JUST IN: Chief Justice Roberts Will Not Preside Over Trump Senate Impeachment Trial – Instead It Will Be Democrat Leahy

(Tea Party PAC) – Democrats are removing any semblance of a fair and impartial trial for President Trump second impeachment sham.

Not only are they attempting to hold an impeachment trial for a president who has left office, the trial will be presided over by the very biased and partisan Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy rather than United States Supreme Court Justice John Roberts.

As if the charade that took place in the House wasn’t enough. Now the Senate is going to take up this political attack and legitimize it while it violates the constitution and reaches far outside of the realm of jurisprudence.

Surely Democrats don’t think this even remotely looks fair to Americans.

While it remains unclear why Chief Justice Roberts is not presiding, Leahy is the chosen one due to the fact that he also serves as President Pro Tempore and is the most senior member of the Senate Democrat Conference.

Clearly, Leahy’s selection presents an obvious conflict of interest on multiple fronts, as Infowars points out.

The first is that Leahy is clearly a partisan stalwart and voted to convict President Trump during the first impeachment trial. He is not impartial and will not be on the side of the law.

Which presents the second conflict of interest. The fact that he is a partisan Democrat makes his presiding over the impeachment trial of a Republican tainted and illegitimate.

The decision to appoint Leahy to preside over the trial was was made by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), as a spokesman for Leahy told reporters.

“Leaders have been negotiating all process issues about the trial, and all along we have deferred to them for any announcements about this and all other process matters,” the aide said.

The US Constitution makes it clear that impeachment is a process meant only for the removal of a sitting president from office. It was never intended to be used a political attack to ensure an already out of office president could never run for office again.

According to Article I, Section 3 of the Constitution, when a President of the US is to stand trial on impeachment charges the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court must preside.

Democrats, however, have proven that the US Constitution is of little consideration to them.

Infowars points out that according to the Constitution the US Senate has no authority to hold an impeachment trial regardless of who is presiding because President Trump is no longer the president and the whole purpose of the process is to remove a president from office.

Naturally, Republicans have been the only voices of reason on Capitol Hill.

“There’s only one constitutional process for impeachment and it is of the president, not a president,” said Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO). “[And] it requires the Chief Justice to preside.”

This impeachment charade, like the first, is a total affront to the US Constitution and every American should be offended by it.

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  1. Of course the Chief Coward errr Justice won’t preside over the shampeachment. He already did the globalists bidding stabbing the President in the back time after time with his rulings and now is desperate to get back his faux “conservative” label.
    Sorry John, your Benedict Arnold actions have shown the us who you really are and we will never believe another word you say.
    When you had the chance to grow a pair, you continued to show us you are nothing but a globalist lackey.

  2. Of course the Chief Coward, errr Justice won’t preside over the second shampeachment. He did the globalists bidding stabbing President Trump in the back time after time on important rulings and now is desperate to get back the faux “conservative” label he claims.
    Sorry John, your turncoat actions have shown us who you truly are and we will never believe you are anything but a lackey for the globalists. You have no spine you worthless POS.

  3. EVERY American should urge ALL Congress persons to STOP this EGREGIOUSLY Wrong TRIAL! POTUS Trump is OUT OF OFFICE and RINO McConnell should have STOPPED this! One Enlightened And OUTRAGED Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).


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