Deny, Deny, Deny. Here’s What Joe Biden Is Saying About His Helping His Son In The Ukraine

(Tea Party PAC) – Former Vice President and current Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is practicing the age old principle of “deny, deny, deny” in regards to the accusation that his son Hunter Biden asked him for a favor while he served on the energy board of a Ukrainian energy company.

Given the fact he was part of the Obama administration, working side-by-side with one of the most infamous liars to ever sit in the Oval Office, he’ll have to excuse us over here for not instantly buying what he’s selling.

Here’s a few tidbits from Breitbart:

“We never once discussed it when he was there,” Biden told the Associated Press. “There’s not a single bit of evidence that’s been shown in any reporting that’s been done that he ever talked about it with me or asked any government official for a favor.”

When he was vice president, Joe Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion in loan guarantees for Ukraine if officials did not fire the country’s top prosecutor, who was pursuing a corruption investigation of an energy company while his son Hunter was serving on the board.

The connection here came to light thanks to a best-selling book called “Secret Empires” written by Peter Schweizer and was later confirmed by the ever progressive publication, The New York Times.

Hunter was paid as much as $50,000 per month while he served on the board while his daddy worked with Obama on our policy with the Ukraine.

Biden was super offended by the notion suggested by Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani who stated the president was considering a visit to the Ukraine to investigate the issue, before ultimately deciding not to.

“I can’t remember any lawyer representing the president, conferring with the president, deciding to go overseas, where a government relies on U.S. largesse to try to get them to do something that everybody knows never happened,” Biden said during an interview with WMUR.

“All the reports indicated that not a single, solitary thing was inappropriate about what my son did. He never talked to me. He never talked to anybody in the administration,” Biden went on to say in the same interview.

Biden is a typical politician and given that he worked closely with former President Obama for so many years, a man who clearly had no love whatsoever for our Constitution, it doesn’t seem like a stretch to think he might not be being honest with us all here.

In fact, it seems very likely he isn’t. The real question is what is going to be done about this situation? Sadly, probably nothing. Far too often we let folks like Obama and Biden get away with corruption that no other citizen would ever be able to get away with. Is this what our nation of laws has become?

One of our founding principles was the idea that no citizen should be above the law, including its leaders. Maybe especially its leaders. How far we’ve fallen.