Dems Spike Senate Coronavirus Relief Deal; Now Look What Pelosi Is Vowing To Do

(Tea Party PAC) – House Speaker Nancy “I got my hair did” Pelosi stated on Tuesday that she’s going to ensure that the House stays in session until some sort of deal is reached to provide folks with a shot of relief by providing another coronavirus package, just after the Democratic Party blocked a $650 billion deal offered by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

This isn’t surprising. The radical leftist element in Congress has been taking every opportunity available to use this pandemic for their own political gain. The Democrats hoping to use the deal as a means of getting items on their “wishlist” passed into law without having to have any debates or votes on the material.

Here’s more from NY Post:

Pressure is mounting on lawmakers to pass desperately needed relief for American families, including another round of $1,200 checks, with 60 million people filing jobless claims during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We have to stay here until we have a bill,” Pelosi told lawmakers on a Tuesday morning House Democratic Caucus conference call, according to multiple reports.

The current session is due to end on Oct. 2, allowing members to campaign in their districts ahead of the Nov. 3 election.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer clarified that Congressional leadership would stay in town and members would only be called back if a deal was reached.

But aides on both sides of the aisle told The Post they were pessimistic any compromise would be reached before the election — blaming political grandstanding.

Talks between the White House, Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer stalled last month and Democrats last week rejected McConnell’s $650 billion “skinny” bill that included $300 supplements payments to the unemployed.

“That GOP bill was a piece of garbage,” one source familiar with the negotiations told The Post of McConnell’s skinny bill. “There was no funding for state and local governments, no transit, nothing for testing, tracing — nothing.”

A Republican Party aide said that McConnell’s bill was totally reasonable, having included $300 unemployment insurance and $105 billion available for schools, and should have been something that had support from both sides of the aisle.

The Democratic Party has been unwilling to make any sort of concessions on budget issues that are included as part of the whopping $3.4 trillion HEROES package passed in May, which also includes funding for federal and state governments.

Long Island GOP Congressman Lee Zeldin told The Post he believed a deal could be “cut instantly” but said Pelosi’s $900 billion ask for state and federal funding was “holding up a win.”

“Congressional Democrats need to come off their $900 billion ask. It doesn’t pass the smell test. It’s more than what state and local governments are asking for,” he said, adding that the White House had been willing to give $150 billion to this cause.

“The American public demands bipartisan compromise and they want to see progress,” he added.

Frustrated by the impasse, members from the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus unveiled their own COVID relief framework on Tuesday, a $1.5 billion compromise with money for coronavirus testing, state and local aid, another lot of $1,200 stimulus checks, and a $450 per-week boost to unemployment.

“What we’re showing today is a deal is not only possible, but more importantly, a deal must be possible because failure is not an option,” Staten Island Rep. Max Rose, a Democratic member of the caucus, told The Post.

“This isn’t a game. This isn’t a red state or a blue state issue. This is an American issue and we must come together as Americans and get the job done,” said Rose, who is involved in a fierce reelection battle with Republican challenger, Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, in a purple district.

Reports starting coming out last week detailing the pressure being applied to Speaker Pelosi from the more moderate and vulnerable Democrats to take action now that almost four months have passed since the HEROES act was turned down in the Senate.

Hey, it seems to me that Republicans are more than willing to come to the table and discuss viable, reasonable options to help people suffering right now. The Democrats are the ones that are refusing to negotiate and get something done for the American people.



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  6. WHY pay the unemployed???? if anyone should get a $400 extra weekly pay it should be ALL workers & the unemployed not just the unemployed. WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY THINKING???? this CRAP! of giving all the money to unemployed people is STUPID! first a bill was passed to give $600 a week to the unemployed plus there unemployment. WHY???? then they have the nerve to say the workers are the heros, REALLY people. the workers ARE the DINGLBARRYS or idiots! then Trump did an executive order after the $600 a week was done to keep giving the unemployed $400 a WEEK plus unemployment until the end of 2020. I know people who say they wont even vote for this BIG ass BLUNDER!!!! both by the house pelosi & by Trump!!!!! TRUMP deserves to stay in the white house 2 more terms of 4 years each but this is a BLUNDER in that this money should be given to all workers & unemployment people!!! WHO IN THE HELL thought this up????? the ONLY thing the workers got out of it is like everyone got the $1200 check & like 2 weeks of a dollar more an our THAT’S IT!!!

  7. Help the people and quit trying to see who gets the credit the president can give the people the 1200.00 now and pass a new bill for the schools etc. open your eyes the people need help and the president they are looking at to praise or blame no one else.

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  10. I pray that President Trump and the Republicans have the courage to stick to their guns and not capitulate to the Democrats, who want to waste money by giving the huge part of the money in their bill to their liberal Democrat supporters, in the states that the Democrats have on the precipice of bankruptcy, only because of their failed governmental policies and agendas, not because of the Covid-19 virus.

    The Democrats are also trying to take an advantage of this crisis by keeping their economies closed, in the hopes the American people will blame President Trump and the Republicans, so as to not re-elect them come November 3rd.

    This bill needs to address only the Covid-19 problems, not bail out these Democrats’ failures of previous decades of bad policies and terrible choices, by not acting financially responsible with the taxpayers’ money, when spending it not for the people’s benefit, but only for the benefit of the Democrat Party, with no accountability.

    State and city employee union pension funds are just one prime example of the mismanagement of the Democrat politicians, who have long-tern control over these mostly Democrat run states and cities.

    Let the Democrats stubbornly hold-out on this crisis, that they always use to try to take an advantage for only themselves of any and all crises. The American people see and know what they’re doing here, and are willing to suffer until after the national elections, at which time the American people will show their displeasure with Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and all Democrat politicians, by how they will vote at the polls.

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  12. Let the FAILED Left Wing Democrat run AREAS bail THEMSELVES out . . . with CONSERVATIVE policies , NOT the MISERABLY failed Left Wing LIBERAL ones. The time for CHANGE from Liberal POLICIES to sound, FISCALLY CONSERVATIVE policies is NOW! And, you start with RECALL elections and regular elections to VOTE OUT these Left Wing COMMUNISTS (and start sending them to FEDERAL PRISON like Pelosi, Nadler and Schiff for Sedition and TREASON). Enough is ENOUGH! One Enlightened and HOPEFUL Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  13. Those of us that are unfortunately out of work due to the corona virus need to remember exactly who is withholding aid and express our disappointment in those people in the upcoming election.

  14. Isn’t it ironic that when a homeless guy in San Fran took a dump in Pelosi’s driveway (which seems to be perfectly legal all over the rest of the city), he was arrested. Yet Nancy and the Dems continuously crap all over the American citizens. VOTE RED as if your life depended upon it.

  15. I thought this was supposed to be comments on the preceding story about a Coronavirus stimulus bill. Nasty Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats don’t care about their fellow Americans. They’re holding up the stimulus to get their pet peeves. The Dems should be ashamed of themselves. But they have proven time and again that they don’t care about us.


  17. Democrat Communist Party Pelosi still trying to bail out decades of Democrat Party failed management of their cities, using Tax Payer money. No thank you Pelosi. Just pass the package for the workers unemployed and small businesses, that primarily Democrats have sabotaged!

  18. Open businesses and just plain weekly unemployment. No xtra money to stay home sitting on ones butt! That will make the people go back to work and start up the economy again. Common sense.

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