Dems Are Looking To Shred Every Fixture Of Our Republic, But Trump Is Somehow The Threat?!

(Tea Party PAC) – We’re coming up on four years since we elected an incredible businessman, not a leech or a career politician, to the highest office in the land. In spite of constant—and I mean constant—obstruction from Democrat and RINO swamp rats, President Trump has been able to kickstart our economy, restore and defend our liberties, and withstand the blatant hatred half of his own country seems to have for him.

And, of course, that hatred isn’t dying down anytime soon.

Because Trump speaks directly to the people and, more importantly, works directly for the people, the establishment sees him as a threat for violating “democratic norms.”

To them, everything from his active, transparent, and often hilarious Twitter use to his criticism of the mainstream media is a threat to democracy itself.

“Trump has assailed essential institutions and traditions…” claims Freedom House, an unabashedly leftist organization.

But I have to wonder, where were these people with their handwringing and garment-rending each time the Democrats, whether blatantly or stealthily, have tried to subvert the institutions our Founding Fathers designed to prevent the demise of liberty?

Our system of government doesn’t allow for megalomaniacs like the Dems to gain any more control than the people want them to have, so they want to give that system an overhaul. Just in the last few weeks, Democrats have called for abolishing the electoral college they clearly still don’t understand, giving children the right to vote, and packing the Supreme Court.

Because the nature of the electoral college and its purpose in preventing mob rule still eludes these leftist dunces, leading Democrats are calling to convert our democratic republic into a pure democracy in which our presidents will be selected by popular vote.

Eight of the bright-eyed Democratic presidential primary hopefuls are ready to kick the electoral college, while several others are open to the idea.

“My view is that every vote matters,” said Democratic presidential primary candidate Elizabeth Warren in March. “And the way we can make that happen is that we can have national voting and that means get rid of the electoral college.”

As a former Republican—and, honestly, as an American—Sen. Warren should already be well aware that the current system already features a national or popular vote in which every single ballot cast is counted. The electoral college comes into play to ensure that every state in our vast, diverse nation is also heard, not just the most populous ones.

Could you imagine what it would look like if future candidates knew they only had to gain numbers, not trust? A candidate could easily limit their campaigning to the Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Boston, Washington, and Chicago metro areas and, having secured their votes alone, win the presidency by a landslide. If you thought the heartland of America (or “flyover country” if you speak Democrat) was ignored by the elitist party now, just wait ‘til their votes truly don’t count under a popular democracy.

And, as for children voting, the Dems would be stupid not to realize the untapped potential voter base of entitled little kids who have never paid a dime in taxes and, excepting rare circumstances such as emancipation, have never had to support themselves or a family. As such, they’re eager to give kids 16 and up the vote! A gaggle of House Dems voted last week to do exactly that.

“I myself have always been for lowering the voting age to 16,” says Nancy Pelosi. “I think it’s really important to capture kids when they’re in high school…”

What’s to stop these psychopaths from completely taking over? As always, the Supreme Court. However, Dems are looking to sink their fangs into this institution as well.

Nervous that the SCOTUS is beginning to lean conservative and annoyed that Mitch McConnell followed Chuck Schumer’s 2007 example of no judges confirmed in a presidential election year, several 2020 Dems have called for the court to be expanded—but only under a Democratic president, of course.

It was the SCOTUS who stopped FDR’s rampant socialist policies—like banning some businesses from setting their own prices for their goods. We need a balanced Supreme Court now more than ever as FDR’s political descendants seek to pass wealth taxes and energy nationalization.

Let’s face it. Democrats are completely and wholeheartedly out of touch with the real world and the average American who lives there. Their ideologies and policies aren’t good enough to convert the world over to their side, so they want to just upend our imperfect yet brilliantly crafted governmental system to grab the power natural selection doesn’t allow them to have.

Our government institutions were developed by people who had fought against tyrants like them firsthand, something they seem to have forgotten.

In light of all of this, how dare they say our president is the real threat to this nation!