Did Vindman Commit Perjury In Impeachment Testimony? New Report Has The Answer And It’s Not Looking Good

(Tea Party PAC) – You’ve heard that saying “and the plot thickens” probably a million times before, especially when new information arises in a specific circumstance that could potentially take the future direction of said situation in a totally different way than previously foreseen. That’s been happening a lot in the public impeachment hearings happening lately, particularly as it pertains to Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman.

Vindman testified in the impeachment inquiry hearing on Tuesday and it seems that Rep. Jim Jordan actually got the man to admit that he didn’t “report to chain of command” as he claimed he did in previously closed-door testimony.

In other words, the man committed perjury.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

In Vindman’s previous deposition on page 154 of 259, Vindman said he was “reporting to chain of command” but Tim Morrison, who was his senior, didn’t know about his concerns about Trump’s dealings with Ukraine.

Congressman Mark Meadows pointed out this discrepancy on Tuesday in the middle of the show trial.

In his deposition, page 154 and page 259, Col. Vindman said himself he was “reporting to chain of command.” Morrison was his senior, and he didn’t know about it. You’re pushing back against Vindman’s words. Not mine.

“Col. Vindman, after the call, why didn’t you go to Mr. Morrison?” Jim Jordan asked Vindman.

“Per the instructions from the July 10th incident, I went immediately to Mr. Eisenberg (NSC lawyer) — after I expressed my concerns…it was an extremely busy week,” Vindman said.

Vindman continued, “I managed to speak to two folks in the inter-agency. I attempted to try to talk to Mr. Morrison. That didn’t happen before I received instructions from John Eisenberg to not talk to anybody else any further.”

So he went directly to an NSC lawyer with his grievances about Trump’s policy with Ukraine and leaked the contents of the call to George Kent and an individual in the IC (Eric Ciaramella) rather than to his boss Tim Morrison.

Jim Jordan was onto Vindman’s game and blasted him.

“You don’t talk to your boss, but you talk to your brother, you talk to your lawyer, you talked to Secretary Kent and you talked to the (whistleblower) — is that right?” Jordan said.

Jordan called out Vindman’s game — plant disinformation seeds by leaking to his “coordination partners” in order to launch another coup attempt to remove Trump from office — Vindman went outside of his chain of command and never spoke to his boss Tim Morrison because his plan from day one was to leak disinformation to a whistleblower.


Vindman was also caught in a big fat whopper when he said that he didn’t know the identity of the whistleblower, but then admitted to leaking information to an “official in the intel community.”

As you can see, there’s a high probability that the reason we’re having this impeachment trial in the first place is because this man worked with the whistleblower to help carry out a coup orchestrated by the Deep State led by Democratic politicians who desperately want to take the White House in 2020 and get revenge for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 loss.

It sounds petty and childish, but if you’ve been involved in politics for more than a minute, you know that’s practically the left’s modus operandi.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com/2019/11/more-perjury-vindman-testified-he-was-reporting-to-chain-of-command-but-leaked-info-to-numerous-people-ignored-his-boss-tim-morrison/


  1. And just what will all these morons be thankful for next Thursday? Surely not for the wonderful job they have done. I cannot tolerate any more of this alleged public hanging. TV is off until this is over.

    • I agree. Of course he lied.
      Just because he has on a uniform doesn’t make him an angel or
      the Nice Boy next door. The
      Military is full of lying, power hungry, repulsive jerks like him.
      I know because I worked for the
      Government 33 yrs. They develop the “God” syndrome as
      they climb the ladder. They invented fraud, waste and abuse.
      Think they are above the law
      and when they do get caught
      Instead of punishing them, they
      promote them and transfer them to another duty station to be
      someone else’s problem. Of
      Course we thank him for his service and his heroic actions,
      that was doing the job he signed
      up to do, that doesn’t make him
      any better than the other men
      who fought right beside him and
      some paid the ultimate price.
      It also doesn’t give him the right
      to think his opinion overides
      The President’s policies and ignore the chain of command.
      He is an arrogant, despicable,
      self-serving jerk who is a disgrace to the military, a security risk to our country and
      should be court-martialled for lying under oath, conduct unbecoming an officer and
      a participant in a coup d’e-tat to
      overthrow our President.
      This present so-called Democratic Party should all
      be rounded up and charged with
      Abuse of Power and inciting
      the overthrow of our government, including Obama,
      and his entire corrupt administration. He sold his soul to the devil and nearly succeeded in selling our country
      to him. The Republicans should
      be ashamed for letting him get
      away with 8 years of lawlessness,
      security violations, gun-running
      selling our country out to our
      enemies, aiding terrorists, giving
      money to Iran, bringing the
      enemy into our country under the guise of immigrants, they are
      here without firing a shot, getting
      paid welfare and government
      assistance with the taxpayers
      money, so they can destroy us.
      They will put on their suicide
      belts and kill when they are
      called upon. They are Islam’s

  2. Vindman, you are a disgrace to he uniform, to the USA and to all Americans as you lied. Alexander Vindman should be court marshaled, given a dishonorable discharge and sent to Leavenworth.

  3. Take away his military position and lead him away in HANDCUFFS . . . ASAP. Stop this IMPEACHMENT sham NOW! Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  4. The dems are the most dishonest hateful people without an ounce of honor among them. I hope the Am. People get their own Revenge during the 2020 election Vote Trump and a straight Republican Ticket! Kick these demented diabolical Dems out of Office!!!

  5. Democrats are digging their own grave. if they squeak by and get a simple majority it will go to the Senate. This will be a new ball game. Witness #1 UNDER Oath will be Schliff ; Witness #2 Will be the “So Called’ Whistle Blower; Witness #3 will be Brennan; Witness #4 will be Hunter Biden and the beat goes on.

  6. This is such BS. Vindman’s rep is sterling. When the truth comes out, your strategy is to attack. Anything you can do to try and vindicate President Trump you try so that it fits your narrative.

    • Who’s attacking anything? All that is being done is Vindman’s own words and testimony are slapping him in his face and he should be arrested, face a military court martial and if found guilty, busted in rank, serve time in a stockade and be dishonorably discharged from the service.


    • Why would any desire to make public knowledge of who the whistle Blower is except in an attempt to have him or her physically harmed.. Your a real piece of work.. SMH

  8. Actually, he looks more like Mr.Harry Dinkel “World’s Greatest Band Dir. in the Funky Winkerbean News Paper comic strip! Park Mr. Vindman’s cover atop his bone head and this lyin traitor, who can’t follow the chain of command is a 100% dead ringer for the infamous Band Director of the Westview, Oh High School Scapegoat Band.

    Dig up the comic strip and see for yourself! But, he won’t dare qualify for that gig, once Army Jag’s do their duty. So tootin’ his whistle telling bullhorn will be his downfall.

  9. vindman is a weasel! he has gone out of the way that active military personel carry on. he should have his security clearance revoked, if he has one, he should be defrocked, and discharged from the army. he doesnt even look like a soldier! good riddance.

  10. Vindman, when questioned said he could not find his supervisor after the phone call!! His supervisor (Morrison) said Vindman and he had a conversation right after the phone call, and Vindman did not bring up his concerns!! Instead he went directly to the attorney’s. I am a retired CMsgt, USAF, and if one takes the time Vindman not only lied to Congress, he is in violation of the UCMJ especially as he was in uniform attempting to harm the Commander in Chief!!

    CMS Edward B. Stewart USAF, Ret

  11. Hmmm, perjury most definitely, chain of command ?? he stated while testifying he was in charge then changed that ..insubordination maybe ..but as I heard on Fox by a panel of legal experts some may even believe espionage was involved… I believe Mr. Vindman will enjoy his rewards including retirement it would be nice if his pension was held up awhile just to see if there was corruption…lol.. after all we may presume or have hearsay ..

  12. Vindman not only committed perjury, he conspired with the whistle blower and the chairman and needs to go before the military to be disciplined!


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