Desperate Maduro Regime Resorts To Desperate Measures, Clears Out Central Bank

(Tea Party PAC) – As Western nations ramp up their condemnation of the inhumane socialist Maduro regime in Venezuela, the South American dictator is getting desperate.

His people are starving in the street, protesting and digging through garbage to find their next meal.

His troops are defecting by the hundreds to the other side, and an interim government, by the will of the people has been established.

Now, he’s likely looking down the barrel of US intervention unless he listens to his people and gives up the fight, as the Trump administration has made clear that all options are open when it comes to overseeing that Maduro’s regime comes to an end.

During a fiery speech in Miami last month, Trump called upon Maduro to listen to the will of his people and make way for internationally-recognized interim president, Juan Guaido.

Maduro isn’t giving up, but he grows increasingly desperate to keep his regime afloat.

Last week, Reuters exclusively reported that the Maduro regime had taken 8 tons of gold out of the Venezuelan central bank to as a last-ditch effort to fund his sinking government after destroying the economy with socialist policies for years.

Reuters reports:

At least 8 tons of gold were removed from the Venezuelan central bank’s vaults last week, an opposition legislator and three government sources told Reuters, in the latest sign of President Nicolas Maduro’s desperation to raise hard currency amid tightening sanctions.

The gold was removed in government vehicles between Wednesday and Friday last week when there were no regular security guards present at the bank, Legislator Angel Alvarado and the three government sources said.

“They plan to sell it abroad illegally,” Alvarado said in an interview.

The central bank did not respond to requests for comment.

Alvarado and the government sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity, did not say where the central bank was sending the gold. They said the operation took place while central bank head Calixto Ortega was abroad on a trip.

In 2018, 23 tons of mined gold were transported from Venezuela to Istanbul by plane, according to sources and Turkish government data.

The central bank bought part of this gold from primitive gold-mining camps in the south of Venezuela and exported it to Turkey and other countries to finance the purchase of basic food supplies, given widespread shortages, according to more than 30 people with knowledge of the trade.

Some 20 tons of monetary gold were also removed from the central bank’s vaults in 2018, according to the bank’s data, leaving 140 tonnes remaining, the lowest level in 75 years.

This is the end result of socialism happening before our very eyes. Socialism simply cannot survive.

It’s astounding that so many politicians in the US are advocating for the very policies that led to the destruction of this resource-rich country with immense potential.

Viva Venezuela libre!