Distorted View Of Lamestream Media

(PCC)Who appointed the lamestream media to be the god of labels? When did news agencies start engaging in the insidious practice of indoctrinating their audience with preconceived labels, deliberately crafted through their distorted lens to distort the truth, mislead the public, and propagate their own biased agenda?

Honest question: who holds the authority to determine the parameters of left-wing, right-wing, or centrist ideologies?

When Kamala Harris was identified as a “far left” senator, the media deliberately chose to avoid employing such accurate terminology. In a strikingly similar fashion, the mainstream media relentlessly endeavored to sway public opinion by portraying President Biden as a supposed “moderate.” The media is not blind just peering through their distorted lens of bias.

However, when examining the situation, one must ask: compared to what, exactly?

In a world plagued by liberal bias, it is crucial to question the standards by which we measure success. When we ask, “Compared to whom?” we expose the fallacy of who, indeed, has the authority to establish the criteria for these labels?

Do political writers presume to be the ultimate authorities on defining the ideological spectrum, determining what is considered leftist, right-wing, centrist, or even devout?

In order to accurately categorize an individual as “far right” or “hard right,” it is imperative to possess a comprehensive comprehension of the precise location of the political center. But who possesses the rightful authority to ascertain the center? Who has a clear lens?

In the realm of political discourse, it is indeed a curious observation  while candidates or elected officials who hold conservative views are often labeled as “far right,” their liberal counterparts are not commonly referred to as “far left.”

This discrepancy raises questions about the potential bias and imbalance within the media landscape. One could argue  this disparity in labeling stems from a prevailing narrative that portrays conservative ideologies as extreme or radical, while simultaneously downplaying or normalizing liberal perspectives. In  other words the media’s distorted lens blurs and warps the truth.

This biased framing can be seen as an attempt to marginalize conservative voices and ideas, while simultaneously promoting a more favorable perception of liberal policies. By selectively applying the “far right” label to conservative politicians, the media may be seeking to delegitimize their viewpoints and dismiss them as fringe or out of touch with mainstream values.

Therefore, can one genuinely claim to be a staunch conservative if the majority of the nation stands behind their policies and principles? In a stunning revelation, it becomes apparent  one’s alignment with the desires of the nation is of utmost importance.

The New York Times and other mainstream media outlets continue to demonstrate a glaring lack of comprehension when it comes to conservatism and its core principles. According to their perspective, any ideology leaning towards the right is immediately labeled as “extreme right.” It is evident  those who assert Joe Biden’s moderation lack a fundamental understanding of the true political center.

It is evident  the left often fails to acknowledge the existence of extreme ideologies within their own ranks. While they are quick to label the right as “far” or “hard,” they conveniently overlook the radical elements which exist within their own political spectrum. This biased perspective perpetuates a one-sided narrative which undermines the principles of fair and balanced reporting, but the media claims they are the purveyor of truth as then interpret events through their distorted lens!

It is crucial to recognize  extremism can manifest itself on both ends of the political spectrum, and it is high time for the left to acknowledge this reality. It is evident  the presence of far-left or ultraliberal newspapers, commentators, or reporters is unnecessary in shaping the core values of our nation.

Final Word: In a world plagued by rampant bias and misinformation, it is imperative that responsible citizens take a critical stance and have a clear view towards the prejudiced categorization of political ideologies. If the American people choose to ignore the blatant bias and manipulation of the media, they will inadvertently allow these distortions to become the new normal and accepted as the standard.



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