Democrats Brace For Disaster: Projections Show Republicans Taking Commanding Midterm Election Lead

(Tea Party PAC) – The midterm elections have arrived and all the momentum is with the Republicans. Despite Democrats’ best efforts to get voters motivated by the abortion issue, it’s the Republicans who are capturing voters with their messaging.

While Democrats believed they would likely lose the House but maintain control of the Senate, those hopes have been shattered. New polls show voters are most concerned about rising crime and the state of the economy and heavily favor Republicans to tackle these issues.

A RealClear Politics poll projects that Republicans will pick up 4 seats in the Senate giving them control by a 54 to 46 advantage. According to the poll, Republicans are expected to flip seats in Nevada, New Hampshire, Georgia, and Arizona, all of which have GOP candidates aligned with President Trump.

Meanwhile, the Senate race in Pennsylvania is still a toss-up. Republicans have gained major momentum in the Keystone State in recent weeks while Democrats have been hoping to acquire retiring Republican Sen. Pat Toomey’s seat.

The state’s Lt. Gov. radical, progressive populist John Fetterman had enjoyed a comfortable lead but the tides changed in favor of Trump-endorsed Republican, celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz.

After Fetterman and Dr. Oz engaged in a televised debate last week, the momentum shifted to Dr. Oz’s campaign. Fetterman struggled with auditory processing and had some pretty glaring speech issues throughout the debate, which were brought on by a stroke he suffered in May.

Voters have lost confidence Fetterman is fit for the job, on top of the fact that his agenda is too radical and he’s been blatantly lying about Dr. Oz in campaign ads. Dr. Oz has won some major endorsements in the state and voters seem more confident with his plan to bring economic stability to the state as well as to curb crime.

Meanwhile, in Ohio, leftist Rep. Tim Ryan initially had high hopes in his efforts to replace outgoing GOP Sen. Rob Portman but voters are voicing their confidence in Republican JD Vance on economic issues. The race has become a lot closer than Ryan expected it would be and Vance has a really good chance of winning next week.

In House races, Republicans are projected to win 228 races while Democrats are expected to win 174.

There are currently 33 toss-up races but even if Democrats won them all they would still fall short of the 218 threshold needed to maintain control of the lower chamber.

Democrats are in for a beating, however. It’s quite common for the president’s party to lose seats as voters express their frustration with issues at the ballot box. This year should be no exception as Biden has given Americans plenty of reasons to be unhappy and frustrated with the way things are going.

Democrats seemed to enjoy a brief spurt of momentum during the summer after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade which was followed by Joe Biden making good on his promise to cancel large chunks of student debt.

However, Democrats quickly began to trail as Americans have re-focused on the economy, rising crime rates, the open southern border, and the myriad of other issues brought on by the Biden regime.

A new survey by CNN shows 51% of likely voters would pick a Republican on a generic Congressional ballot while 47% would choose a Democrat. The poll was taken between October 26 and 31. An earlier version of the poll showed the parties’ margins basically flipped.

The CNN poll also shows that 75% of likely voters believe the US is currently in a recession despite Biden and the Democrats’ best efforts to lie and deceive Americans on the issue.

The Democrats had better brace for impact because Tuesday is here.

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