DOJ Makes Huge Announcement After Bombshell McCabe Interview

(Tea Party PAC) – Last week, disgraced former FBI official Andrew McCabe was interviewed by “60 Minutes’ for a segment which aired Sunday.

McCabe revealed in the interview that he had ordered two investigations into the President after Trump fired FBI Director Comey, claiming he was concerned that Trump may have done so to hinder the Russia investigation.

There was, of course, absolutely no evidence that Trump had been working with the Russian governments and no evidence that he had colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election when McCabe ordered these investigations to be opened.

In fact, as Comey testified before Congress in December, at the time he was fired the FBI had no evidence of any type of conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia.

McCabe’s interview gained the most attention for his claims that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein had volunteered more than once to wear a wire while meeting with President Trump to secretly record him and build a case for the 25th Amendment.

On Monday, Fox host Sean Hannity broke the story that Rosenstein will now be stepping down as Deputy Attorney General next month.

This doesn’t look great just after McCabe’s interview, and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham has also vowed to launch an investigation into which man is telling the truth, McCabe or Rosenstein.

Rosenstein will be replaced by Jeff Rosen, who is currently the deputy

Jeff Rosen was picked as his replacement. Rosen is currently serving as the Deputy Secretary of Transportation.