Disgusting: Conservative Student Cyberbullied By Teacher Censored Again…This Is Unbelievable

(Tea Party PAC) – One of the most foundational truths of the United States of America is that every single individual has the right to speak their mind freely, to share their beliefs and ideas without fear of being silenced. If you cannot openly share what you think about important issues and matters that impact our society, our culture will stagnate. We see that play out all of the time in nations around the world where freedom of speech is not prized.

And yet, we are seeing egregious violations of this principle all the time now. In fact, the rate of these incidents is becoming more and more frequent. And it’s not just impacting politically active adults either. Our young people are also being persecuted, by their peers and teachers, for daring to share their beliefs.

A new report from The Gateway Pundit reveals that a 17-year-old student attending a Virginia boarding school might be facing some serious disciplinary action for taking a stand against the Black Lives Matter movement and for posting conservative content on his Instagram account.

That’s not the America I know and love, folks. Is it yours?

Mackenzie Andrysiak is now being represented by Jesse Binnall, an attorney who is working with Sidney Powell to represent General Michael Flynn, in a legal case being filed against the outrageously expensive Episcopal High School.

The tuition for this place is $63,000 a year. That is absurdly expensive.

Andrysiak says that she’s now facing possible expulsion from the school and other harsh punishment for posting the content on her Instagram page, but noted the institution has totally ignored the bullying and harassment she’s received at the hands other students over her conservative beliefs.

But that’s not all. Andrysiak is also being bullied by one of her teachers. Andrysiak said the teacher in question sent a message to her that was meant for another student in which the teacher was gossiping about her and even called her a “little sh*t.”

Binnall released a statement saying the school actually knew about the harassment Andrysiak was experiencing back in June, but didn’t take any action. Instead, they encouraged the young woman to leave the school.

If you visit the school’s website there’s a portion dedicated to “Racism, Understanding, and Belonging,” which seems to be related to the uproar Black Lives Matter has caused this year in light of the death of George Floyd. The school even invited socialist Ibram X. Kendi to speak on campus, a man who is notorious for pushing critical race theory.

The disciplinary action that Andrysiak is currently looking at has to do with a post she put up on Instagram which contained the caption: “Absolutely DISGUSTING that @episcopalhs let this man speak at our school. Unbelievable.”

Included in the post was a screenshot of a Fox News story that focused on Kendi slamming current Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett as a “white colonizer” because she’s the mother of two adopted black kids.

“She refused to bow to the school’s pressure. Once classes resumed last week, she returned to Alexandria from her home in Alaska. The school immediately put the wheels in motion to dismiss her, based upon factually accurate Instagram content that she shared from mainstream third parties,” Binnall went on to say. “Now they are trying to railroad her through the process, but scheduling a hearing this week, as she tries to prepare for the PSAT.”

“They are denying her any outside advisor or advocate at the hearing. She is limited to her school advisor or a faculty member, none of whom will advocate on her behalf or give her the impartial advice she needs or the emotional support she deserves before being put in front of a hard-left virtual firing squad,” he went on to explain.

Binnall penned a letter to the school, saying, “Please immediately cease all further disciplinary actions against Mackenzie, advise us of what actions you will take to hold her harassers and bullies accountable for their violations, and issue her a formal and public apology for refusing to act sooner. As you have threatened a disciplinary action this week, time is of the essence; I need to know today whether you intend to comply with your legal duties. If you are represented by counsel in this matter, please have him or her call me immediately so that we may work towards an amicable resolution of this unfortunate matter.”

Folks, the left doesn’t want any sort of open discussion or dialogue. They might say such things online, but they are just empty words and platitudes. What they really want is to silence any and all voices that do not share the same worldview as their own. If you dare to think for yourself, you are not welcome in their circles.

Let’s hope this poor young lady gets some real justice out of this case and our right to freedom of speech is upheld.

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  1. What’s the teachers name ??
    All faculty and the communist alumni that attacked a student should be DOXED!!
    Their addresses & names should be published for all to know

  2. I hope she wins a lawsuit. Not to “punish” the school, or even recoup some of the horrendous cost of tuition, but to put the clamps on these bastions of propaganda that call themselves schools. Nick the Catholic kid (can’t remember his last name), having won a couple of lawsuits against major networks, has probably now forced them to consider carefully before dog-piling on some poor bugger for just showing up, and showing a little class (in the face of the native American who was beating his drum in the kid’s face). Unrestrained bullying only begets more of the same, which is why lawsuits are more effective than discourse. Point being that when your 1st amendment rights are being totally trampled, discourse is not even possible.

  3. This sounds like an EXPENSIVE lawsuit against the SCHOOL . . . and I HOPE he WINS. One Disgusted Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.


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