Democrats Once Illegally Blocked GOP Observers From Entering Vote Counting Areas, But The GOP In Arizona Is Letting The Whole World Watch Maricopa Audit

(Tea Party PAC) – Back when the election was happening last November, Democrats in major cities in key battleground states like Philadelphia, Detroit, Atlanta, Phoenix, and Las Vegas wouldn’t allow any of the Republican observers to enter areas where votes were being counted.

It just so happened that these cities helped to determine the outcome of the election, allowing Joe Biden to become president, though the election was obviously rigged.

According to Gateway Pundit, the way Republicans are handling the audit in Maricopa County, Nevada could not be more different. Instead of attempting to hide the process from people, the GOP is actually making the whole thing transparent by streaming it online for anyone from anywhere to watch.

After the 2020 election was over, Republicans were forcefully prevented from being able to watch the counting process in Philadelphia. The Democratic Party actually violated the law by not allowing observers into the room. Unfortunately, local law enforcement didn’t do anything to fix the situation.

In Michigan, Republican poll watchers were actually assaulted and then booted from the room. Other Republicans were stopped from being able to enter the room where the votes were being counted.

“In Atlanta, Republicans were removed from the premises and then Democrats pulled suitcases out from under the table and began shoving the same ballots through the tabulation machines two and three times. This was captured on video but no charges have been made,” GP’s latest report says.

“In Arizona Rep. Gosar was prevented from entering the vote-counting area. The entire state knew something corrupt was going on,” the report continues. “In Las Vegas, Republicans wanted to check the votes but the Democrats wouldn’t let them. Ambassador Richard Grenell said ‘Transparency is NOT political.”

“After months of legal challenges and political theater from the Democrats in the state, the Arizona Senate is finally able to have an audit performed of the 2020 Election results in Maricopa County, the state’s largest county. But something is very different with this audit when compared to the counting of ballots that was performed in a select few cities after the 2020 Election,” the report says.

The auditors in Maricopa County are doing a remarkable job at making this process transparent. Why is this such a big deal? Because it shows that Republicans want the truth, no matter where it leads. They are not afraid of the facts, unlike the Democrats who have tried desperately to keep things buried.

Only the guilty have things to hide. It’s become quite clear that these folks don’t want the truth to come out, thus they have thrown every kind of stumbling block possible at the audit happening in Arizona because if it uncovers fraud, they know Georgia is next.

This method of broadcasting the audit should be repeated for every single election we have. This would prevent political parties, like the Democrats, from being able to destroy our election system through the implementation of various kinds of fraud. It should be standard procedure to broadcast the counting live.

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