Evil Leftist Mock Rush Limbaugh, Celebrate Passing With ‘#RestInP*ss’ Hashtag

(Tea Party PAC) – Leftist are the most sick and hateful people on planet earth. While they cry for “social justice” and “equality” they have no problem spewing vile insults, spreading nasty vitriol and being downright divisive.

While much of the country has been expressing their sadness at the passing of legendary conservative personality Rush Limbaugh, unhinged leftists have been posting nothing but downright disgusting sentiments.

Ironically, when abortion zealot Ruth Bader Ginsberg passed away the left was absolutely incensed that anyone could dare feel anything but deep sorrow and despair over her passing.

To be clear, leftists weren’t at all sad about RBG’s passing, they have no souls, they were only upset that President Trump was getting another opportunity to nominate a Supreme Court justice.

Now that Limbaugh has died from stage 4 lung cancer, leftists have been besides themselves with joy and elation. These people truly are sick.

Tolerant, loving, and accepting liberals have flooded social media with nastiness and false accusations against Limbaugh’s character. The things you are about to read are truly depraved, chilling and absolutely unconscionable. How any human can write these things is truly incomprehensible.

Keep in mind that these are the same people who have the audacity to protest whatever the cause of the month is with banners waving that read things like “love wins” and “love trumps hate.”

Within minutes of Limbaugh’s passing twitter users were already mocking his death, insulting his legacy, and falsely slamming his character.

One user accused Limbaugh of being a “Nazi,” you know, since he was a conservative. Writer and producer Wendy Molyneux likely didn’t know a thing about him but had the nerve to assert that he “delighted in the suffering of others.” She stated, “We do not mourn and we do not care.”

Another writer, Andi Zeisler, who also co-founded the Portland-based feminist group Bitch Media, wrote that she was “glad he’s dead” and added, “I wish it had happened a lot sooner.”

Delusional filmmaker and progressive activist Adam Best asserted that Rush “did more harm to the US than just about anybody.” Oh sure, the Democrats have been such heroes of the Republic.

These people are totally irrational and out of touch with reality.

Leftist editor Alex Morash insisted that the media not “pretend he was anything then one of the most toxic right-wing liars who has done more than any other media figure to harm and divide this nation.”

The ignorance is intolerable and leftists are in no short supply. The hate kept going and going. Liberal activist Charlotte Clymer said that Rush Limbaugh “aggressively and cynically exploited divisions in our country by weaponizing hatred and bigotry for his own personal gain.”

Right. And Black Lives Matter is a totally peaceful, tolerant organization. Can you even believe that a leftist has the nerve to call anyone out for “weaponizing hatred and bigotry?” It’s mind-blowing.

Liberal political blog Palmer Report actually suggested that Rush Limbaugh is somehow responsible for the “deaths” of Americans.

“Rush Limbaugh spent decades advancing his career by opportunistically spreading vicious lies that got a lot of bad people elected, whose corrupt policies in turn got a lot of Americans killed,” they wrote, adding, “Now he’s dead. So be it. There’s a reason ‘Rest in Piss’ is trending right now.”

Meanwhile, the left mourned the death of Ginsberg who’s actual legacy is millions of dead babies thanks to her advocacy of abortion. But yeah, Rush Limbaugh got Americans “killed.” Sure.

These leftists are totally sick in the head. They can’t stop hypocritically virtue-signaling to save their lives. So much for the party of “love” and “tolerance,” though we’ve known for years that has always been a sham.

Leftists are truly dangerous people and what moments like this teach us is that there is just no reasoning with crazy people. They see, think, and hear whatever they want with absolutely no regard whatsoever for truth.

Conservatives need to stop sitting by, shaking our heads. It’s time to stand up to this kind of vile, un-American behavior.

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  1. Not a single one of these bitter hatemongers could stand in any given debate with the MahaRUSHi. They are so blinded with hate that they can only spew stupid foul language. They don’t deserve any respect. Our condolences and prayers to Mrs. Limbaugh and family. Rush you will remain in our hearts always.

  2. It is very sad that there is so much “HATE” for someone you never even knew!
    If you don’t like what he had to say “DON”T LISTEN”! It is that easy “TURN IT OFF”!!!
    With this much HATE in the world…how can we possibly lift ourselves out of the “MESS” this world is in!!
    There are many more important issues in our world to deal with that WE can make a difference!!
    Remember! One day that will be YOU and YOU and YOU that will be DEAD!! And, no matter what your political view, race, nationality, sexual orientation or physical or mental status. There will be some who love you and some who hate that you ever walked the face of this beautiful world.
    You won’t be here to tell us after your gone…BUT ”YOU WILL BE JUDGED”!!

  3. The Democrats are all horrible, evil, intolerant, hateful, racist, excuses for human beings. They will be so surprised when they end up in Hell. Biden and Pelosi are fake Catholics and the rest of the ones who claim to be ANY branch of Christianity are all despicable and phony. We aren’t stupid. Rush was a decent, wonderful, intelligent human being. Shame on you Pelosi! YOU need to go. Your angry, immature, intolerance is unacceptable and you must be done with this farce of a job that WE taxpayers are paying for!

  4. The demented left, if you can stomach the term, talks about President Trump’s cult when in fact they are a Witches’ coven filled with hate. They are a fearful lot because they wield so much power across the spectrum of American institutions from Academia, mainstream media,the storm troopers from Antifa and Black Lives Matter, their front group called the Democrat party and other enemies of the American people. They are intent on destroying our country and come closer to success by the day. We may soon lose the country I and millions of others fought for and won in faraway lands only to be destroyed from within.

  5. As you can see, the left is filled with people who are loving, compassionate, and doing everything they can to foment unity.
    And as you can see, the twits at Twitter have no problem with this kind of hate.
    Oh Lord, please let me be there on their day of reckoning with You.

  6. Never in my life did I think I would see so much ugliness. So much hatred. Why? Because he disagreed with you. I feel sorry for you people. Someday we all gotta meet our creator and we will be rewarded or punished for ever idle or ugly word spoken towards others. Personally, I would hate to be in your shoes. Praying God changes your hearts.


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