Dems Freaking Out As Trump Gets This Huge, Game-Changing Endorsement

(Tea Party PAC) – One of the biggest issues on the table for the 2020 election is potential statehood for Puerto Rico.

Of course, Joe Biden’s campaign and the candidate himself refuse to actually address whether or not he would take up this radical proposal as head of the executive branch.

But considering how far left he’s let the radical faction of his party push him, we can only imagine a Biden administration would go for it.

Think about that for a moment: what issues are there on which Trump has not been completely transparent?

He’s fully open about his policy aspirations. There’s nothing he tries to hide from voters. Take it or leave it, when it comes to candidate Trump, what you see is what you get.

The only time he falters is when he’s being hit with a lead-in question from “moderator” Chris Wallace trying to deceptively set him up to somehow imply he’s a white supremacist, even when he denounces racism and white supremacy outright in the same breath.

Well, when it comes to Puerto Rico, the government of the U.S. territory just so happens to be behind Trump.

So much so that the Republican Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced just offered her endorsement for the commander-in-chief.

Good call, Governor.

“I ask all Puerto Ricans who are listening to go vote,” Vázquez Garced told Telemundo on Monday. “They have to go to vote, exercise their right to vote and evaluate who has represented being a person who thinks about Puerto Ricans and their needs at the most difficult moment. It is Donald Trump.”

Fox News notes:

Vázquez Garced has served as Puerto Rico’s governor since Aug. 2019. She was set to appear at a Trump campaign rally in Florida last week prior to the president’s announcement that he had tested positive for coronavirus. It’s unclear when Trump will be able to return to the campaign trail.

“Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced’s endorsement is further proof of the enthusiasm that President Trump is generating among Boricuas and all Hispanics,” said Trump Victory Spokesperson Danielle Alvarez in a statement published in the Miami Herald.

Last month, the Trump administration unveiled a $13 billion aid package to help Puerto Ricans continue to rebuild communities devastated by Hurricane Maria.

The packaged was described by the White House as being designed to “help rebuild Puerto Rico’s electrical grid system and spur recovery of the territory’s education system.”

The Biden campaign, at the time, criticized the aid package as a political ploy.

“This is clearly a desperate, political stunt to win over Puerto Rican supporters. For the thousands of families who had to leave the island, for all those we’ve lost, for those who still struggle every day to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table, it is three years too little and too late,” a statement from the campaign said at the time.

Oh, so the Trump campaign shouldn’t give money to victims of Hurricane Maria, Joe?

Is that really where you’re going with this?


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  1. Why do the current communist occupying the Democrat Party, hate those that support President Trump, so much! Puerto Rico has suffered enough at the hands of ‘inept Democrats’ over the decades! Time to stand up for President Trump, that stands up for you!

  2. Tell Joe and Kamala to GO HOME . . . YOU both LOST and NO ONE wants your RADICAL Socialist agenda. And, take your RIOTING Antifa and BLM with you, to YOUR neighborhoods. We DON’T want them EITHER except for TARGET PRACTICE. One DISGUSTED and Hopeful Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.


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