. My town has enough of our own issues with our liberal mayor so we don’t need to share the blame for this one ;-(


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