Did Trump Really Divert Money That Was Supposed To Go To Veterans

(Tea Party PAC) – With the mainstream media essentially being the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party these days, it’s more critical than ever to take what you hear being reported from the major news network with a grain of salt.

In fact, it’s become necessary to fact check the claims made by the media yourself, looking into both sides of a story and weighing the facts for yourself to determine the truth.

A clear example of this is the claim that President Trump diverted charitable contributions that were supposed to go to veterans.

The claim is actually false. The money actually did go to veterans.

Here’s more on this from Breitbart:

South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg claimed at Wednesday night’s Democrat debate that President Donald Trump ought to have left office after having to “confess, in writing, in court, to illegally diverting charitable contributions that were supposed to go to veterans.”

Buttigieg misstated the finding of the court. The issue was that the money, which Trump raised in January 2016 at an event for veterans (in lieu of attending the Iowa caucuses debate), was distributed by the Trump campaign rather than the Trump Foundation.

As National Public Radio reported, “Justice Saliann Scarpulla says the funds did eventually reach charity organizations supporting veterans.” New York Attorney General Letitia James wanted the court to impose a higher penalty, but the judge refused because the money did, in the end, go to veterans’ charities.

New York Attorney General Attorney General Letitia James claimed in a press release that the president “admits to personally misusing funds at the Trump Foundation.”

President Trump disagreed: “Every penny of the $19 million raised by the Trump Foundation went to hundreds of great charitable causes with almost no expenses.

“The New York Attorney General is deliberately mischaracterizing this settlement for political purposes.”

There was a time, a long, long time ago, when the purpose of a free press was to gather the facts and to report those facts without any sort of opinion or bias tossed into it, allowing the American people to come to their own conclusions on a given story. The media at that point served the public and believed every individual citizen had the brain power and intelligence to make up their own minds and come down on the right side of truth.

That confidence in the people is gone. Now, thanks to progressivism, the media and the vast majority of the government believes people are too stupid to make up their own minds. They fear they will make wrong choices and decisions. Instead, they want to have elites make up their minds for them.

Because of that, the media has sacrificed journalistic integrity in order to be a propaganda machine for the progressive cause, no longer aligning themselves with truth, but with who ever can provide them with the biggest benefit.

Let’s hope one day journalistic ethics make a comeback.

Source: breitbart.com/politics/2019/11/20/fact-check-no-trump-did-not-divert-money-supposed-to-go-to-veterans/


  1. Should I be shocked that this is only one defense of Trump out of over thirty dozen I have looked at! This internet false reporting on top of our propagandizing MSMs is going to be the death of our Republic when we have such a dumbed down citizenry with indoctrinated young adults, fraudulent illegal voters, & new immigrants who haven’t had the time to know any better yet!!!

  2. You guys keep it up and find not one young male an female think of joining the service by eliminate opportunity stealing funds need to help them when they come home for other service our country needs them .
    V A Nurse

  3. That’s what happens when you over indulge in lies. In this case the AG of NY
    doesn’t grow a nose but a belly . By now she must be dragging her gut in the mud. What an Oiker.

  4. Elite Lies caused 6 million Jews’ Death Camps; untold millions in Russia; untold millions in China; untold millions in North Korea; untold millions in Ethiopia; Nigerian Biafra War; South America-everywhere Elite Power Mongers Lie history records great suffering. “The TRUTH will set you FREE.”

  5. These traitors will do anything for money. How low life can you get. Keep up the hate mail. It is pushing more of us towards a real man. Our elected president Mr Trump

  6. There is no freedom in a country that is allowed to lie in all media platforms until this ends the lies will spread into every facet of our “gone” normal lives! It’s imperative that laws stop this intrusion on our constitutional right of free speech with bias non factual statements designed with an agenda in mind to persuade or influence a prospective or decision!

  7. Why doesn’t the government regulate and establish a “Truth in airways “ for media networks to broadcast true facts instead of blatant lies on federal airways and cable. Three strikes your out would work nicely.

  8. I believe President Trump over that Attorney General in NY. She has already publicly stated “She wanted to have President Trump convicted and removed from office, and that she was committed to doing that, while she was in office”. He signed off on a settlement agreement, in order to close the Foundation and put that lawsuit behind him.

    • Another lie by the propaganda wing of the democrat party,or should I say the Illinois nazi party. I hate Illinois nazis.:)


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