Documents Show Biden Admin Put Illegal Aliens In Hotel Suites, Complete With Room Service

(Tea Party PAC) – As if it’s not bad enough that the Biden regime has opened the US southern border to allow a steady and unprecedented flow of illegal aliens into our country but it turns out, they’ve been treating them to luxuries most Americans can’t even afford right now.

According to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) documents obtained by conservative group America First Legal through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, the Biden regime placed illegal aliens into hotel rooms paid for by American tax dollars.

These weren’t just any regular hotel rooms either. The Daily Caller’s report reveals they were hotel suites with special requirements such as the “service provider” being required to provide “meat based courses” at every meal, which is to be delivered to each illegal alien’s room, “24-hour access” to drinks and snacks, television programming in both English and Spanish and even mattresses of a certain thickness.

The documents show that hotels located in Texas and Arizona are being required to provide mattresses for illegal aliens that are at least 4 inches thick and if that’s not available and the illegal migrant isn’t comfortable, the “service provider” is to provide two smaller mattresses.

The Biden regime also instructed “service providers” not to refer to illegal aliens as “prisoners, detainees, aliens, or inmates” and provided provisions in the contracts for child care and laundry services.

Not only are these illegal aliens breaking our laws when they step foot into our country but they’re also being rewarded for doing it, all on Americans’ dime.

Since Joe Biden usurped the White House, there has been record numbers of illegal aliens pouring across the southern border with nearly 2.3 million illegal aliens encountered by federal authorities during fiscal year 2022. Estimates of how many illegal aliens have made it into the US go over 5 million.

The Biden regime began offering contracts in 2021 in response to the massive wave of illegal border crossers in order to provide a place for them to be housed as they awaited immigration proceedings.

The news of the contracts has been roundly condemned by Republican lawmakers, including Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs who asked on Twitter Monday, “Is there anything Joe Biden isn’t giving illegal aliens at this point?”

“In #BidensAmerica illegal immigrants get free room service while Americans can hardly afford their grocery bills. #Bidenflation,” Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert wrote on Twitter Monday.

It’s all pretty absurd and should be illegal. When Americans break the law, they go to jail (at least they used to before Democrats’ instituted their abysmal progressive criminal justice reform policies in major cities). When illegal aliens come to the US illegally and flout our immigration laws they get treated to hotel suites and luxuries Americans struggle to afford.

The American people are being forced to finance the Democrats’ scheme to produce loyal voters to the Democratic Party for generations to come.

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