Democrat House Counsel Says Trump Can Actually Be Impeached Again; Here’s How That Might Be Possible

(Tea Party PAC) – It’s obvious that Democrats have been foaming at the mouth for the opportunity to impeach President Trump ever since he was sworn into office. They’ve been digging around all over the place looking for anything that might result in a charge that could get him potentially removed from office.

Well, they finally concocted some hairbrained, flimsy charges like abuse of power and obstruction of Congress to get him impeached, but according to Democrat House Counsel Doug Letter, he might actually be impeached again.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

Democrat House Counsel Doug Letter suggested in court filing on Monday that the Judiciary Committee will move to impeach President Trump again if testimony from Trump’s former White House Counsel Don McGahn produces new evidence of ‘impeachable offenses.’

Judiciary Committee lawyers on Monday made their first argument in court since the House voted to impeach President Trump on two articles of impeachment last week without naming any crimes.

Don McGahn refused to testify in the House impeachment hearings so the Dems’ lawyers were back in court arguing they still need testimony from McGahn.

Politico reported:

House Counsel Douglas Letter said in a filing in federal court that a second impeachment could be necessary if the House uncovers new evidence that Trump attempted to obstruct investigations of his conduct. Letter made the argument as part of an inquiry by the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals into whether Democrats still need testimony from former White House counsel Don McGahn after the votes last week to charge Trump with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

“If McGahn’s testimony produces new evidence supporting the conclusion that President Trump committed impeachable offenses that are not covered by the Articles approved by the House, the Committee will proceed accordingly — including, if necessary, by considering whether to recommend new articles of impeachment,” Letter wrote.

Earlier Monday Justice Department lawyers argued that the Democrats’ partisan impeachment vote last week undercut their ongoing demands for testimony from McGahn.

DOJ lawyers said in a brief filed Monday morning that the House Judiciary Committee’s decision to move forward with impeachment without Don McGahn’s testimony proves there is no urgent need for him to testify to lawmakers.

DOJ lawyers also argued in a separate brief that the Democrats’ move to impeach President Trump over his dealings with Ukraine shows the Judiciary Committee conceded that the search for impeachable offenses stemming from the Mueller investigation is over.

“McGahn’s testimony is critical both to a Senate trial and to the Committee’s ongoing impeachment investigations to determine whether additional Presidential misconduct warrants further action by the Committee,” Doug Letter wrote.

The DOJ argued that the judiciary should stay the hell out of the dispute between the executive branch and legislative branch as impeachment moves to a Senate trial.

“If this Court now were to resolve the merits question in this case, it would appear to be weighing in on a contested issue in any impeachment trial,” the DOJ legal team wrote, according to Politico. “The now very real possibility of this Court appearing to weigh in on an article of impeachment at a time when political tensions are at their highest levels — before, during, or after a Senate trial regarding the removal of a President — puts in stark relief why this sort of interbranch dispute is not one that has ‘traditionally thought to be capable of resolution through the judicial process.’”

“This Court should decline the Committee’s request that it enter the fray and instead should dismiss this fraught suit between the political branches for lack of jurisdiction,” the Justice Department lawyers added.

The next court date where both cases will be heard is January 3.

Meanwhile, Speaker Pelosi is a tyrant who believes she is in charge of the Senate and is refusing to deliver the articles of impeachment unless they bow to her demands.

It’s fairly obvious that Democrats are absolutely terrified of Donald Trump and want him ousted before the election next year. Their candidate pool for president is the weakest one ever, so much so that people don’t even care to watch the debates being held to help parse out the best candidate in the bunch. Let that sink in for a minute.

The left is also terrified that the increasingly bad health of SCOTUS Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg indicates she’s about to check out permanently and leave a vacant seat on the court, enabling Trump to get yet another judge put on the bench.

Rather than reform their policy platform and actually do something to improve the lives of Americans, they’d rather just keep doing the same old garbage and hope for different results. They haven’t gotten the message yet apparently.

Here’s to another four years of President Trump.



  1. Sure, they can impeach him again. They’ve already established the criteria to an all time low. All they have to do is yell “nasty, nasty, you’re impeached” and the matter is settled.

  2. Now… what would happen if the Senate refused to accept the impeachment articles (just like a teacher) from Pelosi on the grounds that they were improperly arrived at. Then the Senate could send managers to handle the investigation in the House and call everyone involved in the coup for questioning. That includes Pelosi, Schiff, Waters, and all the rest. Then obviously each witnesses bias and modus operandi will need to be explored. Keep digging for half a year, then arrest them all, and hang them as traitors according to the words from their own lips. If they should refuse to answer, motivate them with a cattle prod. That’s the Socialist method perfected by Josef Stalin (as pioneered by Ivan the Terrible). Bernie would love to see it!

  3. The democrats are saying that Trump interfered with the election by asking to dig up dirt, but what about Biden, Obama and Clinton who paid Ukraine to do it to him. Is it not a crime because they are democrats? So tired, I hope they all go to jail and Obama gets stripped of his title. The democrats need to be careful and know when to stop because all their dirty secrets are coming out and working against them! IDIOTS!

  4. I think the house thinks that they’re the ones with the executive power and not the other way around. Honestly they need to make restitution to the American people for the waste of our tax money. Stop grasping at anything and accept that they lost.

  5. Here how we, the American voters, can stop these impeachments of President Trump cold in the 2020 election??? If we just simply “dump the whole criminal Democrat Party Mob in the 2020 election by voting a straight Republican Party line ticket which is on every election ballot in America with the 2020 election and shut them out completely”!! Remember if they are not in control of the Senate or the House, they cannot impeach anybody, period!!! Tell then until they clean up their act we, will not let them back into political power in future elections!!! It all is perfectly legal and they cannot run to a Federal Judge to stop us from doing this act!!!! American voter common sense strikes again in the 2020 election, period!!!!!!!

  6. Trump is “free-and-clear” – on ALL this BS!! If the Looney-Toon DemonRats try to go down that road….They are finished – and they know it!!

  7. The Dems wanted to impeach him in the house and called all the shots. Now Pelosi want to run the senate and how they should Ron the trial and what they should do (not very cool Nancy) Keep your nose out of the senate. You had your way in the house now it’s time for the senate to do what they think is right with NO OBSTRUCTION from the house.

  8. Go ahead and further demonstrate how incompetent, blind , ignorant and dishonest your nest of rattlesnakes is. Don’t you get it that the American public is sick and tired of this charade? Will add another millions of votes to President Trump’s re-election.

  9. “AGAIN” could only be the operative word here if Trump was impeached a first time which has not yet been accomplished untill the articles are sent to the Senate, when and if .

  10. If the Democrats are dumb enough to try again, they will LOSE BIG TIME again. But will they be in position to try as the people are against them.

  11. the Democrats should pay for the next impeachment not the American tax payers. let Trump do his job and clean up the dirty Democrats

    • Doing the same old garbage and hoping for different results is the definition of insanity. And that word epitomizes democrats. Who the hell is Douglas letter anyway??? I did read this about him:

      ‘During a 2014 hearing before a federal court in which Letter was representing the United States Government in a lawsuit brought by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, he made headlines after providing erroneous information to judges regarding the legality of National Security Letters. The Justice Department later issued a written apology to the court for Letter’s statement.’

      That says a lot! Sounds like a class act individual. 🙄👎


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