Devin Nunes Shreds The Mainstream Media In Epic Rant Meant As A Warning For Fellow Republicans; You Have To See This

(Tea Party PAC) – The mainstream media in America has proven that when it comes to modern journalism, objectivity is dead, having long ago gone the way of the dinosaur. The only thing that matters now is the narrative, crafting a story from a bunch of information that is designed to push a particular agenda — almost always leftist in nature — in order to force feed people with what to think.

Why do this?


The mainstream media, like all progressives, believes that the average American citizen is too stupid to be trusted with making their own decisions. Rather than just simply supply them with facts and expect them to draw their own conclusions — which may not turn out in favor of the agenda — it’s safer to just do all the work for them and assume they’re dumb. It’s insulting to say the least.

Well, Rep. Devin Nunes has a message for his fellow Republicans who talk frequently to the press and it’s something we all need to hear.

Check out the details via The Gateway Pundit:

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) joined Laura Ingraham Thursday night on The Ingraham Angle following President Trump’s White House Acquittal speech.

President Trump praised the California lawmaker for exposing the deep state apparatus that worked to remove this president from office.

During his appearance on Thursday Rep. Nunes lauded President Trump for exposing the depth of corruption in the US mainstream media.

Rep. Devin Nunes: The most important thing the president has done of all the things that he’s done that are very important, but he’s finally outed the media. The media in this town has been corrupt and it took somebody like Trump to finally bring them out of their shell to where now they’ll just openly go out. They’ll tweet about it late at night. They get drunk, they send drunk tweets out. And they’re vicious to him and Republicans. I continue to try to get our Republicans to wake up in the capitol. We should not be talking to the mainstream media. They are assassins. They’re working for the other team.

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy that wasn’t all that far away, journalists used to be concerned about a little thing called the truth. They viewed their job as one of the most important careers a person could have, because it was their duty to inform the public on important issues and topics, supplying them with everything they needed to know to make good decisions.

They were also responsible for holding politicians accountable for their words and deeds. Now, the media has abandoned journalistic ethics and has crawled in bed with the very same people they are supposed to be holding accountable, all in the name of pushing a specific agenda down the throats of the American people. It’s insulting and disturbing.

Will journalism ever return to the days of objectivity? Will journalistic ethics ever become a thing again or has that ship already sailed out of the harbor? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.



  1. the last 5 decades of urinalists have joined the business to “Make a Difference”.

    Openly and PROUDLY.

    THAT is code for “LIE UNTIL YOU HAVE INDOCTRINATED EVERYBODY stupid enough to listen, then, kill the rest!”

    The only way to ‘make a difference’ is to DISTORT ANS MISREPORT.

  2. I take issue with the false fact that the media were at one time “honorable” people. Or that even most of them were. At 63 yrs old, in my lifetime I’ve seen them be dishonorable when I was still in my teens. Everyone from Dan Rather to Walter Kronkite to Carl Bernstein did their subtle spin on the “news” and “reporting”. And going back before I was born there is plenty of evidence of their being on this bent of doubt that they feel that they have to impart to the people to show that they’re the real wise ones. Though there have been exceptions there is one rule that puts the “They were honorable” talk to rest. “All have sinned”. Once any group props themselves or is propped up as being above the group of “all have sinned” they have pride. And pride comes before a fall. That’s why the media, with few exceptions, is worse than ever. Because of their following this path long ago what has happened was bound to happen. “Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes”. They’ve placed themselves above the people and have lost their humility. And it didn’t just start recently. It’s been a long time coming.

  3. Nunez is a 100% right. They are worse then the communist government. It time the government classify them as opinion shows not news organizations. Take away their news status.

  4. Wrong. We need to speak truth in to media of lies. We need to be heard more than ever. And we need to imprison Hilary Clinton as an example for all liars and treasonous followers.

  5. After working for a few newspapers in my 33 years of newspaper employment the word Journalism today has been reduced to LIES, UNTRUTHS and PURE CANCER. Except for Fox News and numerous other networks, the truth is being told. CNN, ABC, CBS,NBC
    MSNBC, TheGuardian and others are in a Coup against this President and this Country, which means you the people. You are being brain washed daily with untruths, lies, distortions and plain immoral reporting of anything this President is doing. I feel really sorry for those who listen to this brain washing and cannot judge for themselves the reality of what is really happening in our country.

    • Craig as a former insider I Thank You for coming out and Telling the people the Honest Truth about what is really going on in the nations newsrooms. The Sad thing is that even with Courageous persons like Yourself telling the Masses to open Their Eyes it won’t happen, because most of Them have been turned into mindless sheep already.

  6. Thank you, Rep. Devin Nunes…my husband and I both think you are in the top echelon of conservative representatives and senators, and pray for you and our great President. We have been around since the mid-forties and went to school where we learned about the Constitution, the great and awful wars this country went through. Both of our fathers joined the Army…my father wasn’t even eligible because he had sight in only one eye, but he persisted because their father fought in WWI, and he was assigned to teach electronics at Camp Crowder in Missouri as a Staff Sergeant. It didn’t matter than in the meantime, the job promotion he was due for before enlisting went to someone else and it didn’t bother him at all. I know that at the time he was a Democrat like his father, but after the war, began to see the machinations of the “leftists” and changed parties. We often had talks about that when I was in 8th grade and studied history. You can bet that I became a Republican before my first vote for president, and have never gone back to the dark side. One of the things I found is that people who profess to be liberals, are not liberal at all. To me, a person is liberal if they love liberally, people of all colors, walks of life, religions, and are willing and able to speak well of others no matter their choices. It sure wasn’t what the democrat party turned out to be. So…I might be considered an old Fuddy-duddy by the left, but at least I will listen to the other side because they will not. We pray that you win your next election and as many as needed to turn the tide of our country. By the way, my husband served 28 years in the United States Navy in nuclear submarines and retired because of disabilities (90%) or he would have stayed for 30. This is how much we love our country, and why we are fighting against the left so that you will “Stay The Course!”

  7. For some reason when I was in Korea–I saw the action of the media–and what they were doing. They seem to think overseas–the first amendment still applies. IT DOES NOT–also, The media seems to think so because they putted a lot of things –if another person said it or did it they would see a judge. The media thinks they have the rights any where in the world. I do not think so–the media in japan and korea–did some things they should have been put in jail for if they were not media. I DO NOT TRUST THE MEDIA AT ANY TIME. THE ARE BIGGER LIARS THEN schiff –and that is saying a lot.

  8. josef goebbels would be proud of these sycophants for the liberal fascist swine that are trying to take complete control of the planet.

  9. David Nunes, You are a man for such a time as this!! There is an old fable about a man who fell asleep under a tree and woke up 20 years later not recognizing anything!! Those who believe in the sanctity of life and liberty, too often are taking for granted that others have the same view. We believe in goodness,trusting others feel the same and surely no one would want to turn our world into one big gulag!! Surprise!! They are here and working very hard to do just that. Better get a cup of coffee and wake up!! Thank you David for your courage to face the monsters at the gate!

  10. They are not journalist, if you read the journalist code of ethics you will find they have abandoned all of it in favor of agenda story reporting. I find it funny they must tell us they are honest, because their actions tell us a different story.

    • Journalists treat Their Code of Ethics much like the Democrats and Rhinos treat the Constitution. As in They read it and then wipe Their Ass with it!

  11. The mainstream media has been exposed for who they really are, FAKE NEWS, not even trying to hide it anymore these people are lying to the public. Even after taking huge hits to ratings, massive layoffs and losing millions every day they continue. Most Americans no longer believe a word they say and it is sad that a once powerful media who Americans looked to to keep our government officials in line are now just part of the Left corruption.

  12. Sad what happened to America after many accepted change you can believed in and walked in to hell following Satin himself on to the path to of self destruction for Global Socialism and the new world order financed by Global criminal Soros, “ open society,” organizations masked as philanthropy while financing anything to remove our love of country and sovereignty. Propaganda twisted mentally ill news delivered by 97% of media, radio hosts, press, magazines totally loaded with bias leftest bull poop, and entertainment, all supporting but one political party, all covering ignoring the crimes and criminal deeds of that party. Their goal retake power and continue the destruction of our republic and our way of life for absolute madness. With sanctuary states registering illegals to use them to vote by granting them driver licenses without proper documentation and using the countless millions the encouraged by democrats to enter illegally they can easily fix the out come in 2020. We are in deep shit.

  13. I quit watching mainstream media a while back. I don’t miss it, it so LAME and so FULL of LIES, it insults my intelligence to just get NEAR it. LAMESTREAM media is BENEATH me. I’m better than that, and SO are YOU! Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  14. Mainstream media has not been a supplier of factual news for at least 30 years, maybe longer. It’s all about power and control. Trump is the 1st POTUS since Reagan who DIDN’T and DOESN’T need them and it scares the hell out of them.


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