Dirty Capitol Police Chief Releases Statement On His Spying Operations On GOP Representatives

(Tea Party PAC) – The left wants us to believe that the Jan 6, 2021, “insurrection” incident was carried out by angry Trump supporters who wanted to take over the government and literally murder members of Congress. This is an absolute fantasy.

The reality is, the Jan. 6 ordeal was an orchestrated event put on by the Deep State FBI and radical leftists. You know, the same people who helped steal the 2020 election.

Not only did they organize this charade but they did it with the purpose of demonizing and criminalizing President Trump and his supporters.

Since Jan. 6, 2021, the Democrats have been trying their damnedest to keep the charade alive and well. Pelosi set up her sham Jan. 6 commission and the media has been loyal to the narrative.

Now, it turns out that the Capitol Police are heavily involved in perpetuating the Jan. 6 charade as well.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that Capitol Police dressed up like construction workers and broke into Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX) office back in November during the Congressional break.

While in his office, the undercover Capitol Police took illegal photographs and then proceeded to harass his staff with the illegal photos two days later.

The Capitol Police were spying on Rep. Nehls and it’s no wonder. Nehls has spoken out against Nancy Pelosi and her sham Jan. 6 Committee. He has also been vocal the Capitol Police murder of US military veteran Ashli Babbitt in the Capitol on Jan. 6.

It turns out, according to a report by Politico, Rep. Nehls wasn’t the only one being spied on. The Capitol Police have also been spying on several Republican lawmakers since the Jan. 6 ordeal. Rep. Kelly Armstrong (R-ND) says he is unaware if any members of Congress are aware of this new practice.

On Tuesday, Capitol Police J. Thomas Manger released a statement (screenshot here) claiming that Nehls left his office door open but records show there was staff working inside. He also claimed that the Capitol Police officers who were dressed as construction workers were there to secure the office door, this is not true as one staff member has asserted they grilled him about a picture that had been taken by the officers.

The Chief refuses to admit that they were there to take photos of private legislative documents and that his police officers were, in fact, spying on the Texas representative.

As TGP summed it up, the Capitol Police, “viciously beat conservatives. They murder women. They spy on GOP Reps.”

They hardly seem like a law enforcement establishment. They’re more like a gestapo for the radical left.

On top of this blatant espionage, the Capitol Police carried out a sham “investigation” into the shooting death of Ashli Babbitt. After refusing to even so much as release the name of the officer who shot and killed her, it turns out, they didn’t even conduct an interview with Lt. Mike Byrd before exonerating him in her murder.

The Inspector General for the US Capitol Police has opened a formal investigation into the matter, which involves his own police officers, so don’t hold your breath waiting for any kind of justice. It’s not coming.

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    Where do you get that from ?
    The [ still fascist ] Republican Party still gives fealty to Donald Trump. There is no party platform….no concepts or theory….just enrich Donald and his inbred kids.


  2. Almost all ,if not all of our government problems are the result of eight years of a professional organizer attempting to turn all agencies of the federal and DC government into anti conservative organizations in an effort to remake America into a Marxist hell.


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