Dems are secretly planning to ‘pile-on’ 30 to 45 more charges

(PCC)Biden regime is secretly planning to ‘pile-on’ more felony charges in covert attempt to create an overwhelming tsunami of additional charges against former President Donald Trump. These additional charges could potentially reach an astonishing additional count of 50 felony charges or even more!

This illegal and desperate move comes as the Biden cabal raises red flags and is concerned the judge overseeing Trump’s case in Florida, who was appointed by Trump himself, may rule in his favor.

A team of federal prosecutors, led by special counsel Jack Smith, is said to be preparing to introduce 30 to 45 more charges on top of the 37-count indictment that was brought against Trump in June.

The decision to add these charges will depend on how Judge Aileen Cannon handles the case.

Biden cabal is keeping the additional charges under wraps and are yet to disclose to the public. There are also whispers around Washington the prosecutors are considering charges against other officials in Trump’s circle, including Rudy Giuliani.

These uncovered developments expose the Biden administration and the so-called “Deep State bureaucracy” are determined to prevent Trump from running against Biden in the 2024 election.

However, recent polls in key battleground states show Trump and Biden are still evenly matched, indicating that the federal indictments against Trump have not significantly impacted public opinion.

Final Word: Massive attendance at Trump’s recent rally in South Carolina has set off the alarm bells and cited as further evidence the American people are not swayed by what is perceived as politically motivated investigations by the Department of Justice into the former president. This means the Dems must eliminate Trump as a Presidential candidate.

If the Dem controlled DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA or any of their alphabet agencies or judicial court system fail to keep Trump out of the Presidential race then what could be the Dems final solution?



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