Democrats Yank Witness For Impeachment Lawsuit, What The Judge Does Next Is Making Liberal Heads Explode

(Tea Party PAC) – A federal judge in Washington is no doubt causing liberal heads to pop like Pringle chip cans — once you pop, you can’t stop — after deciding to crumple up a Democrat impeachment lawsuit and toss it into the wastebasket. No doubt, folks on the left are livid over such a reaction, but they only have themselves to blame for it.

You see, the Democrats pulled a plug on a witness. Guess that wasn’t really a smart move, was it? Doesn’t it just bring a smile to your face when Democrats attempt to do something against the current administration and fail? It definitely should.

Check out the details via Breitbart:

A federal judge in Washington, D.C. dismissed a lawsuit Monday that sought to determine whether a witness had to obey a subpoena from the impeachment inquiry after Democrats withdrew the subpoena and impeached Trump anyway.

U.S. District Court Judge Richard Leon decided Monday that the suit filed by Charles Kupperman, a former aide to former National Security Advisor John Bolton, was moot because the subpoena had already been withdrawn. The House Intelligence Committee had sought to compel Kupperman’s testimony as part of its inquiry into President Donald Trump’s dealings with Ukraine, alleging he withheld U.S. aid in return for investigations into former Vice President Joe Biden, who at the time was leading polls to win the Democratic Party’s 2020 presidential nomination.

Other witnesses in the inquiry indicated that Bolton had been skeptical of the efforts of U.S. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland, who testified that he believed there had been a “quid pro quo” (though he was told directly by Trump that there was not). Bolton was said to have criticized Sondland’s so-called “drug deal.”

The House Intelligence Committee sought to compel the testimony of senior administration officials, but the White House instructed them not to cooperate with what it described as an illegitimate inquiry that disobeyed the rules of previous impeachment investigations. Kupperman had approached the courts to ask whom he was required to obey.

In his 14-page opinion, Judge Leon recounted that he had arranged an “aggressive” schedule for the case after being assigned it in late October, because “the case was a matter of great consequence to the country.” But just days later, the Intelligence Committee “withdrew its subpoena to Kupperman, and the House noticed the case as moot and moved to vacate the expedited briefing schedule,” because it did not want to wait even for a rushed judicial process.

Kupperman had wanted the court to rule anyway, but Judge Leon said that there was no chance the House would re-issue the subpoena, based on Democrats’ written submissions to the court. That might seem to contradict their claims elsewhere that they would continue investigating Trump with a view to new articles of impeachment.

President Trump himself was impeached on “obstruction of Congress,” for not obeying a congressional subpoena. The Democrats in the House decided to go ahead and impeach the president without allowing the courts to determine whether or not they actually held the authority to do so.

This tells you right from the beginning that this whole farce had nothing to do with upholding the Constitution, holding politicians accountable for corruption, or any other grand, nobel moral gesture the left pretended it was about.

No, this whole matter was about ousting Trump before the 2020 election and avoiding the possibility of having him get another pick confirmed for the Supreme Court should Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg pass away while he’s in office.

It’s shameful behavior and is one more reason the left does not belong in the White House.



  1. Great decision District Court Judge Richard Leon!! These DemonRats and their corrupt and phony Impeachment BS – must be stopped-dead!!

  2. Typical of the slimy democrats in Washington. They don’t care about the constitution or the law. They only care that they get what they want. President Trump gone with no proof of any wrongdoing.

  3. It was obvious to the American Voting Public that this impeachment was a total farce in that the Dems ruled out the hearsay rule, denied disclosing the whistle blower, declined allowing defense witnesses to testify and now in the face of the Senate ruling against impeachment, refusing to forward the impeachment articles. Anyone with any common sense can see through this time consuming, millions of dollars cost charade. Now that it has come to light that several other offsprings of the Dems are involved in the Ukraine employment scandal, the sweat it building all over Capitol Hill.

  4. The current politicians are a discrase, it shows how shamefull the politicial arena has become.President Trump is not perfect, but he has done a lot of good, that is more then i can say about the crum that left office 2016, he was raised a commie and his action proved it. H. Clinton would have been a disaster, she was couched by a radical left.

  5. This whole impeachment process was concocted because Hilary Clinton was supposed to win the 2016 election and couldn’t “get over it”, when she did not win. I have predicted that the “Rule Of Law” would prevail, despite all the attempts to remove our President from office.
    Kudos to Federal Judge Richard Leon for his 14 page ruling ruling that the impeachment proceedings were not “Kosher” due to witness procedures not being
    I personally predict that the Articles of Impeachment will end up in “file 13” and President Trump will be reelected by a larger margin than 2016.

  6. The last sentence in the article was perfect: “It’s shameful behavior and is one more reason the left does not belong in the White House.” I’d like to add something more here. The left should not hold any elected office, look what these wonder people have done to our major cities.

    • I know what Rush, Glenn, Mark, Sean and others say about liberals and liberalism… They are WRONG! And Rush et al are creating enemies that conservatives do not need.
      Liberals are sweet fools in general. They have decent ideals but those same ideals seldom take the realities of human nature into account.
      What we see from the Democrats and others is not liberalism, it is fascist LEFTISM. It is a totalitarian religion — Socialism being its most benign wing but the real goal is Marxist Communism. Like Islam, Leftism considers lying to “infidels” as morally acceptable in the path to world domination and utopian enlightenment. Leftists change language to obfuscate the truth of their totalitarian nature — They call themselves “Liberals” when they are in fact Fascists and worse. Leftists call their enemies “fascists”, racists, and other nasty names because they know that using such inflammatory words causes decent people to shut up and turn into cowards.
      Sadly, true liberals have become enablers to the left because liberals tend to be fuzzy thinkers who are easily swayed by emotional appeals. — Consider the seduction of Eve by the snake in Eden — Eve was the liberal, the snake was the LEFTIST.

  7. We all know the lies they have told the judges that are in their pockets and the rest just plain stupid so when are we going to legally do something about it other than write comments? This is out of control and the democrats are keeping up with their lies. Are they ever going to be punished? We already know the stupid people that back them will never change thanks to fake news in their ears everyday. People wake up we have an invasion going on and don’t expect the government to help you just get ready or be at the mercy of the deep state.

  8. The political “system” in this country is rapidly becoming a JOKE – a really BAD one with no discernible punch line! Who has to DIE in order for Constitutional government to be reestablished here in the USA???

  9. The “People” need to impeach congress for obstruction of the President. Throw every last one of the a$$hats out and fill congress with conservatives who will follow the will of the People!

  10. The President Has Not Done Anything Wrong.He Is Not Guilty Of Any Crimes. His Only Crime To You Democrats Is He Beat Old Hillary Clinton In 2016 Get Over It.

  11. Democrats, do you realize under the socialistic programs in Venezuela the poor and wealthy alike have suffered greatly. Most Venezuelans earn the minimum wage of $3.00 per month…..that is not per hour….that is per month. Some can’t afford bury their dead, renting caskets for $50.00 and then sending their loved one’s body to be cremated and returning the casket to he funeral home. This is much cheaper than buying a coffin for $100 to $300.00. So democrats go ahead and vote for your free stuff and once the nation is bankrupt and you cant afford to bury your loved ones don’t say you haven’t been warned.

  12. Keep in mind the Dems impeached with two point of impeachment. Neither of these points are points that are legal to impeach on, even if they were true, which they are not. There is a law when it comes to obstructing congress, but they did not use the actual law of obstruction of congress as one of their points. WHY? Because if they did use the actual law they would have had to have followed the actual law in trying to prove his guilt. The law would have forced the house to use actual rule of law instead of the Kangaroo system they used. God forbid they would have to follow the rule of law.

    • The article of ” Obstruction of Congress ” is based on the refusal to appear before the House committee when they issued a subpoena to people in the Trump administration & they themselves or Trump told them to ignore it.
      The proper way to handle this would have been for the committee to present this to the JUDICIAL branch of the government ( the court system ) for a ruling. But they ignored that way of proper handling of the subpoena process & rushed into the impeachment process, thus this article is invalid. They NEVER let the process run it’s proper course. The other article ” Abuse of Power ” is so general that it could be applied to anything a President in either party did, that the opposition party didn’t like.
      Without a SPECIFIC CRIME & the evidence to back it up, this article is a bunch of bullsh*t, & does NOT amount to any ” High Crime or Misdemeanor ” which is a Constitutional requirement to impeach a President.

  13. It’s a coup, has always been a coup, and will remain a coup. There’s enough evidence for charges of treason against these reprehensible people. Until true justice is served, this circus will continue. TRUMP 2020!!!!

  14. Great news, the courts are now doing what they were confirmed to do>

    Perhaps, now the President can continue to” MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN’


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