Did Washington Commit Negligent Terrorism On Our Citizens?

WASHINGTON, DC - AUGUST 26: U.S. President Joe Biden pauses while listening to a question from a reporter about the situation in Afghanistan in the East Room of the White House on August 26, 2021 in Washington, DC. At least 12 American service members were killed on Thursday by suicide bomb attacks near the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

(PCC)In this tumultuous era of global unrest, one cannot help but ponder the identity of the true perpetrator behind the heinous acts of terror that plague our world. But what if one’s own country commits terrorism on it’s own citizens, but not by force or by nefarious actions but by negligence.


Isn’t negligent terrorism the worst form of terrorism of all?


The question that lingers in the minds of many is: who is the real terrorist?


The individual who poses a threat, or potentially engages in acts of aggression, versus the one who makes promises and fosters an environment that leads to significant harm due to negligence.


Alarming Allegations Surface Regarding FEMA’s Apparent Negligence Towards East Palestine, Ohio, and Maui, Hawaii, Sparking Intense Examination of Resource Distribution In the crucial domain of disaster response and emergency management, FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, assumes a pivotal role in extending aid to individuals requiring assistance. Recent events in East Palestine, Ohio, and Maui, Hawaii, have raised concerns among citizens regarding FEMA’s response and the glaring discrepancies in the distribution of aid. Or did the media fail to report of the magnificent assistance FEMA gave?


Wait a minute! This is what media was forced to admit: FEMA sends help to East Palestine, Ohio 2 weeks after toxic train disaster. Question: Can you go 2 weeks without clean water, shelter and food?


What about this: Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) officials responding to the Maui wildfires are staying at luxury resorts on the island. Officials have been sighted comfortably living in $1,000-a-night luxury resorts during Maui recovery efforts. Some put the court at over 1,000 officials. Question: when FEMA eventually did show up why was it vacation time for them? Why were there so many rooms available? Why didn’t FEMA sleep in tents and pay to have the burned-out residents live in hotels, you know running water, first-aid supplies and a possible free meal.


They didn’t show up until they were forced or when they finally did show up they lived in luxury when the residents slept outside.


Question: How do you spell Negligent Terrorism? Ready…..wait for it: FEMA


From the heartland of East Palestine, Ohio, to the idyllic shores of Maui, Hawaii, these two communities have been thrust into the unforgiving grip of natural disasters and harrowing crises.

However, it is evident  certain communities are not receiving equal treatment when it comes to FEMA’s presence and assistance or perhaps the media ignore the Hawaiians and the White folks in East Palestine unworthy of life saving help because their suffering faces are not useful for frontpage stories?


The pressing inquiry  has gripped the nation is: Why did FEMA fail to show up in East Palestine, Ohio for 2 weeks? It appears  there was a news clip  we overlooked, highlighting the arrival of FEMA trucks laden with supplies in the town. These trucks have reportedly brought essential provisions such as bread and clean drinking water, which are of utmost importance to families and children in need. Absolutely not. The stark truth is  FEMA’s response in East Palestine appeared alarmingly inadequate, leaving hardworking residents to rely solely on their own resourcefulness amidst trying circumstances.


The situation in Maui, Hawaii, is causing significant concerns. Amidst the ongoing crisis, one cannot help but question the absence of airdrops containing essential supplies, the delayed arrival of trucks carrying fresh clothing, and the apparent lack of temporary housing for children and their beloved pets. But thousands of FEMA agents checked in to plush hotels costing taxpayers $ 1,000.00 per night each agent, and there were thousands of agents!

These pressing concerns raise serious doubts about the effectiveness and efficiency of the relief efforts. It is imperative  we demand answers and hold those responsible accountable for their actions, or lack thereof, in this dire situation. Despite the undeniable allure of the Hawaiian islands, it is crucial to acknowledge  they are not impervious to the wrath of natural calamities.


The puzzling lack of a strong FEMA response in Maui is deeply concerning, to say the least. This is not an example of negligent terrorism is it? Or perhaps the media just missed the Hawaiians and the White folks in East Palestine thinking to be unworthy of life saving help because their suffering faces are not useful for frontpage stories?


Who knows?


It is deeply troubling to witness the troubling allegation  the government unjustly designates specific communities as terrorists, all while callously withholding crucial emergency assistance during their most dire moments. These troubling allegations, if proven to be accurate, shed light on a concerning pattern in the administration of emergency aid, raising questions about its distribution and potential withholding.


The pressing question  must be raised is whether the people of Hawaii and East Palestine are being denied life-saving assistance simply because their plight does not serve as sensational fodder for headline news. At the crux of the issue lies a pressing question—does FEMA’s allocation of aid succumb to the sway of media scrutiny and political calculations, rather than prioritizing the urgent requirements of afflicted communities?


It is imperative  we emphasize the significance of equitable treatment and impartiality when it comes to addressing the aftermath of disasters. In this great nation, it is imperative  every American citizen, no matter where they may reside, is provided with prompt and efficient aid in times of turmoil. It is imperative  we, as citizens, fulfill our duty to hold FEMA and other government agencies accountable for their actions or lack thereof, particularly when the lives of our fellow Americans hang in the balance.


In a stunning display of government negligence, the absence of FEMA in East Palestine, Ohio, and Maui, Hawaii, during their times of dire need has left many questioning the priorities and fairness of disaster response. It is imperative  we do not allow the whims of politics or the biased media to dictate the allocation of assistance, leaving some to endure unnecessary suffering.


Final Word: In a nation founded on the principles of individual liberty and the sanctity of life, it is imperative  we uphold the value of every American life. But I still have a gnawing question in my gut; Did Washington commit negligent terrorism on its own citizens or did the media just missed the Hawaiians and the White folks in East Palestine thinking to be unworthy of life saving help because their suffering faces are not useful for frontpage stories?






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