Depopulation Nation

US Depopulation has been underway for over a decade, meet the Global Architects! A shadow group of multi-billionaires and power players combining their skills and wealth to shape the future. The problem is their idea for the future is often Satanic!

Shadows of Deception: A sinister plot to depopulate America is in high gear! In the shadows of a seemingly ordinary world, their secret plan unfolds. For over a decade, a clandestine organization known only as “The Global Architects” has been orchestrating a chilling plot to depopulate America. Investigators have unravels a web of intrigue and deception, shedding light on the techniques employed by these mysterious puppet masters.

Global Architects are deploying silent weapons which appear normal and wholesome but are anything but!

Abortion – A Deceptive Choice: Within the depths of their plan lies the strategic manipulation of reproductive rights. Global Architects recognized the power of choice and exploited it, subtly influencing societal values to promote widespread acceptance of abortion. Through careful propaganda and influential lobbying, they created an environment where terminating pregnancies became normalized, contributing to a gradual and unnoticeably decline in population.

Deconstruction of the Family – A Subversive Fragmentation: To undermine the fabric of society, Global Architects targeted the very foundation that held it together: the family unit. By propagating ideologies that questioned the significance of traditional familial structures, they sowed seeds of doubt, eroding the bonds that once fortified communities. Divorce rates soared, and fragmented families struggled to withstand the orchestrated assault.

Birth Control – A Weapon of Control: In their relentless pursuit of population reduction, The Global Architects infiltrated healthcare systems, encouraging the widespread use of contraceptives. By providing easy access to birth control methods, they manipulated fertility rates and instilled a sense of control over the reproductive choices of millions. Unbeknownst to the masses, their personal decisions were unwittingly aligning with the hidden agenda.

Suppression of Heterosexual Relationships – Love Under Siege: Under the guise of progressiveness, Global Architects aimed to suppress natural human connections. By promoting alternative lifestyles and sowing seeds of discord, they sought to destabilize heterosexual relationships. Love was hijacked, and the once-cherished bonds between men and women were tarnished, leaving many disillusioned and hesitant to pursue fulfilling partnerships.

Nonproductive Homosexuality – A Puppet Show of Diversion: Simultaneously, the Global Architects strategically elevated nonproductive homosexuality, redirecting society’s attention away from procreation. They fostered an environment where the celebration of same-sex relationships took precedence over the continuation of the human race. While diversity and inclusivity are noted causes, this particular elevation served as a mere distraction from their underlying agenda.

The Unveiling Truth: While the above techniques are woven into the intricate tapestry of this discovery, it is crucial to differentiate theory from reality. These revelations are becoming obvious and soon to be made visible to those seeking the truth.

The growing list of weapons the Global Architects are wielding with great power!

  • Abortion,
  • Deconstruction of the family,
  • Birth control,
  • Pornography as normal. This is a desensitizing system to remove natural respect for sex and remove love from sexual relationships.
  • Suppression of heterosexual male/female relationships,
  • Raise of nonproductive homosexuality,
  • Discouraging  heterosexual relation by through negative branding as: Breeders, Birthing people and the unenlightened.
  • Release of engineered virus to reduce population.
  • Mass murder in white nation (Ukraine and Russia)
  • 1 child per family policies,
  • Increase living expense making it prohibitive to have children.
  • Glorification of the single life.
  • Nonproductive sex changes.
  • Negative programming of children in public school against heterosexuality.
  • Enhancement of ‘drag shows painted as normal,
  • Targeted food additives which reduce sperm counts
  • Sex Trafficking is more than for perverted delight but to train children they cannot be wholesome parents but are merely objects of sexual gratification.
  • ….. and the list goes on and on!

Final Word: The war against America started with sexuality but if we are not careful could end in an empty nation of unfulfilled dreams!

Steve Eichler JD

Minuteman, Tea Party Co-Founder


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