Dominion Voting System CEO Told Huge Lie, But Got Busted By Jovan Pulitzer In Epic Fashion

(Tea Party PAC) – There’s nothing more satisfying to see than a liar busted in his own web of deceit. In the world of modern politics, this doesn’t happen nearly enough, but when it does, it’s absolutely glorious.

A new report put out by Gateway Pundit details how the CEO of Dominion Voting Systems, John Poulos, was busted in a huge whopper by Jovan Pulitzer concerning the comment he made about the machines not being connected to the Internet. Pulitzer busted this fib in epic fashion.

How did he do it? By breaking into one of the machines through a WiFi connection. Doesn’t get more Hollywood than that, right?

Poulos made a statement during testimony given before the Michigan State Oversight Committee back on December 15 that said his company’s machines were not designed to be online.

“Additionally, voting systems are by design are meant to be used as closed systems that are not networked meaning they are not connected to the internet,” Poulos said.

That comment was made just two weeks ago.

It’s a lie that Jovan Pulitzer exploded, live during his testimony before the Georgia Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Elections. Yes, you read that correctly. He hacked into the machine live. Right there on the spot. In front of all of them. No way they can deny that Poulos lied. The cat is officially out of the bag.

Pulitzer then went on to confirm that the runoff Senate races coming up in January are connected to the Internet. He went on to establish a two-way communication from a polling pad located in a voting center.

“At this very moment at a polling location in the county, not only do we have access through the devices to the poll pad–the system, but WE ARE IN,” Pulitzer stated during his testimony.

“And it’s not supposed to have WiFi and that’s not supposed to be able to happen so we’ve documented now it’s communicating two ways in real time, meaning it’s receiving data and sending data — should never happen, shouldn’t be WiFi, we’ve now documented it in real-time,” he went on.

Jovan Pulitzer just gave a live demonstration that clearly exposes Dominion CEO John Poulos as a bald-faced liar. There’s no way these machines should ever be used in an election ever again. EVER.

Video: Jovan Pulitzer Bombshell Testimony at Georgia Election Hearing

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  1. Competent engineers will shake their heads in disbelief at Pulitzer’s “I have no regard for the smoking mirrors of how the machines work, the hidden stuff in the code, or how this machine is supposed to be programmed” whitewash. Just another self-aggrandizing clown to peddle audacious misinformation. Pulitzer is a skilled fast-talker, knowing how to BS while skirting lawsuits from actual IP owners. Listen carefully to his Georgia State Judiciary Subcommittee diatribe: He says he invented “Q-code”, knowing that most non-techie people will hear “QR-code”. But “Q-code” and “QR-code” are quite different formats. His CueCat scanner reads proprietary CRQ — “see our cue” — code that mimics the old Code-128 barcode. It’s sneaky to use “Q” rather than “Cue”, for a deceitful claim to QR-code fame. CueCat was never able to read QR-code, which is a Japanese invention that predates Pulitzer’s claims. Like Trump, Pulitzer gratuitously scorns Huawei — and he drove his flagship company, DigitalConvergence, to insolvency after burning through $185 million of gullible investor cash.

  2. Proof is in eating the pudding. There is no evidence stronger than showing live, as Pulitzer provided. Wake up Justices, and law-makers. Take your own time to provide the verdict, if that is what you need to do your job. Don’t worry about Jan 6, or Jan 20 deadlines, let special counsels be appointed, Biden stay President in the meanwhile, until Special counsel finds him wrongly elected.

  3. This is the truth why isn’t it on all of the TV networks right now why is it just on my texting on my phone this should be exploding everywhere where is it somebody’s lying

  4. Trump won hands down!

    Democrats Cheated BIG time and are officially BUSTED!!!

    Send Joe and Caramella home … Frauds & Cheats! No Wonder they never Campaigned, the FIX was already IN!!!

  5. I have no doubt of the inconsistency of those machines. My question is , there is no one that has tied this with any one democratic. And I m wondering if those states are only one s used that voting system? ?

    • Debra – as I understand it there are around 30 states that used the corrupt machines. Easy enough to check I suppose but my concern is how many of those states also had questionable results.
      To be ‘fair’ to the CEO, he didn’t outright lie – he said that the machines were not ‘designed’ to be hooked up to the internet. What he apparently failed to admit was that they CAN – and likely were – hooked up the the web. IOW the can as showed in the article be compromised.

    • Francis – give them a fair PUBLIC (pay per view maybe?) trial and not a kangaroo court like the shampeachment, and when they get convicted, then look them up.
      We certainly don’t want to conduct the people’s business in the dark behind closed doors like the dems do.

  6. I just heard that GA removed the ballots in Fulton before they would check them. I sure hope this is not true, but he stated it. If they did, it is proven that they lied and cheated and did treason. Course, someone has to do something about it, and it seems they don’t want to.

    • Donald – it ain’t on the lame stream media, print or network because they are complicit in both setting up the cheating AND now trying to cover it up. The setup was them refusing to even mention all of hunter’s issues, among other things. As many as a third of dem voters admitted that if they had known about any of those, they would not have voted for slow joe.
      My question for them is, are they really that ill informed or are they intentionally not paying attention and simply swallowing the party lies er um line.

    • Please do not do that, it is exactly what they want from you. Educate people, encourage other like minded people to vote, run for office yourself. Do not roll over and surrender.

  7. The Democratic Party and their loyalists, including some haters of the Trump wave, are wearing masks not to stop the pandemic spread, but to hide from the fraudulent activities and exercises they are executing to control the 2020 elections! Protests or attempts to disagree is the American way, but not with violence. Wise people move change and invest in the preservation of our constitution to appease all! Lies and false behavior divided people. Study the history of Civilizations. Woke-up is not a means to get this Society to Wake-up. Trying to take the USA down with a bizarre agenda, like defunding the police or the agencies that protect our well-being is ignorant!! Making proper educational and training guidelines is essential and the widely acceptable way for intelligent people. History does not repeat itself! Disaster occurs because People make the same mistakes! The Conservative force is massive and gymnatizing since 2016. It studies what’s around the corner and prepared to change the wrong unconstitutional agendas crawling in our cities by any means. Hatred is enormous!!!!

  8. If we don’t execute all involved in trying to steal this election, we are no better than Cuba or Venezuela! It is a must to hold people accountable…and NOT with a slap on the wrist!!!

  9. He should be in handcuffs, why isn’t he? Hello DOJ, FBI CIA where the “f” are you idiots. Trump should get rid of all of the alphabet departments. People not getting arrested makes fraud and corruption continue and will not stop. I hope RINO Republicans are happy they will never will an election again. I sure the hell will never vote for a Republican again, maybe never vote again period. Go Trump MAGA 2020

    • While voting for a REAL conservative party’s candidate is a viable option, not voting just gives the country to the leftists. Guaranteed that they will show up to vote against you!


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