Democratic Ops Busted Using Fake Facebook Pages To Suppress GOP Vote

(Tea Party PAC) – A group of Democratic operatives reportedly purchased ads for two misleading Facebook pages designed specifically to suppress Republican voter turnout in the recent midterm elections, the Daily Caller News Foundation is reporting.

Tech billionaire Reid Hoffman has been funding the group American Engagement Technologies, which was founded by former Obama administration official Mikey Dickerson.

AET bought ads for two Facebook pages, “The Daily Real” and “Today’s Nation,” which were designed to look like patriotic, conservative pages encouraging other Republicans not to turn up to vote or to vote Democrat to punish the GOP for abandoning conservative principles.

The Daily Caller reports that the Facebook ads drew millions of impressions.

Hoffman is one of the co-founders of LinkedIn, and was an early investor in Facebook, was already involved in a “false flag” campaign during the 2017 Alabama special election. They aimed to falsely link Republican senatorial candidate Roy Moore to Russian influence operations.

One series of the Facebook ads claimed that the Democratic “blue wave” was really just a “myth,” and that polling data showing Democrats had an advantage in the midterms were “unreliable.”

Another series of ads claimed that congressional Republicans were betraying “real conservatives.”

One particular ad claimed there were “no good choices” in the upcoming midterms, and that voting Democrat for the sake of sending a message to the GOP “feels like the best option.”

According to The Washington Post, another Hoffman-funded group, News for Democracy, used a page called “Our Flag Our Country” during the midterms to promote anti-Trump messaging as well.

Facebook is investigating whether News for Democracy violated its rules against misleading political advertising, which doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence considering the man bankrolling the group was once a Facebook founder.