Did You Hear What Joe Biden Said About Antifa During Debate? This Is Insane.

(Tea Party PAC) – Former Vice President Joe Biden got slaughtered in the first presidential debate held on Tuesday evening, even as President Trump had to do verbal battle against him and the debate moderator Chris Wallace, once again proving that when it comes to fending off assaults from the left, there’s none who do it better.

Biden had a lot of bad moments during the event, but one that really stuck out concerns comments made about the radical left-wing terrorist group Antifa. The Democratic presidential nominee said that “Antifa is an idea” not an organization, a statement that has baffled many considering the fact that these folks, combined with Black Lives Matter individuals, have caused a billion dollars in damage to their cities since May.

Gee, that certainly seems a like a whole lot of destruction for an idea, don’t you think?

Via Gateway Pundit:

Joe Biden told lie after lie tonight in the first presidential debate from his Burisma multi-million dollar scandals, to his support for the Green New Deal, to his lies about President Trump and the troops.

One of his biggest lies was when he called the Antifa domestic terrorist group — “an idea.”

Antifa an idea?

Biden’s BIGGEST WHOPPER: “ANTlFA IS AN IDEA, NOT AN ORGANIZATION” This will be what haunts him the next 36 days. ANTlFA is CLEARLY an organization. a VIOLENT organization.

For months now Democrats, leftists, antifa and Black Lives Matter mobs have been terrorizing American cities.

Black Lives Matter, the activist group behind the riots has caused $1 billion in destruction in cities across the country.

And new data from Minneapolis reveals that 1,500 businesses were destroyed in the city and the Minnesota governor is estimating nearly $500 million in damages occurred during the riots.

Joe Biden says its “an idea.”

There was a lot of absurd things that came out of Biden’s mouth, but this one is definitely toward the top of the list. Democrats have desperately tried to act like Antifa is a myth of some kind, which is why they all avoid calling out the group for their violent behavior. Trump, however, is expected to call out groups who support him, and if he doesn’t — which he most certainly did and has in the past — then he’s a racist.

Funny how double standards work, huh?

At the end of the day, the data proves that Antifa is indeed a real group and their actions are violent and chaotic, because they hope to sew anarchy in our country in order to create fear and panic. These are powerful weapons to force people to trade their liberty for security. That’s always been part of the progressive playbook, even way back in the 1960s when radical progressivism started employing the use of violence to affect political change.

This won’t be the last time that Biden is pressed on this topic in a debate. It’ll be interesting to see how he answers or if he tries to deflect again.

Video: Full Presidential Debate: President Trump and Joe Biden


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  3. Starting to believe these loon’s think we’re stupid!….they won’t know what hit them….vote people….MAGA 2020!!!!!

  4. During the 2000 election the Dems said Y2K will kill us all.
    2002 West Nile Virus is going to kill us all.
    2004 Sars and Bird Flu will kill us all.
    2006 E Coli will kill us all.
    2008 Financial collapse will kill us all.
    2010 Swine Flu will kill us all
    2012 The Mayan calendar says the world will end and kill us all.
    2014 Ebola will kill us all.
    2016 Zika will kill us all.
    2018 Trump will get North Korea to kill us all.
    and in 2020 the Dems say Trump will get the CCP virus to kill us all.
    Trump says turn off your TV and wash your hands.

    • You are an ahole, Ebola was very dangerous and they didn’t say that. Obama handled that problem so well only two Americans died, and it is a much deadlier disease. Now your mofo leader has Covid, this is the sick evil thug you follow. All those other statements are lies too, I don’t know where you get those insane lies.

  5. Fox News Moderator Chris Wallace was clearly anti-Trump. One clear example is that he questioned Trump very aggressively on his standing on White Supremist Groups ; but let Biden go scot-free on his position on the left-wing terrorist groups like Antifa and BLM.

  6. When every law enforcement both State and Federal are saying the same thing, who are we suppose to believe, them or Trump and his supporters. Now law enforcement in both state and federal including the head of the FBI saying, it is far right wing groups of white supremists who are the ones doing the damage and starting the building fires, the reason is to start riots which would descend into a civil race war. It does look like that must be the same people who are Trump supporters, and those who are not the racist must be mentally challenged to not believe the experts.

  7. I’ve never heard of an IDEA (except of course, Left Wing Democrat policies made into LAW) that PHYSICALLY causes BILLIONS of dollars in DAMAGES. Does IDEAS have arms and LEG?!? How INSANELY STUPID is that? Only the FOLLOWERS of ANTIFA and it’s affiliates (like BLM and the LIKE) do that. Does that mean that BLM is ALSO just an IDEA? One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.


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